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Let Me Ride by Monica Walters

Insecurity isn’t a part of who she is, but appearances mean everything. Vida Indigo Coles left the town she grew up in to not only pursue her education and escape her small, country town, but to also escape the reputation she is rumored to have. One lie seems to turn into a thousand and Vida needs a fresh start. She is able to get that and has settled into her career as a nurse in Dallas once she finishes college. However, twenty years later, a turn of unfortunate events brings her back to her hometown. After being home for a month, she runs into a handsome brother that melts her insides. But once she finds out his age, it threatens to end them before they can even get started.

Playing the field had been Aston Martin Eldridge’s favorite pastime. He isn’t looking for a woman to settle down with. He’s simply enjoying life the way it’s handed to him. One fateful evening, after a long day of working on cars, he meets a woman that has him wanting to change his ways. Despite the noticeable age difference, Aston knows that he wants to experience every part of her. Pursuing her proves to be difficult, because not everyone thinks they are a good match. 
Vida’s fear of living her life on her terms is keeping her from the one thing she wants the most – Aston Martin Eldridge. 

Keeping up with appearances for the people watching only makes her sink in despair. There is only so much Aston can do to try to convince her to give him a chance to prove they are meant to be. Will she let go of her fears and succumb to the way Aston makes her feel? And will Aston still be around if she does?


Maybe This Time: Vegas Nights by Christina C. Jones

This wasn’t what “keep your friends close” was supposed to mean. But now that the line has been crossed, can they ever make their way back to the twenty-year friendship they’ve been building?

Or, better question – Is that what either of them really wants?


Possessing The Prince: An African Royal Romance (Sexy Sovereign Book 3) by Louise Lennox

Abena Owusu is a British royal photographer and the daughter of a high-ranking Ashanti Chief. When her betrothal to the Ashanti king dissolves, her father calls her back to Ghana, offering his daughter’s beauty and status to powerful men at first to increase his own wealth, and now to pay a deadly debt. To escape her father’s plot, Abena proposes a fake marriage to the newly crowned Ashanti prince, Senya T’ogbe -a childhood friend and occasional confidant.

Not one to be in the spotlight, and isolated for his mother’s Ewe roots, Prince Senya has no interest in claiming his Ashanti royal status. However, his mind changes when the beautiful and convincing Abena needs him too. Her plan is simple-marry for a year and then they will quietly divorce. There is just one rule-they cannot fall in love. There is also one problem-Senya has secretly loved her for years and has no plans to let her go.

Will Abena forget her rules and fall in love with her African prince? Will Senya be able to keep his end of the bargain and let her go at the end of a year? After ending a blood feud and narrowly escaping death, they both realize nothing between them is the same. But will they find love is a risk worth taking?


A Melody In The Chamber by Wynta Tyme

Dominix Lasalle Jr is a small-town radio host and DJ from the gritty streets of Fuhara, IL. Though most of her time is spent on the mic, the music lover is manifesting the days when she’s making beats for the hottest artists. As if the stars aligned perfectly for her, Dominix stumbles on a contest being held by hot, new rapper Loonatic that could solidify her future on the music scene. However, when the venture requires a three-way partnership with billionaire producer Manuel Moyota and classical instructor Bentley Avenue, it may serve as a scratch on the imprints she’s attempting to make.

Tangled between the music and the men, the DJ is smitten by the balance of elegance and roughness of one while complicatedly consumed by the accolades and maturity of the other and still a job must be done. 

Nevertheless, the talented threesome is forced to not only maintain their integrity but their lives when an unsuspecting source attempts to add more static to the collaboration and true intentions have the chance to snip heartstrings.


In Exchange for Love by Bree Wright

Nathanial Channing has been working hard for years to achieve his goal of gaining the family’s business once his grandparents retire. He has worked hard as a single parent and he sees that success is in arms reach. But when his grandfather and grandmother drop a bomb that could potentially eliminate him out of the running for the company… what lengths will Nate go to, to make sure that he is the future CEO of the company?

Kris Jameson is a no-nonsense having person. She had dreams, but those dreams were placed on hold when she became pregnant and a single mother. When an opportunity falls into her lap to make money to provide for her and her daughter, Chasity, she hops right into the interview line. However, what she didn’t expect was the new requirements of the job. 

To secure his role as CEO, Nathanial needs love, and he chooses to use Kris. In exchange for Kris and her services, Nathanial promises to pay her back. But what happens when the exchange turns into something real…something more?


Reacquainted by J. Chary

In marriage, sometimes you get lost in the roles you take on and find that things become mundane and routine. That’s what happened to Tahir and Yadira Attmore. Between working and taking care of their three kids, they haven’t made time for each other. Knowing something has to give, Yadira decides a winter baecation is in order and has the perfect location in mind. Will the time away allow them to reconnect and find a balance between family life and intimacy? Most importantly, will it be enough for the couple to get reacquainted?


Learned Reactions (Higher Education Book 2) by Jayce Ellis

“The friends-to-lovers trope feels fresh in Ellis’s hands, in part because it’s underpinned by a lovingly drawn depiction of Black family dynamics.” —Publishers Weekly

Carlton Monroe is finally getting his groove back. After a year playing dad to his nephew and sending him safely off to college, it’s back to his bachelor ways. But when his teenaged niece shows up on his doorstep looking for a permanent home, his plan comes to a screeching halt. Family is everything, and in the eyes of social services, a couple makes a better adoptive family than an overworked bachelor father. A fake relationship with his closest friend is the best way to keep his family together.

If things between him and Deion are complicated, well, it only needs to last until the end of the semester.

Living with Carlton is a heartbreak waiting to happen, and once the adoption goes through, Deion’s out. He’s waited two decades for Carlton to realize they’re meant for each other, and he’s done. It’s time to make a clean break. But it’s hard to think of moving away when keeping up the act includes some very real perks like kissing, cuddling and sharing a bed.

Even the best charades must come to an end, though. As the holidays and Deion’s departure date loom, the two men must decide whether playing house is enough for them—or if there’s any chance they could be a family for real.


Heaux Tales Anthology by Iesha Bree, C. Monet, J. Chary, Storm, K. Giles, and Phoenix Ash

Store this one by your bedside!

When fire meets desire and then love tags along, you get a compilation of steamy tales that will have you double taking and gyrating as much as the music that inspired them. Women take center stage in this showcase, pleasing themselves and partners alike. Discovering the depths of their sexual prowess, chains are broken, freedom is felt, and a little naughty makes everything nice.


Still Enticed by his Charm : A Wedding Novella by Monae Nicole

It’s been two years since the plane ride that changed their relationship for the better. What started off as two enemies turned into a love they never could have imagined. Will something or someone threaten their special day? Join us for Cassia and Jacen’s wedding, as the two say I do. 


Kindred Souls by Angel Mystique

Sometimes souls just aren’t meant to align forever… Then, there are the few… that are.
She was one of those women that were unforgettable and could only be experienced.
And from the very moment we locked eyes, I knew she was one. I couldn’t lose her, even though my own inhibitions told me otherwise.
I was tired of being ignored by everyone. Until I crashed into him, I didn’t think anyone saw me. But he did.
And, a small part of myself was afraid.
Afraid to let him in.
Let him see me.
Let him love me.
But, life and the Universe had other plans.
Plans to show me that we were meant to be eternally.

Kindred Souls is a tender short story that spans years told in glimpses that lead to… well, two souls finally getting it right.


Free To Love (The Rosewood Series Book 3) by Latoya Garrett

Lance Campbell Jr knows what it’s like to live a hard life. Since giving his life to God after being imprisoned for a crime he was falsely accused of, Lance no longer has to rely on his hustling skills to survive.
Now a free man, he’s started his own business and starts a relationship with his sister, Lisa who never knew of his existence. He gains an extended family of sorts through Lisa’s marriage. But there’s one family member he can’t stop thinking about…..

Amber King is an outspoken, fun-loving Christian woman who enjoys living her life on her terms. Hairstylist by day and, surprisingly, a homebody by night. Her family thinks she’s a club hopper but she enjoys a nice book with a bevy a snacks close by. And especially after breaking her leg before her cousin’s wedding, being a recluse is even more favorable. But lately, her “me time” has been interrupted by thoughts of a new family member.

The two form a relationship under the guise of friendship but both know it’s love. As things progress between them, a sinister force from Lance’s past comes back into play. Will their relationship be able to weather the storm? Will Lance, a newly saved man, rely on his faith or revert back to the street persona to eliminate the problem?


A Billionaire’s Love (A Billionaire’s Infatuation Series) by Tamika Brown

Erica Faulk has always been a party girl and Tinder was her go-to for meeting new people to have fun with. That is, until her best friend Remi was almost killed by her deranged ex, shaking Erica to her core. Now, the once self-proclaimed social media queen has given up her party girl lifestyle. A business trip to Chicago and help from a handsome stranger with eyes like brown sugar might be what she needs to get her edge back.  

Martin Wright’s senses were ensnared by a mocha beauty who might be able to get his mind off work and help him have some fun for a change. What Martin didn’t expect was for Erica to check all the boxes for his ideal woman. There’s just one problem—Erica has no clue who he is. There’s also the small matter of the mysterious red head who wants her just as much as he does. 

Will Erica give in and find herself in Martin’s love? Or does she run into the arms of a stranger that could mean the death of her?


Sebastian: Book One in the Champions series by Chicki Brown

Bliss Young is beautiful, single, and childless. She’s devoted her life to running her residential foster care program, The Kid’s Co-op. When she discovers the senior conservative senator is on a mission to defund all foster care programs, Bliss sets out to save her beloved Co-op.
Former cop and private bodyguard Sebastian Greer has spent his life protecting others. He takes a position as the security director at the Co-op. Unknown to Bliss, someone has sent him to use his supernatural abilities to protect the program.
While they fight together to protect her life’s work, Bliss and Sebastian discover passion and love neither of them ever expected.


A Dance With Destiny (Heritage Series Book 1) by Osar Adeyemi

Aleena has earned her spot in the corporate world and proven she’s not just the boss’s daughter. She’s also in a relationship with hotshot cardiologist, Tosin Adelaja, and her life appears very much on course. 
But she’s chagrined that the memory of the callous words she had overheard from Jayden Idris, her father’s godson, several years earlier still had the power to haunt her. Jayden’s opinion had dented her confidence and she had made a promise to herself never to let him close to her. 
But life seems to have different plans for her, and in the circles she moves in, Jayden is not someone she can really avoid. 
When Tosin’s simmering resentment against her family’s social status becomes a recurrent battle, Aleena is prepared to fight for their relationship. 
Will Aleena be able to convince Tosin to let go of his inhibitions, and can she fight the forces that seem bent on throwing Jayden and her together?


The Way Love Goes by Pamela Campbell

Lavena Moore is beautiful and successful. She keeps her focus on her career and wasn’t interested in being in a relationship. Her only use for a man in her life was strictly sexual. That is… until she traveled out of town on a business trip and met the handsome, Jesiah Foster.

Jesiah was a wealthy VP at Mecca Entertainment. After being involved with a woman, who never gave him her heart, he broke things off. Jesiah has a lot of love to give to the right woman who can love him with her whole heart and be open to receive all of his love.

Can these two beautiful souls turn a one-night stand into a magical love story?


My Saving Grace: A Novella by Talena Tillman

You read part of her story in Talena Tillman’s last release, Yasmine & Romeo: A Valentine’s Day Short. 
Now, you’re granted full access inside Meah’s world TWO YEARS LATER. This book chronicles the unforgettable tales of her past and present. This beautiful novella takes you through a plethora of emotions. A powerful story that will make you hope for and believe in love…

Note: It’s highly recommended to read Yasmine & Romeo: A Valentines Day Short before reading My Saving Grace.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 8th-14th

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