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The Beat Goes On (The Soundtrack Series Book 2) by Tanzania Glover

After a seven year hiatus, Jauri Tutuola-Justice is finally ready to make music again, but when old flame Orrin Greenwood finesses his way back into her life, she has to decide if she will fight for the family she has or allow herself to get caught back up in his rhythm.

Even though a divorced and deeply apologetic Orrin has changed his tune and once again set his sights on Jauri, time has not healed all wounds and she may not be so eager to collaborate with him this time.



ZEN COOPER RETURNS by Angelia Vernon Menchan

ZEN COOPER left the national stage as a Prima Dancer, more than four years earlier, calling it a retirement. She married, had a son and a multifaceted career as a dance studio owner and renowned writer of cutting edge stories for Black Venue magazine. But on the cusp of turning 30… she misses dance…craves dance… however, she is now married to a famous artist from who she was once estranged after a bad breakup… will her love for him and his insecurities stop her from doing that which fuels her?
ZEN COOPER RETURNS… reveals the journey.



When You Share Too Much by Jessica Terry

High school sweethearts Ike and Anika Mayhew have hit a rough patch in their 12-year marriage, and neither knows what to do to alleviate the growing tension between them. Then, Ike makes a suggestion to shake things up that Anika initially scoffs at, but finds herself more and more intrigued by…

Chrisette and Dorian Clarke were more than shocked when Ike asks them for this huge favor. Chrisette sees it as a way to break out of her good-girl persona, and Dorian only agrees because his wife does. The friends agree to one night together, with no inhibitions and no regrets.

But everything changes when both women wind up pregnant. The pregnancies bring one couple closer but drives the other apart, and they all fight for their friendships, their marriages, and their privacy. Many truths are revealed and each of them is tested as they prepare for the births. One couple won’t be able to come back from it…


What the Heart Wants (College Daze Book 4) by Danielle Burton

When Simone gets stranded in the wrong part of town, it doesn’t take much for Isaac to figure her out.
Spoiled, entitled, and no clue what it’s like in the real world.

Little does he know, her perfect life is unraveling at the seams.

Simone’s first impression of Isaac left little to be desired.
He’s angry, abrasive and blames the world for his problems.

What she doesn’t know is with the life he’s been handed, he has plenty to be angry about.


Falling (Moore Friends Series) by Celeste Granger

Kingston Wells was persistent. Not only had he told Sanaa that he loved her, he showed it through undeniable action. Yet, the pain of Sanaa’s past held her like a vice grip, making it hard to accept even the faintest resemblance of love. Kingston, however, would not be denied. He loved Sanaa Chase. Would she, could she love him back?

This story follows the short story Before I Fall. If you haven’t, please read Before I Fall before reading Falling. This story does not end on a cliffhanger and has an HFN/HEA


PAPA: The Underworld Series by Nako

Roberto “Papa” Huffington.
Beloved Husband. Father. Friend.
This is a very short story in honor of his legacy that he has left behind.
Disclaimer: This is a short story. If short stories aren’t your thing, please do not read the story. There isn’t a cliff-hanger and will not reveal any clues on what could possibly come from The Underworld or any of the characters that are still alive.



The Game of Love (Love, The Series Book 1) by Aubreé Pynn

Betrayal, pain, and shame have entangled themselves in Brielle and Julian’s marriage.

Instead of crying and waiting for Julian to come to his senses, Brielle realizes that love is a game. A game that requires the best man to win. Stepping out on an adventure, Brielle dives head first into trouble. Disguised as a gentle and caring spirit, Brielle is played in the worst way.

While Brielle is stewing in her shame, Julian has troubles of his own. He is quickly learning that love doesn’t play fair and he is losing miserably. With the two of them hitting rock bottom, they have no one else to turn to but each other.

Will their shame and raw truth pull them back together or separate them for good? Find out in The Game of Love.


A Toxic Kind of Love (Four Letter Word, #2) by Bella Jay

Adalyn Russell craved love even though love always left her out to dry with a broken heart. She fought for it no matter what and after being in a relationship for almost two years with Landon, she’s determined to get her happily ever after by any means necessary.

Landon Matthews is charming, handsome, and a master manipulator. He’s always been one to get what he wants and Adalyn was no exception. As his deceitful ways catch up with him, he’ll do what it takes to make sure Adalyn stays where she belongs – by his side.

Waze Whitmoore is attentive, alluring and candid. A lover of love but a believer that things will happen when they are meant to. He wasn’t looking for love but when he meets his close friend’s sister, he has no idea how quickly she’ll win him over.

Adalyn’s naive ways and determination to get her fairytale leads her on a toxic path causing her to miss the one thing she wanted all along even though it’s staring her right in the face.

Follow her on her journey to find the true meaning of love…
Each book in the Four Letter Word Series is a standalone but the books are meant to be read in order as the books take place during the same time.



Trespassed (Trespassed Against Me Series Book 1) by Sonya Visor

Thirty-two days, divorced.

Moving day has arrived for Nadine Parker, but she needs a plan of execution. Nadine struggles to find the strength to break free from the hold of what-once-was with Zane Willibe. After being a couple for sixteen years, thirty-two days of marriage revealed the truth about Zane. And now, the secrets begin to unfold.

There’s a war going on between old and new Nadine. Under the surveillance of her hawk-eye mother-in-law, Nadine is held captive in her role as Zane’s wife. And her mother-in-law has made it her full-time job to keep Zane and Nadine married until death-do-them-part. But Nadine’s mother and father are in the background praying for her to get untangled from the devil’s love triangle.

Will Nadine continue to be Zane’s oxygen, while suffocating in her own cage of guilt? Or will she make the right decision to set both her and Zane free?


Falling for You (Unexpected Love) by W Parks Brigham

Hannah Mayon came to Texas City searching for peace. After years of self-inflicted drama and her present situation, a change of scenery was necessary.
Jasiah Wilson has been in and out of trouble since he was fourteen. At the age of twenty-eight, life lessons have made him into the man he is today.
Turmoil caused them to stop, reevaluate, and pursue life-changing surroundings.
Living in Texas City, the unexpected happened, they found love.



Devoted: (Loving A Walker: Karina’s Story) by Trina Crooks

Karina Walker asked, prayed, and waited for her dream man to come into her life and he finally did when she met Joseph Harrison. Their relationship was one of a fairy tale and eventually ended up with him asking her to be his wife. Now that they were married, she expected their love affair to be just as blissful until one day she got devastating news. She never imagined that someone that loved her so much would also be the one that caused her so much pain.

Joseph couldn’t believe his luck when he met Karina. Their relationship was like a dream until finally there was a secret that came to the surface that hurt his wife to the core. Joseph knew that what he’d done to Karina was unforgivable but he had to get her to see that he still loved her and was willing to do whatever he could to repair the damage. He just hoped that she would just give him a chance.

All of the Walker Family books can be read as standalone novellas but best read in order…

A Walker Thanksgiving
Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Corey’s Story
Worth: Morgan’s Story
Devoted–Karina’s Story


When Love Ignites (Falling Like A Johnson Book 4) by Rilzy Adams

Jasmine Johnson and Alec Alvarez hate each other. Alec believes Jasmine got her job in their prestigious law firm because her father owns the firm and won’t stop reminding her about it. Jasmine needs to stay as far away from Alec as possible because she can’t practice law with a criminal conviction. And, Alec is an assault conviction waiting to happen.
When they are paired to work together on the murder case of the year, Jasmine and Alec realize they have to find a way to work together. Yet, they get more than they bargained for when passions burn and flames ignite.
Jasmine and Alec are about to find out that the line between love and hate is paper thin.



The Wright Collection by Christina C. Jones

This is a box set for the Wright Brothers series, containing all three books + the Christmas novella.

It does not contain any material that has not been previously published as separate volumes.

Getting Schooled

When 26 year old Reese accepts a position as a grad assistant, she has no idea an unpleasant encounter with a student will lead to the discovery of what she calls “the trifecta”: fine, intellectual, and a little bit rude – three qualities she finds irresistible in a man. She has no intention of doing anything with that discovery – nothing long term, at least. But everybody knows what happens to best laid plans.

Jason is a grown man. 28 years old, seasoned and scarred by his real-life experience in the world, he’s at Blakewood State University to finish his degree and move on. The last thing he’s interested in is the female population on campus… but sexy, infuriating Reese might be a notable exception.

This isn’t a story of opposites attract.

More like counterparts clash.

Neither of them is afraid to do battle, and neither is willing to back down. Love and war, win or lose… somebody’s gonna end up getting schooled.

Pulling Doubles

All Devyn wants – besides a tall, fine husband and eventually a few babies to fulfill her “about to turn thirty, running out of time, cute black family” dreams – is to finish her yearlong internship at University Hospital. She’s excited about the experience, eager to learn, glad to help wherever she can… it should be easy, right?

Well, it would be… if it weren’t for arrogant, know-it-all, always-got-something-to-say Dr. Joseph Wright. Devyn can’t stand him, and if his attitude is any indication, the feeling is mutual… or is it?

Joseph doesn’t “do” doctors. Or nurses. Or patients. Or anybody else who has anything to do with the hospital, for that matter. University Hospital has infiltrated enough of his life, and the last thing he needs is a blurring of the lines between professional and private.

… until smart, sexy, sassy Nurse Devyn Echols comes along, and stomps all over those lines.

When you’re pulling doubles with the person you hate to want so bad… something is bound to ignite.

bending the rules

Justin and Toni were friends.
Besties, with a whole list of life rules developed over a friendship that started when they were kids. As long as they stuck to the rules, even when they blended a business relationship into the friendship, things went off without a hitch.

But then one of them broke the rules – It was Justin. Justin broke the rules- and Toni has been mad about it ever since.

She’s spent the last several years traveling the globe to cultivate her business, but now she’s back in town. Her only goals? Help her parents with “Mr. Bestseller’s” signing at the store, help them pack up their house to sell, and get out of town without too much interaction with her former best friend.

Mr. Bestseller has different goals.

He broke the rules – no getting around that, and he’s not trying to. His main goal now that Toni is finally home is to get her to hear him out… and get his friend back.

Neither of them anticipated that the rift in their relationship would be the catalyst for seeing each other in a whole different light. But now that they do, they’re wondering if it may be time to make some amendments to those rules.

Or at the very least… bend a few.

christmas with the wrights

About a year has passed since the final words of “Bending the Rules”, and
much has changed. Enjoy this quick peek into the lives of these beloved
families to see what they’ve gained… and lost.



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New Release Round-Up April 8th-14th

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