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A Dirty Valentine by Nicole Falls*

sometimes a girl’s gotta throw caution to the wind and live a little.



Uncovered Truths: A Novella by Alexandra Warren*

Attending a party at your former lover’s house… what’s the worst that could happen?

Note: While this standalone book tells a complete story, it is novella-length meaning it is shorter by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂




Love on the Run by Leila E. Hart

Running from love has become the norm for both Saige Patterson and Raj Blaine.
After a bad break-up with the man she thought was her soul mate- love has proven to be complicated for Saige. She is determined never to be vulnerable or let love be a source of pain for her again.
After surviving past betrayals- relationships aren’t Raj’s speed. He’s not interested in anything more than having his physical needs met.
Their paths cross- testing the unrealistic boundaries they’ve each created to avoid suffering heartache that only love could bring.
Are they too guarded, or are they willing to give love another chance?
Contains mature themes.
(Love on the Run is a novella)




The Restart (New Beginnings Book 2) by Nicole Falls*

Life has a way of catching you wholly off guard and no one knows this better than Blair Gordon. When her world is rocked by an unforeseen occurrence, it causes her to take stock of everything around her to decide how she will progress forward. Before the tragedy struck, she’d always been more than content in her life, but after? She has a sudden craving for more.

And that “more” comes in the form of a fortuitous reconnection with a blast from her past, Leighton Forbes. Leigh swoops back into Blair’s life at just the right time, infusing the monotony of her day to day life with a little flair.



As we Love (Emotionally Impaired Book 2) by Grey Huffington

Tsunami + York’s story continues.




If Only for One Night: A Valentine’s Day Prelude by Skye Moon

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Chase reluctantly allows her cousin to drag her to a club way out of her comfort zone; and a drunken decision leads her into a tryst like none she’s ever experienced.

Riddled with regrets from his past, Malakai lets go of his controlling nature and throws caution to the wind to oblige Chase’s risqué request. He thinks their liaison will be a one and done type of deal. But when she ignites a blaze inside of him he can’t seem to extinguish, he’s determined to possess her by any means necessary



Magnolia: A Perfect Love (Flower Sisters Book 1) by Asia Monique

“Lennox spoke to a part of me that no man ever had.” —Magnolia

Magnolia Baker could be considered the matriarch of her four younger sisters. They’ve endured tragedy and heartbreak together, with Magnolia protecting them no matter the cost. Her heart was made of solid gold and under lock and key. Shielding the part of her that had been broken by the one man who should have guarded it with his life is a top priority for Magnolia. No one has ever been able to penetrate the barrier until a smooth-talking, college English professor by the name of Lennox Clarke steps in to take a shot.

Does Lennox have what it takes to secure the key to Magnolia’s heart or will his efforts be all for nothing?

*Please note, this is book one of a five part interconnected series. Though each book can be read as a standalone, some parts of the storyline are ongoing.



Tattooed Hearts by Danielle Burton

Arosemena Cruz is the picture of perfection. Poised, graceful, and never a hair out of place. With a 4.0 GPA, and years of formal training, she’s a shoe in for Julliard. There’s only one problem: Prima Ballerina isn’t something she’s in a hurry to add to her list of accolades. With her mother pulling the strings, something she once loved has become nothing more than a chore. One she’s more than ready to throw in the towel with. Between an overbearing mother, her good girl persona, and an uncaring family, Mena feels trapped in a world she wants no part of.

Phoenix Yarbrough does little more than exist these days. After witnessing a tragedy at a young age he’s left cold and empty, devoid of anything resembling life. With the ghosts of his past haunting him, Phoenix sets out to correct an injustice. Only this time around, he bypasses a system that failed him and takes matters into his own hands. He has only one goal in mind: find the man who murdered his mother.

Fed up with being what’s expected of her, Mena seeks excitement and Phoenix is just the right amount of danger to rid her of her innocence.

Mena provides a beacon of light at the end of Phoenix’s tunnel. With her in his life things don’t seem so bleak and for the first time in years he dares to hope. 

But when two damaged souls collide, tragedy can’t be too far behind…



And This I Swear (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 7) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

As the matriarch in one of Chicago’s elite families, Bridgette Valentine has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Coordinating soiree’s for every season, along with pulling her weight as the co-owner of Valentine Media Group, Bridgette is left little time to indulge in the one person who rocks her world, Leslie Valentine. As a domineering force to be reckoned with, and head honcho of their dynasty, Leslie is the epitome of Bridgette’s wildest dreams. He’s not clueless to the way she’s withdrawn from him, and instead of forcing her attention, Leslie sets out to eliminate anything that threatens to come between them, determined to reclaim her soul and nourish her heart once again.

*This novella follows the mother and father of the Valentine men. This is not Kyle’s story which comes next.*



My Valentine, My Lover: A Short by Nako

Ashley & Patrick are back in another holiday-themed short. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and only one of them is looking forward to celebrating the day designed for lovers.
Is it Ashley? Are things moving too fast for the newly-established couple?
Or is Patrick the one that wants to pump the brakes after his late wife’s friends spoke their mind on him moving on so soon?
NAKO celebrates a new union. Are they falling in love or will things sizzle before the 14th arrives?

This is a fast-paced short, it’s highly recommended to read Friendsgiving & A New Year’s Kiss before indulging into this story.
If short stories aren’t your thing, Nako has over fifty other books to choose from that are full-length.
Text NAKOEXPO to 22828 to be notified of her next release.



Rescued by His Love by Tay Mo’Nae & Sidni B.

On the outside looking in Kalice seems to have the perfect marriage. When she learns that her husband has been unfaithful she goes home to try and get her mind together and piece her life back together. While trying to pick up the pieces of her failed marriage, Kalice is also forced to deal with her demons that she’s been trying to run from.

Graham isn’t sure how to feel about Kalice being back after she cut him off and ruined what they once shared. He promises to never allow her to get that close again and forces himself to keep his feelings buried.

Will the two of them be able to handle the hurt from the past that both of them are still harboring?

When Giuliana’s boyfriend of three years shows a side that makes her second guess the two of them being together. She decides to accompany Kalice back to their hometown. When she runs into her old best friend, sparks fly, putting her in a compromising position.

After being betrayed by his ex-girlfriend Dimitri puts all his focus on his restaurant opening until a familiar face pops back up in his life. Will the two of them feed into their feelings or choose to keep things platonic?

Join these four on a rollercoaster of emotions and find out if they battle what’s in their heart or choose love.



Love in Sight: A Valentine’s Day Novelette by Greer Goode

The pages of this book contain the makings of unequivocal palpable love. This is instantaneous love at it’s highest.



Could’ve Been (A Distant Lovers Novelette) by Michelle Mitchell

For Brandon Carter, there’s not a woman in the world who could compare to the love of his life, Corian Scott. He’s ready to make her his wife, but a career move presents one amazing opportunity that he can’t refuse and one beautiful obstacle he’s working hard to ignore.

Corian Scott has loved Brandon ever since she was 11 years old, but there was always something or someone coming between them. Now that he’s ready to make the ultimate declaration of love, she’s the one getting in the way of their happily ever after.

Brandon and Corian have a choice to make: fight their way through hardship to make love last? Or let go of each other, basking in memories of love gone by and wonder what could have been.



Say Cheese by Desiree Francies

Smile for the camera!
And the new guy who seems too good to be true…
And the best friend who suddenly confesses his love for you…
Matter of fact, just smile.

A whole lot of laughs and jealousy combine in this unique romantic comedy between a nerdy photographer who loves video games, a cautious football coach who’s hidden his true feelings for his best friend, and an NBA star who happens along the most interesting woman he ever met that balked at his fame and money.

She has to make a choice…

Her best friend that she wouldn’t know how to live life without, or this new relationship that’s more special than she could have ever imagined.



You’re the One by Endiya Carter

Martese Lawson thought she had the perfect marriage until the day she got the call from a Georgia hospital asking her to come and identify her husband’s body, when he was supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan. When more details surrounding her husband’s death come out, Martese is left wondering if she ever knew her husband at all. With her life in shambles, Martese throws herself into work, taking care of displaced kids as a social worker. On the night where Martese’s problems were about to get the best of her, a little girl by the name of Amaya, is thrusted into her life, until she has to take her to her real guardian, the big-shot lawyer, Preston Miles, Jr.

Preston Miles, Jr, Junior Partner of Miles and Langston, was as arrogant as he was a functioning alcoholic. When he wasn’t in the court room, he was throwing back beers and partying. The only thing on his mind was making senior partner and proving that he can take over his dad’s law firm. His life abruptly changes when Martese shows up at his door with a little girl that he had never seen in his life. Not until he was forced into his guardian role, Preston realized what he was truly missing; a family.



The Obsession (The Escape Trilogy Book 2) by Tiye Love

Skye Baptiste and superstar actor, Jordan Mathews shared a passionate escape in Los Angeles and ultimately decided to go their separate ways. Now, a year later, Skye discovers that Jordan is in her home city of New Orleans during Bayou Classic Weekend. After a late-night sexual encounter, an unquenchable fire is ignited and Jordan and Skye can’t seem to get enough of each other. Except the stakes are even higher this time and others could be hurt.



Won’t You Be Mine: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Kaylyn

An unexpected favor has the potential to blossom into something real leaving Reagan with the burning question, Won’t You Be Mine.

** Please keep in mind this novella is intended to be a short story**



Persistent Heart: (A Novella) by K. Charelle

An Undeniable Love Novella

What is life without finding your passion…not living!

A stranded flight…
Two strangers…
Instant attraction…

Nicolette and Lem!



Truth Is…: Turns In Love Book 5 by Renée A. Moses

Kim Duncan is ready for the beginning of her new life. She has a beautiful daughter, a man that adores her, and nothing but high hopes for the future. Despite her past and questionable choices, Kim finally gets back to happy. The one relationship she’d love to meet her halfway is with her mother, Diana.
Diana has a closet full of secrets disguised as judgemental behavior. The wedge between Kim and Diana only gets worse by the day. Kim doesn’t understand what she doesn’t know. All she ever wanted was her mother’s acceptance.
Can she break through her mother’s barrier and walk into the next phase of life on better terms?



What About Love: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Bai Jaye

Running out of the back of the bridal shop as her fiancé comes in looking for her Gabrielle Nowell literally runs into the man of her dreams on the street. When their bodies collide the magic of love fills the air. Both of them are instantly smitten, but Gabrielle knows it could never amount to anything with her wedding set for Valentines Day a little less than two months away.
DeSai Hardy is the latest hot R&B singer in the game. Signed to Golden Nowell records, he is engaged to Gabrielle Nowell, the princess of the company. However, true to his bad boy R&B image, DeSai continues to juggle multiple women at a time. DeSai has Gabby as his future wife, Sasha as his main chick and now has added another to his rotation.
Ace Prince wasn’t looking for love, but somehow cupid caught up with him anyway. Always focused on his daughter and his businesses he didn’t have much time for anything else. When he bumped into Gabrielle on the street, he couldn’t fight his attraction. Never has he set his sights on a woman that was spoken, but this time he’s losing the battle and fast. Will love win in the end or will hearts be fumbled?



Call Out My Name – A Vampire’s Tale (The Vampire Tales Book 2) by Fatima Munroe

Tasked with expanding their bloodline across lifetimes, Trina Nicole is a member of a diminishing secret society of vampire women. Singularly responsible for creating shrewd politicians, billionaire entrepreneurs, and media moguls, Trina prides herself on overseeing the talents of others. However, her personal life is often lonely, empty of the love that she designs for others yet craves for herself.

Few knew much about the stranger who appeared out of the ether other than his name: Magnum O. Although speculated that he was the universe’s masterpiece, whispers of his true identity were an enigma that had yet to be solved. Next in line to be crowned king in his homeland, Magnum sets out to see the world before being tied down to one woman for the rest of his life. The allure of the Atlanta nightlife was more than enough of a reason for him to stay and enjoy all the city had to offer.

When his hypnotic looks crossed the threshold of Bethel Realty in search of a getaway home, he is assigned to the newest agent on staff: Trina Nicole. Recently resigning her position as vice president of HR at Bello Enterprises, Trina is on the hunt for new blood. Once he laid eyes on the realtor assigned to him by the property management company, Magnum is fascinated by her wit and charm. Something about the billionaire playboy draws her to him like a moth to a flame, but she has a job to do, both professionally and by the oath sworn to her sisters in the blood. Does she go against her oath for the possibility of true love?



The Essence of You: A Collection of Love by Aubree Pynn

A collection of love.
From me to you.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

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New Release Round-Up February 10th-17th

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