Book three was a nice addition to this series. The story had a nice flow, and the connection between the characters was well developed. Calvin and Janae were a haphazard fit as a couple. The author described Janae as the perfect woman connected to an imperfect man. It was difficult to determine at times how this pair managed to bond.
In the story, Calvin had more issues making a connection than a five-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. They were so different, and it was hard to fathom them as a twosome. Janae had her world mapped and planned for an enjoyable life focusing on her business as a priority. Janae was a beautiful woman with a loving family and good friends. Calvin was a handsome man, and on paper, they were a perfect match. Aside from being easy on the eye, he was arrogant and entitled. The thing missing in both their lives was pure love and great passion. Calvin’s behavior was a façade as he was deep down not so happy with his life. His cover was blown when he entered Janae’s world. Along the way, she helped him become a better person to help his heart heal. Janae’s voyage with Calvin was a look at his blue side, which contributed to the evolution into his new side.
Overall, this story was a great read leading into a great ending with a lovely conclusion. It will be nice to see what happens with the other neighbors and friends in the future. A marvelous account by this author. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Something Blue? Something New?, by Marlee Rae

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