Angela ‘Cin’ Parker, you guys remember her, right? She was in ‘Sugar Rush.’ I was delighted when Cin received her story. And it was worth the wait. Amadeus ‘Amad’ Moore was her sexy ex-playa love interest. What I liked about this story was the way the characters flowed, jelled, and marinated into the stories fabric. A fascinating statement in this story had me jotting down this quote. “When a man finds the right woman, it’s his job to make her feel secure in his love.” How amazing is that statement? At the onset of the story, Amad made his wishes to be in Cin’s life clear.  He lived up to the announcement until he didn’t. He claimed to have a crush on Cin since they were in middle school. And for some reason, I believed him. He wanted a real relationship. Reader’s who’ve read the first book will recall the couple from that story. Additionally, Kamali and Melanie were in the throes of planning their wedding when Mel suddenly started to behave strangely, which caused Kamali to worry a tad bit. Melanie was the owner of the first book’s namesake- Sugar Rush. Readers will discover the nature of her ill-will in a short beat. I was happy the author did not drag that storyline out. They weren’t the main characters, and that drama wasn’t necessary.

You may also recall Amad had a contentious relationship with his mother; it spoiled over from the first book. He wasn’t nearly as angry as in the first book. I’m sure the complete story will surface to explain what’s going on between them by the time the series ends.  It pleased me to revisit with Kam and Mel and watch the progression in their relationship. The storytelling was well done. I always like the girlfriend’s interactions in a story; Cin and Mel were downright funny when they were together.

The pre-wedding planning was entertaining. I enjoyed hanging out with the girls and their mom’s. I think it is so funny when both parents are only concerned with getting some grandbabies. I laugh at the parent’s antics in this type of story.  Later at the bachelor’s party, Amad mad a poor decision, yet no matter how innocent, I knew it would come back to bite him on his hiney. That decision began the break down in their relationship. On a side note, Amad’s incident created the space for Cin to get the help she needed for a matter which hindered her from being completely open with Amad. I like the way the author tackled that issue and the resolution.

There weren’t any sex scenes, other than sharing hugs and deep kisses. The story was just beautiful, the message delivered, and readers will be no worse for the wear. The storytelling was another great one by this author. Bravo Ms. Jones. The other Ms. Jones. 4.9 Stars.

Review – Cinfully Delicious, by A. Jones

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