Who needs a relationship when you can just have fun? This was the exact sentiment of Kyia Ford— or so she thought. After ending a lengthy relationship with her ex, Kyia is ready to enjoy a real hot girl summer. She’s ready to take on her thirties with a totally different approach than her twenties, and a little one-night stand is just what she needs. When her one-night stand quickly turns into a multi-night situation, she has two choices: fall flat on her face in love again or run for the hills.

Arelyis Davidson has always been a man of few words. The one thing in life he’s certain about is his many business ventures. With his last shot at monogamy being a doozy, things like love don’t exist on his radar. He quickly becomes a man that’s all work and no play until someone named Ky comes his way. One night with her becomes a cute obsession that may give him the chance to experience another form of love.

Bonds are formed and most walls are broken down, but with these two having a scorned heart from their exes, can they leave the past behind long enough to prosper moving forward? Or will the past come back to bite both of them in the a*s, ending their whirlwind of lust?


New Release Spotlight – Don’t Waste My Heart, by Malay Reneé

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