Management Consultant Crimson Knox is as fierce as they come. A bruised heart from her college days had turned her into a career-driven powerhouse with a trail of successes behind her. Still, her heart secretly yearns to love and be loved. She won’t settle for just anyone, though. A brief romance taught her that. But when love comes back around and taps her on the shoulder, will she be able to recognize its face? 

Dayton Burke thought he was ready for marriage. As a Corporate Attorney, he built quite the life for himself. Sharing it with a better half was the icing on the cake he was looking forward to. However, trust was crucial and realizing his fiancée hadn’t earned his, was a sting that needed to be dealt with. Now single and free, the life he desires seems out of reach until the sudden reintroduction to the woman who has always taken his breath away. 

Will the pain of the past stay a distant memory for these two lovers? Or will seemingly ready hearts prevail, setting the stage for a love that’s well-fed?


New Release Spotlight – A Trip Around the Sun, by K.O. McGee

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