There’s a new release coming soon from Britt Joni, and we have the cover!

After Jaleesa Spice finished culinary school, she is determined to get from under her family’s thumb and escape a past she feels is riddled with heartache and dependence. She sets her sights on Hilling, NC to gain that freedom and independence… only to find that the only space she needs is releasing all thoughts of what others think.

Ancient Truth is a reclusive Cannabis shop owner. The only thing that matters in his world is Rooted and bringing sunshine to others who suffer silently like him. When all is dark in his world, and he’s on the cusp of giving up, the new woman in town comes tumbling into his life to force a change. 

When it comes to these two, they should remember, “When it hurts, there’s a purpose. You just have to stick around long enough to see what it is.”


Be looking out for this to drop on March 19th! And be sure to follow Britt Joni on social media for updates!

Cover Reveal – Who Would Have Thought?, by Britt Joni

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