We know, we know! The event was a week ago.

But… was it really a good party if you don’t need a little time to recover?

Here are a few highlights:

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An on-location podcast from Jillian at Black Synergee





From Indie Love: 

The Girl Have You Met Experience!

So, I’m a little late with this Blog post, my life got a little busy upon my return from Dallas. However, I wrote this while sitting in the airport Sunday morning reflecting on my experience at Girl Have You Met!

24 hours later and I’m still riding high off of Girl Have You Met. Year two was even better than year one….. as it should be, it’s called growth. Christina & Alexandra are doing a wonderful job at expanding the Black Romance Movement (can I call it a movement 😬) oh well I just did lol. I’m always moved to excitement when I’m in a room with my favorite authors, I’m learning not go all “Fan Girl” on them but I can’t help it, their all my favorite because they are black women following their purpose & passion. Some have become true friends of mine who I cherish and respect to the utmost.  …. Read More of Her Recap HERE!


From #GHYM18 Co-Host, Alexandra Warren: 

Girl, Have You Met… Dallas almost didn’t happen.

Not that Christina and I didn’t have the desire to put on the Girl, Have You Met… event for a second time because we absolutely did, or that the need for the event wasn’t there because it most certainly was. But Girl, Have You Met… almost didn’t happen simply because we couldn’t find the right location for it.



So many potentials, but the venues and prices just weren’t quite right.

In fact, we had pretty much decided to not have it at all in 2018 until… Dallas.

Read More of Her Recap HERE!

Girl, We Had a Blast!

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