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Something Borrowed? Something New? (Something About Love Series Book 2) by Marlee Rae

Tori is known for her sassy attitude and having men on her own terms. She’s currently dating Marcus, a handsome guy that’s new to the city, and she has purposely placed Donald in the dreaded friend zone. Everything is perfect in her world of orchestrated dating until Marcus’s secret comes to light and Donald turns up the heat. What will Tori decide when matters of the heart begin to dismantle her perfectly curated dating life? Join Tori as she navigates the ups and downs of dating while she decides if someone borrowed or someone new is best for her.



In Too Deep: TKF 3 (The Kennedy Family) by Nako

In Too Deep: The Kennedy Family is an urban mystery by National Best-Selling Author, NAKO. Jacob Kennedy, leader of the The Kennedy Family, known in the underground as TKF. Jacob was never interested in settling down until he met the love of his life.
A million-dollar wedding that had the streets talking for months, five children and a few fairytales later on one tragic day, hell broke loose when his wife was found gunned down in the street.
Jacob went to war to get to the bottom of who would even think about harming his wife being that he had no beef with anyone.
The Kennedy Family was devastated but no one was more hurt than Jacob’s children, Sienna, Savannah, JJ, Jordan and baby Savona.
Nako, author of The Underworld series and The Connect’s Wife has penned a book series so gritty and riveting that readers will hang on to every page in anticipation of wanting to solve the mystery and discover the hidden truth surrounding the death of Jackie Kennedy. It was unfair to be left alone without their mother and once a few layers are peeled back, the children will bond together in hopes of having justice served for their dear mother.
But what happens when loyalty is put to the ultimate test?
When blood isn’t always thicker than water, can their relationships withstand the late nights and early mornings that comes along with being a Kennedy?
What if being apart of this family is a burden more than a blessing?
In Too Deep is the perfect summer read.

Book 3: JJ lived two lives, Monday through Saturday he was in and out of the streets as the son of Jacob Kennedy he had big shoes to fill however come Sunday morning no matter how late he stayed out the night before, JJ was at church. Back pew, in suit and tie. Him and God were friends, they had a relationship that was undisclosed. Grace was the woman his mother prayed for him to settle down with one day. Grace has secrets. Grace is being haunted by her past and JJ is the only one that knows her demons. For her, he would do anything she asked of him, except retire from the streets.



Unexpected Gifts by Kerra Pridgen

Emma Ann White is a newly divorced woman, no kids and no husband. Here is the story of how she ended up at this point. A wedding day that was beautiful, to losing a baby, she would have never thought things could escalate the way they did.



Calling Malcolm Black: Introducing Jeremy Felipe by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Malcolm stood near the window in his and Cinnamon’s bedroom, staring out at the early morning fog. Sitting up in bed, Cinnamon watched him, choked with love. He was naked and his broad shoulders and tapered waist with a bit of love handles and hard butt, still made her swoon. They had only been married eleven years and they were in their platinum years, but the fire burned hot. She loved watching him in a reflective mood. She knew something was weighing on him but wasn’t going to ask because her gut told her it was a good thing, though a hard choice for him.

Earlier, in church she had felt something vibrating off him and when his eyes met hers, they were especially bright. In public Malcolm was always stoic and impossible to read but not in that moment. Anyone staring would have seen how touched he was. The sermon that morning was, we are always on call…

For the past year he had been working with herbals and men suffering from performance issues and it had grown beyond what he was comfortable with. He had made lots of money, early on and invested well, retiring in his forties. He had funded businesses for others and even had a stint as mayor four years earlier … but she knew something else was brewing.

“What are you staring at woman?” Malcolm asked, his deep voice filling the room. Cinnamon blinked and focused, she hadn’t noticed he was now facing her, his body enhanced by the rising sun.

“Initially, I was staring at your amazing ass and shoulders but now I’m thinking the front is mo’ betta,” She said, her eyes roaming over him as he approached the bed. Climbing on the bed, he pulled her into his arms.

“You always know what this man needs to hear. I’m considering some things but I’m not ready to discuss it yet.” He looked down, his eyes searching hers.

“I know. I also know it’s good and you’ll make the Black decision.” He chuckled at her way of using words.

“You were the Blackest decision I ever made.” Adjusting in his arms to face him, she winked sexily.

“You right, now put me to sleep…,” she murmured.



Grace by J. Wright

Meet Grace, a fascinating Christian woman in her thirties who seems to have it all. She is an honest example of the complexity felt by many professional black women who secretly struggle with depression and the myth of “the Strong Black Woman.” Grace challenges stereotypes about depression and provides women with an opportunity to identify with her, offering a model for faith, prioritizing self-care, and finding love.



Traces of My Lipstick: Short Story Compilation by Jessica Tamara

Traces of My Lipstick is a collection of short stories that showcases women in their element. Women have so many different layers that make her who she is. She is strong, determined, opinionated, intelligent, insecure, confident, sexual, reserved, emotional, nurturing, forgiving, beautiful, and a tad bit crazy. In this journey called life though there will be so many things that are designed to knock her off of her throne. A Queen won’t stay off track for long. She will navigate her way back, as she adjusts her crown along the way. Life lessons for a Queen is an opportunity for her to evolve into an even better version of herself.
Heartbreak can come in so many different forms. For a lot of women in relationships, it comes in the form of infidelity. A newly engaged Alisha had a difficult decision to make after her fiancé’s infidelity came to light. As much as he had hurt her, she was determined to not let him break her. Since he wanted to play this game, she would be sure to make it a memorable one. Who says that a woman can’t have it all? Jade had the man of her dreams and was on the fast track to the top of her career. The higher she strived in her career, the more strained her relationship eventually became. Sooner or later something would have to give. How do you choose between love and your dreams?
A one-night stand typically lasts just for a night. One night of releasing all of your inhibitions as you experience a night of pure pleasure. When Chloe left Xavier’s apartment that morning, she had no intention of ever seeing him again. Destiny had other plans for them though. In a wild twist of fate their paths were sure to cross again, and in a way that would change their lives forever. Detective Eve Alexander thrived when faced with danger. She loved the rush that she got when put into dangerous situations. There was never a situation that she wasn’t already 5 steps ahead of her opponent in. As a woman in a male-dominated field, she used her femininity to her advantage, which in turn made her the best at what she does. However, in unfamiliar territory where her heart is involved can she thrive, or will matters of the heart take her completely off course.
These are just a few of the stories included in “Traces of My Lipstick”. Explore the lives of very different women, all in completely different stages of life. These women are beautifully flawed, and they choose to live in their truths unapologetically. They don’t conform to all of life’s pressure, instead, they put on their favorite lipstick and handle it. Give the woman the right lipstick, and watch her conquer the world. A moment on her lips…. forever with her kiss!



Picking Up The Pieces of Her Shattered Soul by Annitia L. Jackson


Can a woman who has been broken all of her life, pick up the pieces of her shattered soul and save herself?

That is the question that Tyesha Sims has running through her mind. Her past was a series of bad choices that resulted in ruining other peoples’ lives as well as her own. When Tyesha decides to change, her past comes back to haunt her.
Gunner Morales has been secretly in love with Tyesha for years now. But she was with one of his best friends, so he kept his feelings in. Now that Tyesha is single, he is trying to give her time to get her life together before he pursues her. But his time may have run out. He has competition for her heart that he never expected.

Men were not a part of the plan while trying to get her life together. They had used and abused her in the past, and trusting them and her choices has her running scared. But she is finding out that some men come to heal the soul and help love you past the pain. Who will she choose?



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New Release Round-Up August 20th-26th

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