This author has a way with names for her characters. Wilde Roads… Was she serious? Another thing to consider with this writer is the deepness in the storyline. Each story is new and fresh. The unique names the author uses increases the boldness in each of her novels.

In this story, Wilde was a single mom struggling with caring for her ill son. Her financial situation was tenuous. And she did not have insurance to cover his significant medical expenses.  Wilde was an exotic dancer at an exclusive club. The encounter between Wilde and the new Mayor in their fair city would change the nature of the terms wild and reckless. Wilde performed under the name Anonymous, as she wore a mask of mystery. When Wilde’s boss asked her to hang out with the Mayor and his entourage at the club one night; he wanted her to be his date for the night. The remainder of the story was sexy and very interesting. Here’s what I liked about the story. It was clear Wilde had much love for her very sick child. Her son was the apple of her eye, as was her grandmother. Family meant the world to her. Wilde was willing to do what was necessary to make sure her son had what he needed. The brief start of the relationship between Wilde and Jhalil was steamy, sexy and filled with raw emotions. I can’t wait to see what’s next. The Mayor showed little concerned with his reputation, and this was endearing. Overall, this short story was very nice. I can’t wait to see this unconventional relationship develop. He was her saving grace. 5 Stars!

Review – Wilde & Reckless, by Grey

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