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Check out these new releases from April 22nd-28th.

She a Baddie (The Decadence Series Book 1) by Monique Fisher

Christopher Rossmore has one dream: to run Rossmore Wineries, the vineyard that has been in his family for generations. Despite preparing for the role since birth, Christopher finds himself competing with his estranged father’s gold digging fiancee for the job. 

In order to become CEO, he has to convince celebrity couple Michaela Hamilton and Hunter Lawrence to hold their star studded nuptials at the vineyard. 

He can run a business with his eyes closed, but public relations is not his jam. 

He’s gonna need some help.

Isobel Brooke Taylor has one dream: to run Taylor Made Hair Care, the family run hair care brand currently helmed by her father. Despite traveling all over the world to solidify Taylor Made’s status as an international brand, the board is worried that her reputation as a party girl & socialite would make her unsuitable to take over. 

In order to get the top job she has to convince the board that she can balance business & pleasure.

Walking into a crowded party and walking out with everyone eating out of the palm of her hand? Easy. Doing the same thing in the boardroom? Not so much.

She’s gonna need some help.

When Izzie and Chris discover that Michaela and Hunter are hosting a couples only retreat, the perfect plan emerges. These childhood best friends will pretend to be lovers, while Izzy helps Chris woo the future Lawrences and Chris helps Izzy woo the board.But, can Christopher and Isobel get through the retreat without wooing each other?


Cloudy with a chance of Romance: A Preto Village novel by AshleyNicole

Welcome to Preto Village, a beautiful black community where everybody knows your business and has no qualms about sharing it…

Pulled back to Preto by a request from her grandfather, Imani Sparks just wants to handle his affairs well and make him proud. Some town’s people and family members don’t think she’s capable due to a bit of cloudiness. Especially not while running around town with her new friend.
Elias Brewster is in town for just a little while. He’s looking for restful time off and somebody to spend it with. The catch is once he’s gone, he’s gone.
With things being so cloudy, can they clear the way for a little romance?


Out of Office by A.H. Cunningham

A.H. Cunningham dazzles in this sensual vacation romance exploring what happens when you step out of the office, take a chance on yourself—and discover your deepest desires.

Genevieve Raymond was born an overachiever. After opening a hot new hotel chain location in Panama, she’s on track for a major promotion. But first, she desperately needs a break, even if her overbearing mother doesn’t approve. For two glorious weeks, Gen’s giving herself permission to explore the beautiful beaches of Colón—and the stimulating attraction she shares with her sexy-as-hell driver, Adrián Nicolas.

After a family tragedy, Adrián’s recently shifted his own focus to prioritizing the life part of a healthy work-life balance. To workaholic Gen, Adrián’s laid-back devotion to his family’s hometown hostel couldn’t be more appealing. Their long-term goals might not align, but two weeks in paradise only calls for seductive physical chemistry, and Gen and Adrián have got that, without a doubt.

But when their intimate connection flourishes beyond sunsets and spice, Gen finds herself questioning whether the career path she’s been on is even where she wants to be. With continents between them, a real relationship doesn’t feel possible. Until fate reveals their futures might be more closely woven than they thought, leaving them wondering whether a two-week fling might have what it takes to last forever.


Kings Surrender (King Dynasty Series Book 4) by Iesha Bree

In a world where love seems like a distant dream, Zarah King has built an empire on her own terms. As the owner of a thriving resort, she’s a force to be reckoned with—strong, independent, and fiercely guarded. Haunted by memories of her father and the disappointments of past relationships, Zarah has convinced herself that men are incapable of true love and commitment. She’s content to play the game on her own terms, never letting anyone get too close to her heart.

Enter Kane Williams, a man with a past as complex as Zarah’s own. A successful business owner and devoted father, Kane has worked hard to overcome the challenges of his youth and build a better life for himself and his son. Determined to be a positive role model, he’s seeking a serious, committed relationship built on trust and mutual respect. When a chance encounter brings him into Zarah’s world, he’s immediately drawn to her strength, beauty, and vulnerability. But with Zarah’s walls firmly in place, can Kane show her that true love is possible?

In a tale of passion, self-discovery, and the power of love, Kings Surrender invites readers to join Zarah and Kane on a journey that will test their resolve and challenge everything Zarah thought she knew about relationships. Can Zarah lower her guard long enough to let Kane in, or will the ghosts of her past keep her from the happiness she deserves?


Toss of a Coin (A Chandler Billionaire Romance Book 2) by Lynn Mapp

Every male in the family has scaled the marriage mountain only to take catastrophic tumbles.
They’ve dubbed their issue, The Chandler Curse.

Unrequited love sucks! Dione Harris has spent years waiting for Logan Chandler to see she’s grown-ass woman. Then…he does.

This is everything Dione’s longed for. Shouldn’t she be happy? She wants love and lasting commitment, but Chandlers have a long history of broken relationships. Logan has sworn off love and marriage, so how can he be the right man for her?

One wild Vegas fling results in a pregnancy and a hasty marriage of convenience. Logan is certain they can build a solid life together based on friendship and compatibility, without the mess that love brings.

Dione gave him her heart years ago, while Logan’s is locked up securely in an impenetrable vault. Can this marriage survive or is this another Chandler union bound for heartbreak/disaster/never-after?


Angels on Cherry Hill by Jamiya Taylor

When a death in the family causes Sahara Baxter to uproot her life in Miami to move back home to Dawson, Mississippi, the world seems to be crashing at her feet. Being back in her hometown meant that Sahara would be reconnecting with people she thought she had left behind. In order to deal with all of it, Sahara goes out into the city one night to relieve some stress, only to have a one night stand with a handsome stranger, Leo St. Julien.

During a time of grief that weighed like concrete, Sahara finds out news she wouldn’t have thought to hear in her lifetime—she’s having a baby. Knowing nothing more than his name and relation to her cousin, Sahara is conflicted. She knows that the next step isn’t a decision to make on her own, even if the father is a man she didn’t know for more than 24 hours.

What will become of the two seemingly strangers that are parenting a child together? Will they make the best out of a bad situation? Or will there need to be an angel guiding them every step of the way?


A Soulful Love Story by Pamela Campbell

A Hollywood romance becomes a high-stakes game of love, secrets, and survival in this contemporary romance love story.

Morgan Montgomery’s rise to stardom in Hollywood is the dream that she’s always lived for. That is until an obsessive fan threatens her safety. She hires Kobe Hollister, a mysterious and handsome bodyguard to the celebrities. Kobe’s sexy rugged exterior hides the scars of a past relationship.

What Morgan didn’t anticipate was the electric pull between them that stretched beyond the bodyguard-employer lines. Their attraction to each other is undeniable. But like all relationships, Morgan and Kobe face obstacles that threaten to destroy their happiness.

In a world where reputations and lives can be torn apart in an instant, Morgan and Kobe must decide how much they’re willing to risk for a chance at forever. Can their love survive the harsh spotlight?


Better Latte Than Never: Book 3: The Windsor Brothers by Mila Hunt

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend?

In the cozy corners of Windsor Brews, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the laughter of friends, Zara and Jonah share a bond that goes beyond friendship. For years, Zara has harbored a secret crush on her best friend, Jonah, but he’s never seemed to see her as anything more than a friend.

As Zara navigates the ups and downs of college life, she finds herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions when Jonah enters into a relationship with someone else. With her heart in turmoil, Zara must confront her feelings and decide whether to risk their friendship for a chance at something more.

Join Zara and Jonah on a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and love as they navigate the complexities of friendship, romance, and the undeniable chemistry between them. With witty banter, heartwarming moments, and plenty of coffee-fueled adventures, “Brewing Romance” is a charming tale that will warm the hearts of clean romance readers everywhere.

Get ready to fall in love with Zara and Jonah as they discover that sometimes, the best relationships are brewed over a cup of coffee.


Courage to Love Again by Kimberly Brown

Months after meeting a kind gentleman on the most embarrassing night of her life, a newly divorced woman gains the courage to reclaim her life and explore newfound love with the perfect stranger in this enthralling romance, perfect for fans of Kennedy Ryan.

Pascha St. Claire has nothing to live for.

After five years, her once-loving husband, Raymond, decides to end their marriage. He’s unable to deal with her mental health, significant weight gain, or the idea that she cannot seem to birth him a child. She returns home one night to find her belongings on the curb and the locks to her home changed. Her pleading falls on deaf ears as Raymond has made the decision to end their marriage. With no other option, Pascha is forced to leave and never look back.

When Callum Ellis accepted the reservation for his car service, the last thing he expected was to pick up a beautiful, weeping stranger. His heart goes out to her as he drops her off at a hotel. After discovering her credit cards have been canceled, Callum swoops in to pay for her stay. Though she wants to protest, Pascha realizes she is in no position to decline the stranger’s generous offer.

Months roll by and Callum is still unable to get Pascha out of his head. A chance encounter finally lands him in her presence, and Callum is determined to make the most of it. Though she initially declines his interest, Pascha soon finds herself intrigued by the once-kind stranger. Fear has her recoiling at his advances, but men like Callum come to restore. Will Pascha continue to avoid the inevitable, or does she find the courage to love again?


Delivered With Love by Mel Dau

“Fear is the enemy of Faith.”

Dallas Sincere Washington is a man who once had the world until it was snatched away from him. Now, although feeling like he has nothing to live for, he still chooses to pour into others what he never had. Well, when a well is running dry eventually the pouring must stop. When his ultimate sleeping fears are awoken, will he be able to cope? Will the fear cripple him to a point where faith has no room to operate, or will he be strong enough to smother his fear, restoring in him what was lost?

Oakleigh Moana Torrand has accepted what is for her life not realizing it can pivot at any given time as prescribed by the Creator. When a pivot in a situationship leads to something no one saw coming and worst what only one wanted, what will she do? Will her faith be strong enough to drown out not only her fear but the fear of a connection that should have never been?

When the fear is gone and faith takes over, the only thing we can hope is that peace is Delivered With Love.


Traumatized By A Scorpio by Morgan Rose

“A monster will protect you just so they can be the one to cause the damage.”

Pain was all Amethyst Flowers knew when it came to love from a man. Ever since she was a little girl, the main example of how a man should treat a woman taught her that if a man wasn’t inflicting pain it wasn’t real love.

When she met Scorpio Devon, she thought the generational curse from her parents skipped her until Scorpio began to show his true dark colors, soon leaving Amethyst traumatized.

Over love, and close to giving into her demons, Amethyst meets Adonis Jordan who is set to not only protect but show her how true love should be.

Will Adonis be able to prove his love or will Amethyst let the fear from her past hold her back?


Law & Loyalty by Tracy Gray

Her father’s announcement that the time had come for her to take a husband caught Jianna Outlaw off guard.
Her best friend’s offer to step up and marry her was an even bigger surprise.
Now, Jianna wonders if letting her homeboy get involved is the answer to her prayers or the world’s biggest mistake.

Jianna “Law” Outlaw doesn’t consider herself a crime princess, even though her father is most definitely a criminal. She considers herself a regular woman with a regular life. That is until her father drops the bomb right before her birthday that the time has arrived for her to fulfill her duty as an Outlaw by marrying. He will do the picking and all of the candidates will be the sons of his associates. To add insult to injury, her father has three stipulations:

  1. She will live with her new husband.
  2. She will produce offspring.
  3. Barring any abuse or mitigating circumstances, she will stay in the marriage for the long haul.

Jianna is outraged, but she knows better than to cross her father.

Dolton Hill has been one of Jianna’s closest friends since the sandbox. Growing up in a crime family taught Dolton not to trust, and after a college girlfriend played with his heart, he doubled down on that idea… Except when it comes to Jianna. Dolton trusts Jianna with his life. When her father tries to marry her off, Dolton knows he has to step up for his friend. He offers to marry her… but then he learns of her father’s stipulations.

Can Dolton and Jianna pull off the charade? Will their platonic love for one another morph into something more, or have they both signed up for a loveless marriage?


My Heart at Ease by Laquana Brumfield

When friends become lovers, they forget the rest of the world exists. Even the people they were supposed to be in a relationship with. 

Ten years was a long time to go without speaking to someone. Especially when that person was the only man to ever hold your heart. Kitty Carrell is a Country music singer at her wits end with the industry she used to love. Needing time away from her tour and a boyfriend from hell, she decides to go back home for the weekend. The only thing scary about going home is, Marcel is there.

Marcel had just returned from a twelve-month deployment and home wasn’t feeling like home. The house he shared with his fiancée, Chanel, had been completely changed around and he no longer fit. When he finds out Chanel has been cheating, seeing Kitty at his parents annual St. Patrick’s Day party could either be the best or worst thing to ever happen to him.

Kitty and Marcel are in a fight against the urge to love each other. Will they stand firm on their principles or lock in and forget the world exists?


Unlike Before by J.B. Vample

A love neither expected, begins at first sight. 

Since divorcing her ex-husband nine years ago, thirty-five-year-old Patience Harvey has focused on rebuilding her life and raising her eight-year-old daughter, Noelle. Thriving and content with her career and her growing family, the last thing that Patience is thinking about is entertaining another relationship.

Running a successful construction company from the ground up has kept Michael Carter busy. However, after three years as a single man, the thirty-seven-year-old bachelor has reached the point where he’s longing for companionship, but feels that he’s missed his chance. That is, until an unexpected detour to a bakery leads him to meet a fellow patron who immediately catches his eye—and unbeknownst to her—captures his heart.

Patience never imagined that a pit stop for a few pastries would put her in the presence of a man who could make her consider diving back into dating. Yet as she continues crossing paths with the enticing Michael, she knows she’s ready. However, as courtship flourishes into romance, Patience’s past resurfaces, threatening not only their bliss, but her sanity.

Will Patience’s past trauma tear this new relationship apart? Or can she and Michael overcome the obstacles thrown their way to reach their happily-ever-after?


Love is the Remedy by Ayelle Burke

Previously on Kindle Vella

After a tough breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Candace is set on reinventing her life and reclaiming the pieces of herself she lost during her last relationship. Motivated to carve her own path, she lands a job with the pro basketball team in her hometown.

The only problem — Lukas Hill — the charismatic, handsome, and fascinating team owner.

Their attraction was instant.

Their chemistry… off the charts.

However, Candace is determined to keep things strictly professional and avoid romantic entanglements, especially with her boss. The last thing she wanted was to be in a position resembling anything close to what she’d just gotten out of.

Lukas, on the other hand, is a man of action.

From the first time he laid eyes on Candace, he knew he had to have her. Never being one to back down from a challenge, Lukas set his sights on the woman he knew was meant explicitly for him.

Will Candace’s determination to focus on work, herself, and her healing hold up, or will Lukas’s love prove to be the remedy for her bruised heart?


Still Believe in Love: A Secret Identity Romance by Mycah Edwards

Coming from a lineage of successful marriages has made Yasmere Everhart ache for love while making Xyleek Amié steer clear of the four-letter word. While one is scared to end up alone, the other is afraid of failing the people who are inevitably waiting on him to find his perfect match. Despite a few negative encounters, they constantly find themselves in one another’s orbit and the unexpected happens. But what can be done once their worlds collide, only one soul is left behind, and secrets begin unraveling from dark corners? Is destiny pulling these two hearts together knowing what they need better than they do, or is the weight of things we idealize like a fairytale love too heavy to bear?


Lessons From A Hidden Treasure: An Interlude by Antoinette Sherell

Treasure Herring has lost and gained in the past year and a half. After the tragic loss of her parents, she gains a sibling and new family in her big sister, Savvy… but she still feels lost. Then, a handsome but ruggish hooligan she’d only met once reappears and gives her a semblance of belonging. Pierre.

Pierre Blaise is fresh out of jail from a bid, but nothing has changed for him. The money, women, and notoriety haven’t stopped. Even while having those perks in the palm of his hand, Pierre realizes he’s going nowhere fast. Then, he crosses paths with the sole person willing to help him find life’s true values beyond the lavish smokescreens. Treasure.

Too bad their lessons are for a limited time only.

**this is an interlude for the Art of Hood Love series… the next Blaise brother will commence after this break**


The Perfect Recipe: Eligible Bachelors by Leonora Cowan

Tammy Waters lives the life every woman dreams about. She travels the world with her prestigious career as a fashion designer and gets to mixes and mingle with the rich and famous.
Jaxon Daniels loves traveling the world and exploring new cuisines and flavors. As a world renowned chef and the owner of three award winning restaurants, he is always looking for new recipes to add to his menu.
Can two career driven people take the time to slow down and get to know each other or will they let this opportunity pass them by?
Eligible Bachelor Series is a brand-new contemporary romance series of stand-alones that will leave you bingeing the entire series. Get ready for all the tropes: second chance, enemies to lovers, friends with benefits, billionaire, doctor. the list goes on. These irresistible romances will cure your insatiable appetite.


Marinated Conditions (Eugeena Patterson Mysteries Book 7) by Tyora Moody

Eugeena Patterson-Jones is excited about planning her daughter Leesa Patterson’s wedding. With three months to go, there’s lots to do. They meet for lunch at the award-winning Smokin’ Ward barbecue food truck owned by Leesa’s wedding caterer.

Lately the Smokin’ Ward owners has been at odds with a local barbecue competitor. When the competitor’s body is found inside his food truck, Leesa’s friends become suspects.

Usually, Eugeena is the one who’s sticking her nose into situations, but Leesa is determined to find out who’s trying to destroy her friends’ business and frame them for murder. The mother and daughter team up to find the smoking gun.


This Time Forever (From This Day Forward Book 3) by Dara Girard

One bouquet
Three sisters
And a wedding day that will change their lives forever

Nobody notices Cat Kayode.
She feels invisible in comparison to her beautiful sisters.
But when a bouquet toss at her sister’s wedding ends in disaster, Cat finds herself thrust into the path of the one man who not only notices her, but despises her too.
Bryant Meadows can’t look at Cat without remembering a painful and humiliating incident that happened years ago. He avoids her every chance he gets.
Until he discovers something surprising about Cat that not only shakes him to his core, but causes him to look at her in a whole new way…

Book three in the From This Day Forward series.


I Can’t Help It by J.C. Maine

Micah Mason believes that he’s met the woman of his dreams in Champagne Drummond. Though they are at different stages in life, and their romance seems unconventional, their connection is undeniable.

At thirty-two years of age, Champagne has had her share of tainted love. Fortunately for her, a surprise romance with a much younger Micah has reignited her spirit.

However, will disapproving family members, former lovers, and an overbearing community tear them apart? Will Micah and Champagne’s relationship survive these obstacles, or will a shocking secret destroy the love they have for each other?


The Good Ones Are Taken: A Novel by Taj McCoy

When Maggie’s best friend admits he’s in love with her, she’ll have to decide whether it’s worth giving up something good for something that could be amazing in this laugh-out-loud friends-to-lovers rom-com. 

After a bad breakup, Maggie wants to find her Prince Charming, but all she’s finding are frogs. When her best friends, Savvy and Joan, apply pressure and demand she find a date worthy of attending their respective weddings, she agrees to take her own advice and try online dating. Since she’s the maid of honor for both weddings, her bridal party duties are massive, but both brides insist that Maggie prioritize finding a date. After an onslaught of maybes, noes and hell noes, she’s close to giving up, when she meets a handsome doctor at the gym who just might be the one.

Meanwhile, her college bestie, Garrett, throws salt in everyone’s game. At every turn, he points out the red flags and tells Maggie to keep looking. Things come to a head when Maggie demands that Garrett be happy for her, and he finally admits that he can’t. Not when he’s not with her. When he blurts out his feelings, Maggie’s world is turned upside down. Now she must choose between the perfect guy and a friendship that is the foundation for everything she’s ever wante


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 22nd-28th

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