There’s a new release coming September 21st from Malay Reneé, and we have the cover!

It wasn’t long ago that Kane Booker was telling his cousin, Quran, the woman he was choosing to be with was nothing more than damaged goods with someone else’s kid. Now the roles have changed, and Kane finds himself being the same thing he referenced Tyme to be… damaged goods. The old playboy finds himself trying to co-parent with a woman he despises, as well as trying to find a new meaning of romance with a woman he once saw as unlikeable.

For the past three years, Dani has watched as her best friend, Tyme, went from turning down a date with the youngest Booker cousin to becoming his wife. With sharing in her friend’s happiness, she’s grown accustomed to Kane being a pain in her side. She’s learned to just ignore him at her best— until a night of unplanned passion spikes a liking between the two, which comes to a halt because of Kane’s unfinished business.

As time passes, these two find themselves in the unlikely company of one another, and their one night of passion is brought back to the surface. The pair who once couldn’t stand each other now have a new situation brewing. From dislike to strong like, the feeling is mutual with neither knowing how to handle this journey. Through misunderstandings, hurt outsiders, and harbored feelings, is a love between foe turned friend even possible? Can two people who wanted nothing more than to stay away from each other find peace in being closer?


Again, you can expect this one to be available later this month! But be sure to follow Malay Reneé on social media for any updates!

Cover Reveal – Closer To Me, by Malay Reneé

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