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Wait No More: A With Your Permission Spin-off by Stephanie Nicole Norris

The rumors… they came from sources that she trusted; the news, the neighborhood, and now the patrons in her night club, Rendezvous. Still, Sophia Clark wouldn’t believe that the soldiers who returned from their tours included the only man she ever loved. But when Dean St. James strolled through the door, the shock to Sophia’s spirit nearly disassembled her. There was no explanation for the reckless up-surging beat of her heart, not after the way Dean disappeared, leaving Sophia to wonder if he’d become a casualty of war.

Now, without time to process her turbulent emotions, Sophia comes face to face with his return, which proves to challenge the love they lost—bringing them together or closing the door on what could have been for all time.



Baggage Claimed by Alexandra Warren

“I don’t need to know your name. I know your spirit. I’m more concerned with that.”

Ryan and Will.

Two strangers with instant chemistry on an adventure fueled by a fiery connection neither can contain.

But not everything is as it seems.

Or is it?

Note: While this standalone book tells a complete story, it is novella-length meaning it is shorter by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂



brown sugar by D. Rose

Shiloh Hurston, a 27-year-old bank teller, and poet is left piecing the remnants of her heart back together after ending a volatile and unsatisfying relationship. During her sabbatical from love, she finds healing in performing poetry at Ray’s, a lounge located in the small town of Roseville. What started as an escape turned into a secret admiration for another performer and crowd favorite, Marquis Kent.

Marquis Kent, a 28-year-old carpenter, and reformed preacher’s kid is desperately in need of a fresh start, and moving from his hometown to Roseville was the first step to a new life. He too finds relief in performing acoustic covers of his favorite songs at Ray’s. His sultry voice paired with his southern charm made him a crowd favorite, including the person he least expected – Shiloh.

To Marquis, Shiloh is the perfect woman who has it all together – a woman clearly out of his league. To Shiloh, Marquis is just another heartbreak waiting to happen, but she can no longer resist the temptation…

A serendipitous encounter opens their eyes to the realization that they have more in common than what meets the naked eye. But are they willing to put their apprehensions aside and explore what could be?

brown sugar is a novella



Her Unfaithful Husband (Logan and Atarah Book 1) by Shenaé Hailey

Sometimes, love is exactly as it seems. So is pain. And sometimes, both are the exact opposite of how they appear.

For Atarah, there is only one thing she’s certain of– her love for her fiancé Logan. With their wedding being days away, Atarah refuses to let anything or anyone pull them apart. But when Logan’s fidelity is questioned, Atarah finds herself not only questioning his character but her sanity as well.

For Logan, there is only one thing he’s certain of– his future with his fiancée Atarah. With their wedding being days away, Logan refuses to let anything or anyone pull them apart. But when Atarah’s independence further pushes him away, Logan finds himself not only questioning her character but his role as a man as well.

Sometimes, reality is exactly as it seems. So are your assumptions and intuition. And sometimes, you only see what your heart wants you to see.

*This is a 10,500-word novelette that ends with a cliffhanger. If you prefer longer stories or standalone novels, please skip this read.*


Turned Out (Something Old, Something New Book 1) by M.L. Moore

After 10 years of marriage, what appeared to be the PERFECT life of Regina and Stanley Roberts is coming to an end at lightning speed.

Regina gave up her interests to fit the role of being an Attorney’s wife and paid the price: she never ‘had’ her husband. Stanley is hardworking, honest and one of the top Health Law Attorney’s in Miami, however; he does not know how to be a husband in spite of the lavish lifestyle he has provided his wife.

When there is a crack in ANY foundation, anything can seep inside and cause ruin. Regina meets the offspring of her Secretary and experiences a chance encounter one night that turns her prudent world upside down in ways she would not have entertained.

Will Regina and Stanley be able to pick up the fragile pieces and move forward OR will Regina’s newfound freedom and attitude not only be detrimental to their already floundering marriage, but cause her to lose sight of herself and put her life in danger she may not be able to escape?


If Only for a Little While by S. Rêver

In this untraditional story of love and the search for freedom, you will meet two sets of friends that learn the true lesson of, “You don’t realize you’re missing something until it hits you.”

Blair is your typical sweetheart. She loves hard and fights harder when she finds her boyfriend of two years in a compromising position. Blair doesn’t know what to do to pick up the pieces of her now shattered love life. With a girls’ trip on the horizon, her best friend Blake makes her promise to not focus on the past but to embrace the present. Little did Blake know, but she would be forced to take her own advice when she encounters the crazy yet charming Langston.

On a trip to take his mind off his failed relationship and unfortunate reality, Kofi had no intentions of getting close to someone new. That was until he met the beauty in the yellow dress. Little did he know she was the key he needed to heal and be set free from his past.

Take this journey with these four strangers as they take a chance on each other and gain a sense of peace and freedom that they’ve never had.


You Left Me At the Altar: A Psychological Drama by Tanisha Stewart

Trina had spent the last three years in a perfect relationship with Brandon. Now after planning the perfect wedding with the man of her dreams, everything she had hoped for their lives together was on the brink of coming true.

That is, until the day of the wedding when a very important guest didn’t arrive… the groom himself, Brandon.

Now Trina is left to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out what went wrong. Why did Brandon leave her at the alter after everything they had been through? Trina wants answers and she won’t rest until she finds them. Her heart won’t let her.



Please Don’t Go by Tesa Erven

Sincere Lewis is a young business owner who was lucky to find “the one.” After a short courtship, he and his love were married. Life was good and he was happier than he ever had been. When tragedy strikes while Sincere is on a cross country trip, he loses his beloved wife. Unable to cope, he spirals downhill.

During a hospital stay, Dr. Vanessa Stevens, an ambitious therapist, is called in to take on his case. Unable to engage with him, she returns soon to find he’s checked out. An unsolicited home visit reveals he’s not the only family member attempting to handle grief on their own. As the pair work to find common ground, sparks fly and neither is ready to pursue the meaning.

Will they eventually act on their feelings? Or will they run away from their fears? Find out in the first installment of the Please Don’t Go trilogy.



Two Monogamous by S.R. Graham

Jarrah Harper, a newly divorced young woman, embarks on a journey to escape the pain from losing her ex-husband Quincy. She moves from the countryside of Atlanta to the big city of Chicago to work for her college friend Theresa Martine as editor in chief of Theresa’s magazine, Her World Magazine. Along the way she meets a handsome, charming, almost too good to be true man named Dustin, who opens her up to new, bold, and steamy adventures that makes her question the woman she is becoming. Dustin gives Jarrah a double dose of a perfect man and turns her life upside down in ways that she had never seen coming. While trying to build a new life with Dustin, Jarrah finds herself in the middle of a secret competitive love affair, jealousy, hidden intentions, and an old love that just won’t die. Will Jarrah lose herself amid trying to save everyone else or will she self-sacrifice to the point of no return?



I Love Him Anyway Trio by Angelia Vernon Menchan

I Love Him Anyway- Jeremy and Melinda – Love is Not Enough

I Love Him Anyway is a compilation of three novellas and tell of the love and lives of two couples, Ray and Florence and Jeremy and Melinda… the couples are bound in inexplicable ways that does not always personify friendship but is often deeper than family… It expresses how we decide to love who we love… ANYWAY…



Pass It On (Grown Zone Book 3) by Chandra Sparks Splond

In the third book of the Grown Zone series, it’s been a long time since Reese Williams can remember things being good. After getting pregnant her senior year of high school, Reese abandoned her dreams of going to college in order to take care of her baby. Now, years later, she’s starting to wonder if life has more to offer. After making a difficult decision, Reese finds herself at rock bottom and considers doing things she never thought she’d do—like returning to her trifling ex. What’s a single momma to do when she wants to pass on the gift of a great life to her daughter?



Let Love Come Through (Love Under New Management Book 2) by C. Monet

“Can I admit I’ve always found love useless?”

The force of one door closing can cause others to shut and never be opened again. That’s Toni Angelo’s story and she’s staying true to it. At the tender age of sixteen, Toni forms the conclusion that love is useless, irresponsible, and meaningless. That door has closed, and if it’s not about money, she’s deemed it unimportant, a joke.

Eskovan Bayer is the exact opposite. He’s running head first towards love with open arms. Growing up with an abusive father and absent mother, love wasn’t in the air, and for that reason he craves it and will do anything to have his own piece of what love has to offer. Even if that means he has to chase it.

Esko and Toni may have a lot of things in common but their view of love isn’t one of them. Toni will run and Esko will chase, but will love finally come through? Find out in book 2 of the love under new management series!



Ere’s Secret & 223 Bonny Street by Firi Kamson

I have a secret. In three days, I’ll be turning forty, and I’m in love for the first time. Decades ago, I sacrificed my life for the good of my family. But tragedy struck too close to home, reminding me of the brevity of life. Now, I have a choice to make: continue living in the shadows, or allow my true self to emerge.

After an accident, waking up in another person’s body seems like a dream until Ikenna realizes that he is faced with the stark reality of Nkechi’s life, the woman whose body he occupies. He experiences the pains and joys, the strengths and sacrifices of a woman.
The two of them make a connection beyond the physical, but matters of the heart are delicate. When secrets from the past are revealed, will their connection be strong enough to survive?


One Last Hit by Roy Glenn

For the first time in his life, Pierce Manning is in love. His life changed the moment that he met Yvette Bridges, a professor of Mathematics. She is a brilliant conversationalist, easy going, and understanding, and it blows his mind. Her love of travel, passion for life, and knowledge rival his own and she quickly becomes his world. Pierce was truly happy and wants to marry her. But, before he can do that, some things had to change in his life.
For the past twenty-five years, Pierce Manning has been living a double life. Maintaining a delicate balance as a sought-after and award-winning architect and an assassin, employed by a clandestine organization operating inside the Central Intelligence Agency. But, getting out is never as easy as it is to get in. When the unthinkable happens, Pierce is forced to do one last hit or all that he loves will have to suffer the consequences.



Are You Still Down: Where Your Heart Belong Series Book 1 by Paulette Jones

True love finds a way; its always down for the challenge through passion, heartbreak, and forgiveness. True love will guide the way to Where Your Heart Belongs. Taylor Benrist is the ultimate girl with a dream, doing everything she can to see her visions for the future become a reality. Brandon Case is the golden child; his outside is nothing like his inside, looking to hold onto what his heart has told him is his forever.

When love finds a path for Taylor and Brandon to share its fast-paced, exhilarating, challenging, and utterly passionate, falling fast for the passion they create in one another, pushing to hold onto the exhilaration they feel from their incredible passion makes the tragedy of love a question for their young love. Can they achieve what they dream, will they trust again, believe again, love again?

Only if they are both Still Down.


For Always: Buchanan Series Book 2 by Shantaé

Three sisters. Three novellas. Three beautiful love stories.

Lyrhic Buchanan. The baby girl. Daughter of Claudia and world renowned soul singer, Rayford Buchanan.

After ten years of an on again off again relationship, Lyrhic Buchanan decides to permanently walk away from the only man she’s ever loved. Lonely and bored, the youngest Buchanan is looking for something to get into. She wants to experience something different. Something new. Something exciting. Without warning, she stumbles upon all that and a whole lot more than she bargained for when she encounters sexy firefighter Rico Hatch. What was supposed to be casual sex with no other expectations turns into Lyrhic longing for more than just a highly skilled bed partner. Rico on the other hand is quite comfortable with the current arrangement and sees no need to shake things up.

Toss in an ex that has issues letting her go, a persistent third love interest, and a flighty friend with benefits, and Lyrhic Buchanan most definitely has a lot on her plate. Can this good girl trying to be bad handle the situationship she willingly agreed to or will her growing feelings for her new lover mess everything up?



Forbidden Secrets (Forbidden Trilogy Book 2) by Tiye Love

What happens when love destroys all?

Bakari Youngblood is moving back home to Washington, DC, and his family could not be happier. But not Kameron, his brother’s wife and the love of his life, with whom he shared a weekend of passion. Now that he’s back and tantalizingly insistent that they continue to explore their love, Kameron is even more determined to suppress her desires for him and focus on her marriage.

Although her heart belongs to Bakari, Kameron believes she and Aaron can still be happy. All of that changes when her supposedly faithful and dutiful husband comes home late one night with a flimsy excuse. Now, Kameron wonders if Aaron is having an affair and if Bakari knew all along. As she battles her heart and conscience about her feelings toward her marriage and Bakari, secrets are slowly revealed that threaten to destroy the picture-perfect Youngbloods and the very fabric of their lives.



Forbidden Hearts (Forbidden Trilogy Book 3) by Tiye Love

What happens when devastating truths are revealed?

After several tumultuous months of temptation, passion, and heartache, painful secrets have been unveiled. Kameron Youngblood reaches a crossroads. Falsely believing that Kameron chose Aaron, Bakari is resolute about closing the chapter on their love, and worse, he’s leaving again. Aaron, still reeling from discovering his brother’s affair with Kameron, surprisingly is not yet ready to give up on his marriage. He promises to be there for her—no matter what. Uncertain what choice to make, Kameron wavers.

Then tragedy strikes, and even more secrets are revealed. Can Kameron make it through this final test…or will she finally break?



My Word by Gizelle Bryant

After marrying her college sweetheart, Ginger Williams gave up her own professional dreams to help her husband follow his dream of building a megachurch. It’s not long before Ginger and her husband, Jeremy, turn a small D.C. church into a burgeoning empire….catapulting the couple into a popular powerhouse.

But with a bigger spotlight comes more temptation…and the power is corrupting Jeremy in ways Ginger never imagined. When she seeks the advice of her peers on the First Ladies’ Council, she’s shocked when they tell her to accept Jeremy’s infidelities so she doesn’t damage the church and affect the many business opportunities coming their way.

With every part of her life—family faith, and finances—hanging in the balance, Ginger must decide if she will continue to live in the shadow of the sins of her husband…or face life on the other side of the pulpit.



Know Your Place (The Branch Avenue Boys Book 2) by Shelly Ellis

Book 2 in the Branch Avenue Boys series

Success didn’t come easy for three best friends from the streets. And now dangerous choices and reckless desire will push their bond to lethal limits . . .

A stint at the Branch Avenue Boys’ Youth Institute taught Ricky, Derrick, and Jamal to unite when the going got tough. But fallout from their very different adult lives is making loyalty something they can’t afford–and igniting drama they never saw coming . . .

Arrested during a city-wide raid, Ricky must inform on D.C’s drug king pin, Dolla Dolla–and find the woman who loved and betrayed him. But revenge is a slippery slope that’s putting a target on his back . . .

Institute head Derrick hopes reuniting with his fiancée will keep his secret affair with a colleague in the past. Unfortunately, one of his students is hiding Dolla Dolla’s major stash–and Derrick’s attempt to do the right thing will have shattering consequences . . .

Jamal’s backroom deal with D.C.’s corrupt mayor is giving him everything he thought he wanted: money, power, and women. But murder and the unexpected return of the woman he’s always loved is getting him in way over his head. His attempts to manage the damage will put him and his friends at killer odds to be the last man standing . . .


The College Daze Collection by Danielle Burton

The Entire College Daze Collection All in One Place

Excuse Me, First Love

Unrequited Love…

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet the love of their life in middle school. For Gabrielle Tanner that wasn’t the case. Jayson Adams was always the one and even after being separated for three years, that hasn’t changed.

Freshman year of college she returns to her home town determined to have his heart. There’s only one little problem, he has no idea how she feels. And telling him isn’t exactly easy with his devil of a girlfriend glued to his side.

Teach Me

An Unlikely Friendship…

Love is patient. Love is kind.

For Benjamin Creed love is a mysterious anomaly. He’s seen it. Watched it blossom before him. But not once has he held it in his hands.

Born into a world where even his parents didn’t show it, the emotion is lost to him. How can one comprehend something that has never been felt?

Glitz. Glamour. Designer Labels.

Camryn Elsbury’s life has consisted of these things for as long as she can remember.

Love doesn’t matter, at least that’s what her mom says. From an early age Cam was taught that love does not exist and that a man is defined by the size of his bank account.

When a twist of fate thrusts two lost souls into an unlikely friendship, the lessons they teach each other can’t be found in a textbook.

Somebody to Love

The Ultimate Betrayal…

Haikeem Lovelace has had it with having his heart broken. He’s convinced that good guys finish last. After seeing his ex who also happens to be his childhood crush in the arms of the man she left him for, Haikeem says no more. If women want the bad boy, that’s exactly what he’ll give them.

Enter Kirby Ashford. Suffering from an anxiety disorder has made life hard for her. She struggles to be ‘normal’ and has only ever wanted to fit in. Living with an overbearing older sister doesn’t help matters. Now that she’s in college she’s determined to turn over a new leaf and break out of her shell. Only that feat isn’t as easy to overcome as she’d hoped.

After a fateful night at a reggae club, Kirby becomes the next victim of Haikeem’s bad boy charms. Will he willingly hurt this awkward sweetheart, or could she be everything he’s been searching for?

What the Heart Wants

A Deadly Secret…

When Simone gets stranded in the wrong part of town, it doesn’t take much for Isaac to figure her out.
Spoiled, entitled, and no clue what it’s like in the real world.

Little does he know, her perfect life is unraveling at the seams.

Simone’s first impression of Isaac left little to be desired.
He’s angry, abrasive and blames the world for his problems.

What she doesn’t know is with the life he’s been handed, he has plenty to be angry about.

The 4Mula – Perri Forrest


“The only formula for worldwide success, is the one that has to do with selling your soul.” ~Unknown~

The Frazier brothers were born into a fraternal secret society. It was a brotherhood that both their father, and grandfather, belonged to. For years, they subscribed to the teachings handed down. However, as they got older, the brothers realized that they didn’t share the same beliefs. For that reason, they walked away from everything they had been taught, forming their own pact. Their pact, and what motivates their movement, has always been the same: to Reclaim . . . the mind, the soul . . . Their game plan is to start where they feel the influence is strongest—the entertainment industry. Together, they come up with a strategy. A formula that they think will work . . . Her name is Eve Evangeline Adams.

Single mother, Eve Adams, has just committed the ultimate sin. With the deed done, she takes her one-year-old son, Jaxson, to Atlanta to be with her mother while she gets on her feet. She wants to give her son the best life possible, and the one they have now, just isn’t it. So, her plan is to hit the pavement hard, and rebuild, so that she can bring her baby back home. But her plans may be delayed, because the Frazier brothers need her to sign on for their mission.

As bad as she wants to decline the ‘offer’, Eve is soon made aware that she has no choice but to go along with whatever it is they have planned. The brothers have something on her. Something that could send her to prison for the rest of her life, taking her from the very person that drove her actions.

Now, she’s in . . .

But she didn’t plan to fall in “like”, along the way. To her, rapper Q James, was a good time. They met at a barbeque spot, by sheer happenstance. With Jaxson away for a short period, Eve sees nothing wrong with having a little fun to pass the time. But in the world that Eve now belongs to, Q is considered forbidden territory. And while a warning is issued, by someone close to her, Eve ignores it. She doesn’t see any danger, and she’s not in it for love, so why not? But there’s much more at stake than Eve knows, and by the time she realizes she should have heeded their warnings, Eve soon finds herself in danger.

But she’s not the only one . . .

There is always going to be the balance of good and evil. Evil is more prominent, being that it has more power, more resources . . . is calculated. That’s not it, either. The biggest of evil’s advantages, is that it has more people assigned to fear. Good has always acted behind the scenes, treading quietly, strategically, under the radar. Good has to be more calculated in their actions, and veer away from acting on impulse. If not, anything they’re planning could fall apart before it makes any kind of impact. The 4Mula shows alliances formed on either side of these two forces, and travels many roads before revealing who comes out on the winning end.

Or if either one does . . .



Unbalanced 3: Torn by Laura T. Johnson

Catherine Wallace finally has the life she’s always wanted; a family, a career, and a man who loves her. Her life is picture perfect…on the outside. Though Catherine has tried her best to cling to her husband, she finds that with every passing day it gets harder and harder. Her life has become an assembly line of painful memories. How much more can a woman take?

Dorian Wallace hates anything that takes Catherine’s attention away from him. He provides everything she needs. She doesn’t need anything or anyone but him. He made sure of that. Except Catherine has found someone else. And now Dorian is dishing out punishments with a vengeance.



When Love Hits (The Life Cycles Series Book 1) by Che Moon

Meet Raelynn “Gee” Smith, join her as she goes through a severe heartbreak, Juggles building her business, and balances maintaining her long-time friendship with her two best friends, Dru and Layla. Gee secretly endures a lot before things begin to look up for her. When Jaxon comes along she is nowhere near ready to deal with another man. Jaxon, being a true gentleman has no problem waiting for her and helping her get ready because whether she knows it or not, she is deemed his. There’s no denying it.

Dru a true fashionista finally gets to live out her dream, opening her boutique and settling down with her childhood sweetheart. Things seem to be going perfect and if anyone deserves it, its Dru. After years of back and forth, Reighm has finally grown up and stepped up to the plate. He’s determined to prove Dru & her friends wrong, he knows he can be the man we all hope he could be in the past.

Layla, the youngest friend and the only one in the group who is married. She runs her marketing business and takes care of their daughter full-time. Marriage for her has been rocky lately. Lorenzo, her husband, is oblivious to the lack of attention he is giving to his family and doesn’t even notice Layla slipping right from his grasp.

Can the three friends with-stand all that life has to offer? When distress plummets into their lives, will they fight to keep things spicy or will they give in to temptation and walk away from something that could be the best thing, the most timeless thing. LOVE.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 29th-May 5th

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