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Check out these new releases from August 14th-20th.

This Love is a Sure Thing by Monae Nicole

Blogger, Ocean Braxton, suffered a loss back-to-back, so she decided to live life to the fullest starting with her dating life. Deciding to go out on a blind date, her night is interrupted by a handsome stranger who notices her needing saving. There’s an attraction, but no names or numbers are exchanged. With them seeing each other on two different accounts, they eventually agree to a date of their own. The only problem is he isn’t the only date she’s interested in.

Greyson Thompson works for the recycling company and has sworn off love, but he can’t deny his feelings for Ocean. With the two of them running into each other multiple times, it has to mean something. Working up the nerve to ask her out, Greyson believes everything is in his favor— until he sees Ocean with another man.

With the woman he’s slowly falling for showing interest in another man, can Greyson be the best pick for her, or will he back out and let the next man take what he feels is his? Ocean is dating to see what’s out there, and at this point, may the best man win!


We Never Go Out Of Style by Tanzania Glover

A love that’s fashionably late but always on time

Penny Pope is famous for her impeccable style and keen eye for fashion, but she doesn’t actually want to be famous and prefers to live her life quietly behind the scenes. As a celebrity stylist her job is to make the beautiful people look even more beautiful, not that her latest client Easton Woods needs any help in that department.

Hollywood’s newest “It Boy” knows the danger of falling in love at such a pivotal point in his budding acting career, but Easton simply can’t stop himself from trying to find out just how much this Penny is really worth.


It’s Just a Date: A Billionaire Baby Romance by Monica Walters

Money has never been a thing for Latisha Babineaux. Growing up as the only princess of Reign Babineaux is her biggest flex. People literally bow at her feet because of how feared he is in the streets. Now that she’s older, she just wants a life of peace and love with her children and to possibly find love a second time around. When her father is killed, things take a turn. She has to navigate through life without the man she’s loved the most, and that feat has been difficult to accomplish. Trying to manage his business affairs as well as his illegal dealings have been difficult. She just wants to disappear with her children. However, there are manipulative forces keeping her in place.

Dallas Winters wants nothing more than to live his life as a better man. Navigating through it as a convicted felon has proven to be somewhat difficult, but he is determined to start over and live a life that’s morally acceptable. Being a loner isn’t easy for him, but he knows in order to change his ways, he has to stay away from people that remind him of who he used to be. Accepting a low paying job while putting himself through school leads to him meeting a woman that intrigues him more than he could have ever fathomed. The situation he witnesses her endure only increases the urge to be everything she needs.

When Latisha encounters Dallas, she knows that he should be off-limits because of who she is, but for some reason, she can’t deny his advances. One thing leads to another and before long, her involvement with him blows up in their faces. Can they get past the drama and danger that’s threatening their pending relationship and proceed with the matters of their hearts, or will Dallas walk away to stay the course he’s on to a better life?


Love’s Deep Cover by Charity Shane’

Some people believe that in the eyes, heart, and mind of the one you love, you will become in essence, a new person. For the sake of her heart, Reyna prays that this belief is true.

After the death of a prominent federal director, a FBI rookie, is handed a dream assignment. She is going undercover to obtain intel on the underground gun trade in Crescent Falls. The target of the investigation is the owner of Greyson Funeral Home.

Kaamal Greyson is a lot of things, but a criminal isn’t one of them. An ex-professional football player, he owns his family business and works hard daily to uphold the Greyson legacy.

When the new bookstore owner comes to town, Kaamal’s daily routine is pleasantly interrupted. One meeting with Reyna tips the scale leaving him intrigued by Crescent Fall’s beautiful new resident.

Their chemistry is undeniable and their love is meant to be. There’s only one problem; Reyna is Trachelle and her main goal is closing a case that will catapult her career.

The downfall of every man is the woman who procures his heart. Reyna just might be Kaamal’s greatest love and worst enemy because there will forever be a thin line between love and hate.


EROS (Love and War) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

They said my presence changed the atmosphere in any room I entered.

According to my mother—it was in my name. According to my twin brother—it was in my soul.

The truth could be found somewhere in between. I led with love in all of my endeavors. I found it softened the most irate of mankind—regardless of the situation, love calmed, turned frowns into smiles, flattered, gave second chances, resulted in less anxiety, and, yes, swelled the hearts of women around the globe.

As co-owner of a popular nightclub in Houston, Texas, I built a reputation as one of the city’s most successful and respected entrepreneurs. Nothing rocked my axis—until I saw the most striking woman—a beauty with sienna skin and a pouty mouth enter the double doors.

She was a mystery to my knowledge, but something about her made me follow her every move. Distress and fear were etched across her face as a man at her side clutched her tighter than I liked.

Intervening in situations that didn’t invite me was never my style, but this night, I did, and despite the chaos that grew around me because of it, I couldn’t ignore our connection, even though it meant putting myself in danger. Even though it meant putting love to the side for war.


ARES (Love and War) by Asia Monique

Ares Mitchell

They said my presence changed the atmosphere in any room I entered.

According to my mother—it was in my name. According to my twin brother—it was in my soul.

But to Nyx Campbell, I was multifaceted.

The star gazing beauty forced her away into my heart and opened my eyes to a part of myself I never knew existed.

She calmed the chaos.

Nyx Campbell 

They said my presence made men uncomfortable. According my mother—I was too headstrong. According to my best friend—no man was worthy of me.

But to Ares Mitchell, I was only ever meant to stand out.

The handsome nightclub owner, notoriously known for his mean mug, lit up my world in ways no man ever had.

He fueled my fire.


Who Do You Love? by B. Love

For Isla, life is safest and most fulfilling when she’s in control. When she meets and falls for Laken, her heart and life spiral out of control. After a year of dating, Isla decides to give Laken an ultimatum—commit and give her the babies and future she wants or lose her altogether. In that moment, she realizes having to give the man who claims to love her that choice should leave her with no choice but to leave. Isla does, and she immediately meets and falls for a man who wants the same things she wants. The problem? Her new lover is off limits. Soon, Isla finds herself caught between two men—one of which has everything she wants while the other has everything she needs. Will Laken be the one to give Isla her happily ever after, or learn one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure?


Foxx: Welcome to the Woods by Bianca Xaviera

Amyris Jackson is driven by her desire to become a supermodel. At eighteen and against her father’s wishes, Amyris moves to another country, hoping to make her dreams a reality. Before she can hit the ground running, her life takes a turn she hadn’t expected after meeting and marrying Ivo Yannik—a man who lured her into the union under false pretenses.

Six years later, Amyris hardly recognizes the woman she’s become after being forced into escorting by an abusive husband. Having exhausted every opportunity to escape, she’s about to give up, but a chance encounter with the owner of a jewelry shop changes everything.

Frances ‘Foxx’ Matisse requires two things from women: they must be beautiful and taken. As a man who prefers having no strings attached or feelings involved, he has his sights set on pursuing Amyris. Foxx’s plan to get the beauty in his bed is halted after learning about her husband’s affiliation with the Matisse Corporation. Refusing to cross a line punishable by death, he tosses the idea of having Amyris, but fate has other plans.

Foxx and Amyris’s lives collide repeatedly until they can no longer resist temptation. While Foxx is providing Amyris a safe space, he breaks his own no-feelings rule and they grow closer. Knowing the risk of their affair, they continue to explore what could be. The odds are stacked against them, but could they make it work, or will the bylaws keep them apart?


Fall Out by Virgo Girl

Torri is fierce, funny, and fabulous but behind the joyful facade, she is harboring a deep pain from her past. She is determined to keep the wall erected over her heart and make sure that Jax pays every step of the way.

Jaxson has tried to make up for his past transgression for over ten years. After pulling out all the stops and trying everything to win back the love of his life, he is finally tapping out…

These two had a pure, innocent, love that they thought would last forever but the universe had other plans. In a matter of seconds, their dreams for the future and plans for a storybook happily ever after were shattered, leaving them both to navigate adulthood without one another. With broken hearts, hurt feelings, and neverending pain, they trudged through life with a void that could never be filled by another.

Can they find their way back or was the damage too devastating?

Find out in FALL OUT


Tempted by the Off Limits Enemy: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance by Azani Leshay

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

I’d absolutely love to keep her close, in more ways than one.

Ever since she and her business moved in across the street, it’s been on!

But nobody knows this business like me; my waitlist speaks for itself.

It serves her right when the owners threaten to close her building and business down.

Now she needs help and who does she have to run to? Me!

She thinks I’m cocky and arrogant…I call it confidence…but she can’t do this without me.

And, after one meeting I realize I don’t want her to. 

She’s sexy and smart and next thing you know, we’re in the backseat of the car making out.

She’s not the relationship type; neither am I. Does that make us perfect together?

I only know that when we are together, it’s perfect.Rivals or not, she is all I think of. I need this to work.


In the Midst of Hell by Dandridge Monroe


I’m weak. I sacrifice myself for others and sip their poison with a smile. Then he walked into my life and shattered the invisible walls of misery that surrounded me. But will he stick around long enough for me to free myself?


I’m the jokester, the one who always wears a smile. The pretty playboy who never takes anything seriously. Until her. With her wearing her pain as easily as a smile, I was drawn. Proverbial moth to a flame. And it didn’t matter if I got burned because I would set hell on fire to make her mine. But will she be strong enough to fight for us?

First came chaos, then justice, and now the family must travel to Hell for their revenge.


Charlie’s Angels 2: A Polyamorous Affair by Penny Blacwrite

What happens when a threesome turns into a polyamorous affair? The question is, can Charlie Thompson handle it?
Sure, she can. She endured single motherhood for twenty-one years after having her son Jaden when she was only thirteen years old. She even leveled up from making nine dollars an hour as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Lagrange, GA to the head nurse of one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York City. And you know what they say, if you can make it in New York, you could make it anywhere!

Sean and Shelly Fox are a dynamic and attractive black power couple who run New York Presbyterian Hospital, serving as the CEO and the CNO (Chief Nursing Officer). While their polished image charms many on the outside, including Charlie, Sean and Shelly’s relationship is much more complicated than meets the eye. Between the secrets that Shelly holds and the chain of events that takes place as Charlie is pulled into a pandora’s box of luxury, money, and sex, with two of New York City’s heavy hitters, expect controversy, drama, risqué locations, steamy sex, and a whole lot of mischief.

In the end will this poly couple survive this emotional roller coaster of love, or will they be torn apart?


Hate Me Knot (Love Knots the Series Book 3) by Tempestt Chantel

Fresh off a Paris trip, Zane Gordon wasted no time returning to her grueling work life. With her career path to upper management mapped out, there was no room for romance.

Insert Lewis Spade – the walking plot twist Zane didn’t see coming. Falling into a sexual arrangement with the domineering male was all too easy. It was even easier to ignore his attempts to amend their deal.

The passion between the sheets is no longer enough for Lewis. When he realizes his desires blur the lines of their sex pack, he lunges into a fight for Zane’s heart because, unbeknownst to her, she’s had his from the start.


Saint Baptiste (Soul Ties Book 2) by Miss Candice

In his new position, as head of the Baptiste family business, Saint faces many challenges. But nothing could have prepared him for the challenges that came with dealing with the alluring, Naoki Childs. She was the insoluble problem his big brother, Jahad, talked about. A problem that couldn’t be handled with a phone call, a meeting, or by simply emptying his clip. Saint thought he’d never be faced with a problem he couldn’t handle, especially where a woman was concerned. But he quickly learned that Naoki wasn’t just some woman. She was much, much more than that.

Naoki was trapped in what felt like a never-ending cycle with the same man. Except, he wasn’t the same man… not exactly anyway. In many ways he was. But in very distinctive ways he wasn’t. Saint Baptiste belonged in a category of his own. He made her feel in ways no man ever had. In ways she vowed to never feel again. But at the end of the night, when she’d awaken to a cold, empty bed, she’d be reminded of the ways in which he was just like the men before. For a while, him being the same didn’t bother her. But when feelings got involved, and she found herself wanting to venture outside of the box she put herself in, things got complicated.


After the Dance: A Christian Billionaire Romance by Donna Deloney

In the bustling streets of Chicago, “After the Dance” unveils a heartwarming tale of love, sacrifice, and the power of second chances. Meet Stacy Roberts, a resilient woman dedicated to nurturing the dreams of youth in her arts program. Burdened by the weight of her selfless pursuits, love is a distant thought for her. Enter Cooper Banks, a wealthy man yearning for genuine love beyond material possessions. Their accidental encounter sets in motion a dance that may lead to a lifetime of love and fulfillment.

As Stacy and Cooper’s lives intertwine, they navigate their own dreams and the potential of a shared future. Scarred by the past, their connection is threatened, but love blooms against all odds, reminding them of the healing power of redemption. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Chicago’s arts scene, “After the Dance” explores the complexities of love, faith, and the pursuit of happiness. Witness the transformative power of forgiveness and the importance of embracing second chances.

Join Stacy and Cooper as they navigate their pasts, striving for a future filled with love and purpose. In this emotional rollercoaster, discover that love can overcome any obstacle, even in the face of adversity. “After the Dance” will tug at your heartstrings, reignite your belief in the power of dreams, and remind you that true love knows no boundaries.


Falling For You Again! (Eugeena Patterson Family Short Book 3) by Tyora Moody

Can a broken relationship be redeemed?

Leesa Patterson has a young son with Chris Black. Both have worked hard to co-parent both their son and Leesa’s daughter. When Chris suggests they try again with their relationship, Leesa shuns the idea. Their first go-around in a relationship resulted in Leesa breaking up with Chris. Since the break-up, they’ve developed a comfortable friendship for the benefit of the kids. 

But as Chris sets out to woo her, Leesa struggles to keep her walls up. Is she really falling for him again?


The Secret to a Southern Wedding (Peachtree Cove) by Synithia Williams

An emotional and witty story of love, forgiveness, and second chances as the race to the wedding day begins…

It’s been years since Dr. Imani Kemp has returned home to Peachtree Cove, Georgia.  As Tallahassee’s most sought-after OB-GYN, she doesn’t have much time for anything else. But when her mom announces she’s marrying a man she just met on a dating app, Imani knows she has to put a stop to it immediately.  Let her mom be hurt again after the disastrous way her last marriage ended?  Absolutely not. Always her protector, Imani won’t rest until her mom sees reason.  She just never expected sparks to fly with the groom’s son…     

After his mother’s tragic death, Cyril Dash and his father relocated to Peachtree Cove to escape the gossip and speculation. Now, in this quirky small town, they’ve made a new life for themselves, and after years of grief, his dad has finally found happiness again.  And Cyril refuses to let Imani threaten that.  The more determined he is to prove the strength of his dad’s love, the more drawn he is to this beautiful, complicated woman who’s determined to call off the wedding.

But when Cyril’s heartbreaking past comes to light, destiny won’t be denied.  Because the secret to this southern wedding is you never know how far you’ll go in the name of love.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up August 14th-20th

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