There’s a new release coming June 3rd from Kaige Keira, and we have the cover!

What happens when the love that took you to soaring heights also was the force that brought you crashing back down to Earth?

Autumn Coleman thought she’d found the person to fill the space where she and love could reside. It came quick and fast with waves that ebbed and flowed like the ocean and raged harder than an angry sea. 

Blessing Richards free fell from the pedestal that her man had put them on. The very foundation cracked sending her tumbling down a dark hole that threatened to dim her inner light. Will these ladies find their road to recovery and if they do, can they stay on course or has the darkness created a void that even light can’t fix.


Be looking out for this one to drop on June 3rd! And be sure to follow Kaige Keira on social media for updates!

Cover Reveal – Null and Void, by Kaige Keira

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