There’s a new release coming from J. Brinkley, and we have the cover!

Ella is a bright young woman who fell for the rugged bad boy and got a life she didn’t expect. She wears long sleeves and turtlenecks in the summer to hide her bruises. Her friends don’t come around anymore. Is this what happily ever after looks like?

James is a first-year associate at a prominent law firm. When his old college buddy invites him over for a party, James is too busy to attend. Then his girlfriend finds out and desperately wants her man to take her out for some fun. James grudgingly agrees to go, just to stop her tantrums. He has no idea that his life is about to change forever.

Follow Ella and James in this happily ever after story as both of them struggle with abusive partners and somehow find their way to one another and true love.


You can expect the book on June 10th!

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Cover Reveal – Mission to Please You, by J. Brinkley

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