When I read the title for this book, I hoped the story would live up to the title. It did and then some. The story was uniquely entertaining, and I loved it immensely. Anaya planned to go on a few dates to find the right man to be her future husband. She’s decided it was time to use her eggs for more than incubating airballs. Her traveling buddy friends filled some of the voids a man in her life would fill. Her job as a real estate agent brought her in contact with lots of potential customers and prospects. Once she started the dating scene, it was too funny how the first batch of guys had so many issues. Then once she met the guy who was supposed to be the ideal man, it was almost like he was too good to be true.
Russell was a traveling businessman with a tremendous financial portfolio and a great personality. Once he and Anaya started making the right connections with one another, it was just too amazing for reality to not creep into their mix. Anaya was determined and knew her worth as a female. There were no woe is me issues on her part. I was a little disappointed with the decisions Russell made a few times. Drama is the middle name in some romance novels, and many times it adds to the story. In this instance, the theatrics were the precipice of the story. The twist in the tale was ideal for the plot. Having the story end in a happily ever after was good, although it was expected, it was still well-deserved for this couple. The story was sweet, an easy read, and an entertaining tale. In the end, her future husband was a good match for Anya and prime husband material. 4.5 Stars

Review – #FutureHusband, by J. Nicole

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