MyLynn’s Bedroom Boutique is known for the love it lends to boudoirs all over the globe. Co-owner Myla Abbott could use a dose of her own, although she’d never admit to it. While on a trip to Belize, Myla aimed to surprise her best friend by reuniting her with the lover her heart yearned for. To Myla’s surprise, she returned home with a gift of her own… she’s pregnant.

Kolby Ross wanted nothing to do with commitment. Confident and honest, he put his cards on the table before he and Myla Abbott engaged in the fire of passion their bodies couldn’t deny. However, after spending a week with the vivacious Myla wrapped in his arms, he found himself contemplating forever. 

Can an unplanned pregnancy lead to an undeniable love? Or will reality burn fantasies to ashes?

*This book is a spin-off of “Since the Day We Met.” Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned book.*


New Release Spotlight – Easy to Love, by Kay Shanee

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