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Will You Still Want Me? by B. Love

“The entire time I talked he ate. Seemingly unfazed while I was on the verge of shattering from shame, a broken spirit and crushed pride. I thought it hurt so much because I loved Rodney, but the past six months have shown me that it wasn’t my heart that took the biggest beating. It was my pride.” – Parker Graham

It took six months for the ice around Parker’s heart to freeze. Can Kane warm her up to his love in one week? Or will he be yet another source of pain that causes the ice and disappointment that can only be felt because of love to remain?

*Please note: This is a novella with explicit content and language.*



Here You Come Again by Tracie Momie

Angela Barnes has a dream job as a marketing executive for a Fortune 500 company in Manhattan but her personal life is far from perfect. She’s adjusting to life as a single woman after breaking up with her fiancé, Rodney.

An invitation to her 15-year high school reunion changes her life in a way she would have never imagined when she comes face to face with her ex-boyfriend, Xavier Ross.

Things get even more complicated after both Rodney and Xavier return to her life and Angela has to make a decision that causes her to question everything she thought she knew about herself.



Love Takes Time: Lexi’s Heart by Tanya Deloatch

Lexi is on an emotional roller coaster ride through life. Her career is on the fast track, her bruised and broken heart has mended and Lexi finally has the love of her life. Everything has fallen in to place…at least until her company’s Halloween Masquerade Party. Will she lose everything she has come to know and love with Chase, or will she venture back to her past love Brian and all of the bad memories and heartache that came with him?



Brawn (A One Love Short Story) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Gattis Montgomery is down on his luck. After a tragic accident he loses his home, his business, his car, and everyone he loves. Between his days living on the streets and his nights at the local men’s shelter, the downtown library becomes a necessary respite to help him maintain his sanity.

Patrice King is a dream come true. She’s intelligent, accomplished and beautiful! After a chance meeting, thoughts of her fuel every one of Gattis’s fantasies and has him imagining a future that doesn’t feel quite so bleak.

But Patrice is fighting her own demons. Reeling from the death of her beloved mother and not knowing her paternity, she’s not interested in a relationship with any man. When their budding friendship evolves into a passionate relationship, the two discover happily-ever-after is possible under the most daunting circumstances.



Thanks for Nothing by Shanicexlola

He’s tall, dark, handsome and dreamy!

Becoming acquainted with someone new wasn’t a part of her upcoming plans, but for the perfect gentlemen, she could make an exception, right?

Thriving career? Check.
Single? Check.
No kids or baby-mama drama? In this generation?! Sign her up for what appeared to be a rarity.

Close call! Everything isn’t what it seems.
**This is a novella**



Walking Music (Newland Road Book 2) by Linda Leigh Hargrove


“A 1970s era sweet romance with a poignant message of love and forgiveness.”

IN THE MIDST of the oil embargo of 1974, single mother Tina Raye Lawrence has a crisis of her own. The car she’s saved up for gets wrecked by a handsome newcomer named Chas Warren, then she loses her job. Will joblessness (and loneliness) make her lower her guard with Chas? She’s got her daughter to consider and her own relationship with God. As she beats the pavement for work, she finds solace in Gospel music. Can a handful of hymns help her stay strong in the face of her growing attraction to her new Newland Road neighbor?

Chas is at his wit’s end when his forced academic sabbatical turns into a dismissal and then his estranged wife grants him custody of their small son. Jobless and discouraged, he decides to settle in with his cousin Dr. Edward Anderson (from Book 1, History Lessons) in the wilds of rural North Carolina to rediscover his first love — music. He’s never had a place for religion in his life. Should he pursue this pretty church lady Tina Lawrence or should he just keep walking?



Amendable Love by Troy Moore


Tristian Lenon was a good man with a good heart. He knew what he wanted out of life and went after it. He fell in love with a high school friend but knew at the time it could never be because she belong to someone else. As time went on and years passed he finally bumped into Emily the beautiful girl from high school he always had a crush on. They both had exciting careers with great futures. Oh My! did sparks fly. He fell in love with her and she fell in love with him and everything was smooth sailing.

They say everything that is in the dark will come to light. This is exactly what happen when Emily mistakenly left her cell phone behind at Tristian place one day. He thought he knew her but really didn’t. He found out she was hiding a secret. The love and passion he had for her no longer exists. The secret she concealed from him because she did not want to lose him is what shattered his heart. This intoxicating urban love story will truly touch your heart with an exciting ending that will bring tears to all. What was Emily dark secret? Will Tristian forgive her? Can their love for each other be amendable? Love is all about life, life is all about love, and as long as it’s amendable you can enjoy them both no matter who you are.



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New Release Round-Up April 16th-22nd

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