I’ve read several of Cheryl Barton’s books, so I’m familiar with her writing and how her writing flashes and flows across the pages. In the past few months,I’ve read a few stories about a slightly older woman catching the eye of a somewhat younger man. And let me add that I am not mad at them in any shape, form, or fashion. In fact. I’ve said bravo a few times. Each time I’ve encountered this trope, it’s well-done with a first-rate storyline.

In this romance, the younger man was a handsome fellow with a penchant for older women, the same as in the previous stories I’ve read. The difference in this account, the female and the male were initially hesitant. Later, he did not decry his desire to be with a classy older woman even at the expense of his friend’s teasing him with mild ribbing. Judge Sage Barr was almost forty and still fabulous. Her sisters and friends were mostly all married with children. Sage, on the other hand, was possibly looking for a long-term relationship to have the love she so richly deserved.  Then she met Dr. Cordell Richie, a man with the same level of determination to be the best in his field. He wasn’t sure he could handle the level of lust and affection he felt for the judge at their first chance meeting.

The pace of the story was quick and flowed well. Although Cordell never presented as though he was immature, Sage took a minute to deal with the numbers. Once she managed to go with the flow and accept her fate, the story was sexy and showed readers love comes in many forms. The author did a magnificent job of making me believe the couple was in love. Their connection felt lovely and endearing at the same time. I highly recommend this story for your Saturday afternoon reading pleasure when the kids are away, and your honey is waiting impatiently for your attention. 4.0 Stars.

Review – A Younger Man, by Cheryl Barton

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