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Layover by Katrina Jackson

Lena Ward is an unhappy travel blogger with a less than 24 hour layover in her hometown. She spends the day with Tony Dembélé, a podcaster she’s been flirting with for a few months online. In their brief time together Lena confronts some hard truths about her life and her past and the two test the waters of their connection.

This is a short story with a sweet and satisfying happy for now ending.



Fairytale Found (Queen City Novel Book 2) by Lori Hendricks

Lee and the love of her life, US Marine Jaxson Upton had an amazing relationship and a devastating break-up – on Lee’s part at least. But when Jaxson is injured in an explosion she can’t help but see if he’s okay. Lee’s been keeping a secret from Jaxson and now is the time to unburden her soul. Or is it?

Lee and Jaxson are forced by their shared child to rebuild their friendship but that doesn’t mean Lee is ready to fall back into their relationship. She doesn’t trust Jaxson as far as she can throw him but for the sake of her daughter she allows him back in to her life. She can only pray that she doesn’t come to regret her decision.



The Garden by Gayle Phillips

The Garden – Where the Spirt of God Dwells
Twenty-six-year-old New Orleans restaurant owner and widow, Melanie Walker, moves to rural Oklahoma to work as a live-in cook at the JR Ranch, owned by thirty-year old Kyle Russell, a Christian single father, and an immediate attraction develops between them.
That attraction is threatened by Melanie’s loss of faith after the tragic death of her husband, and by Kyle’s unforgiving heart toward his ex-wife, who abandoned him and their daughter, but who, after five years, returns with the determination to get him back.
In the Garden, Kyle and Melanie begin their spiritual journey of healing, and in the Garden, Melanie receives a revelation that leads her to make an incredible sacrifice in the name of God and her new-found love.


No Holds Barred (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Love was no longer on the menu for Camilla Augustina. After her fiancé calls off the wedding not once but twice, Camilla’s had enough. In a brazen move, she takes a new position in the windy city of Chicago; leaving her parents, friends, and ex in a bittersweet goodbye. Adapting to her new surroundings isn’t easy but as Camilla settles in a chance encounter with an infamous playboy throws her off balance and rattles her world. She hadn’t expected to be drawn so meticulously to another but denying the magnetism that lures her is a futile fight.

As President of VFC Energy, a fortune 500 company, Hunter Valentine is at the top of his game. The renowned bachelor holds no secrets about his risqué rendezvous, and his allegiance is saved for family only. However, when Hunter spots Camilla Augustina, dining alone at the breakfast hut in his building, he can’t explain the adulation that runs through his core and shakes his entire world. Lust never weakened him like this, and the inclination of love at first site was silly. But when Hunter decides to prove the sudden rapture is unreal, he may find himself enamored by love.

*Each book in this series can be read as a standalone*



The Soundtrack: #musictomyears by Tanzania Glover

Orrin Greenwood, ex-boy-bander and notorious womanizer, is ready to make his big comeback. Needing a hit record sooner than later, his manager suggests net-famous and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Jauri Tutuola. He jumps at the chance thinking she will be an easy ride to the top of the charts, but what he didn’t anticipate was her taking him on the most thrilling music tour of his life as she makes him confront his past and make room for her on his stage and in his future.



All the Women in the World by Alaak Chol

Dane is a rich, successful movie producer accustomed to having his way; Thursday is sweet, naive, and eager to please. When the two ex-lovers cross paths, it’s love at first sight all over again.

After an explosive reunion, Thursday learns that Dane now shares his home with two ladyloves and has every intention of making her his newest conquest. Together, they embark on a daring, unorthodox living arrangement that pushes the boundaries of lust, love, and the forbidden.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 9th-15th

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