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Getting Even by Danesha Little

After stumbling across a video of her husband having sex with another woman, Joy Richards, questions everything about her marriage. To her, forgiveness can only happen after she gets even. Unfortunately, one night with male stripper, Philip “Ian” Nichols, turns her entire life upside down.

Rashad Richards knows that he messed up when he cheated on his wife and is trying to do everything in his power to piece his family back together. He quickly learns that some mistakes you can’t come back from when he finds out that he’s not the only one fighting for his wife’s affection. 

Can a marriage that experiences infidelity on both sides survive the aftermath?


Never Stopped Loving You (The Harris Sisters Book 3) by Renée A. Moses

Noelle Harris is close to shutting herself down when it comes to finding love. She needs a break after opening up to a man who couldn’t give her what she needed. Again. She’s convinced that it’s not time for her. That’s until her neighbor moves in next door and attempts to move in on her heart.


Ride it Slow (The Feel Good Standalone Series Book 6) by India T. Norfleet

Fresh off a breakup, Sherae James has decided to take a break from relationships of any kind with men until further notice. Sherae declines and ignores all advances until one particular man comes along and challenges her current stance. Unable to resist his charm, sex appeal, and cockiness from the first meeting, Sherae very quickly gets caught up in a rare connection that comes complete with impatient flames of desire, scorching everything in their wake. Against her better judgment, Sherae tosses caution into the wind and allows her body to take the lead on this one. What happens when the body has been fed but the heart is suddenly famished? What happens when her thirst for love hits her with a curveball she never saw coming? Will Sherae ride the wave of lust to unknown destinations or will she listen to the faint whispers of her heart nudging her to fall now that she wants to experience love again… 

Lance “Legend” Reigns is a complicated man. He desires love, but his choice in women continuously douses his flames of hope. As a result, Legend decides to become the man he never wanted to be—one who only entertains quick, emotionless screws and one-night stands. Just when he’s convinced that his new life of meaningless romps is the way to go, he notices an emptiness he can’t explain that makes him rethink his whorish life. When an unexpected chance meeting and instant attraction leads to the roots of love that his grandparents bond grew in, Legend believes he now understands the void and how to get rid of it for good. But is this the future he’s destined to live, or has his playboy ways finally caught up with him? Will Legend end up with the one woman who feeds the lust and loves him without hesitation, or has he and love decided to part ways for good?


Beyond Bourbon Street by Nikesha Elise Williams

How does a couple survive when the one thing that brought them together threatens to tear them apart?

In Beyond Bourbon Street, Nikesha Elise Williams weaves a story of home and family in New Orleans’ still recovering lower ninth ward. Bombei and Graigh Halvert met in 2006 in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now fifteen years after the storm, the reluctant couple is married and on the verge of having their first child together. However, their childhood traumas wedge their way between them; festering and threatening to rot their relationship, and the family they’re trying to build, from the inside out. 

This tale dissects the mystery and intrigue of first connections against the yoke of familial obligation and the ties that bind. Bombei and Graigh are forced to make a choice between home and family and their own self-preservation?

Set against the backdrop of one of America’s greatest cities, Nikesha Elise Williams, takes us on a journey away from the glitz and glamour the Big Easy is known for, and into the bowels of the city where daily life is a lesson in resurrection, resilience, and redefining what it means to be home.


Thinking of Zoe (Bridge Point Romance Book 3) by Daria White

Can these damaged souls heal together?

Zoe Mills is Jackson’s baby sister. She’s turned her life around after being a reckless college girl. Her family, Jackson included, now see her as a person of poor judgement. Though she’s tried to make amends for years, her family still has their doubts. Zoe’s afraid of letting them down and doesn’t want to disappoint them. She’ll prove that she’s changed and her new plans don’t include distractions, including Alex, her brother’s bandmate.

Alex Miller is the drummer of Infinity Signs. He’s what they call a “playboy,” but deep down he’s afraid of falling in love. So, he keeps his relationships superficial, but now he wants Zoe. She’s a challenge to him, and he never backs down from a challenge. To break down her walls, he has to let down his own.

The closer Zoe and Alex get, it creates a fresh wave of problems they never expected. Jackson won’t approve of this match, and Zoe worries about disappointing her brother—again. Alex must let go of his past or lose the woman who speaks his love language.      


Lies, Lust, Love: An Angel Romance (Winged Warriors Book 3) by N.D. Jones

An African American Paranormal Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author N. D. Jones

The Conclusion to the Winged Warriors Series

For a millennium, Anaita served God as a Hunter Angel. For nearly as long, she has loved Nathaniel, the one angel more devoted to angelic duty than archangels. But even angels have wants beyond endless service. Is it wrong for Anaita to desire a full life with Nathaniel—one not limited by the rules of Heaven? More, what is Anaita willing to risk to achieve her secret desires?

Her wings, and God’s wrath? 
Her heart, and Nathaniel’s love?

Nathaniel knows why God created his kind. He’s a Hunter Angel, his Sword of Judgment a magical weapon used to execute his divine duty—the protection of humans from rogue demons and fallen angels. His immortal life changed forever when two hundred Sons of God fell from grace, seeking that which humans have taken for granted.

Freedom of choice. 

What should a Hunter Angel do when shortsighted actions lead to deadly consequences for both the angel and human realms? Worse, what should a man do when his mate, the woman he loves, chooses a dangerous path?

Follow her into Hell, or fight to transform Heaven for them both?


Prohibited Affair (Forbidden Affairs Book 3) by Chelle Ramsey

Scarlett Nicholson’s career at LCP is on the rise, but it’s requiring long days and late evenings thanks to her boss’s new agenda. A night of fun is all she needs to break the tension building inside of her. An invitation to a celebrity VIP event leads to more fun than she bargained for when one night pulls her into a lurid affair that she can’t walk away from.

Former NFL tight-end, Quinn Nicholson has had his share of disappointments in life and he’s finally found contentment through his business ventures. Although he’s yearning for something more, it doesn’t seem to be his destiny to have love. Until a one-night stand with Scarlett Nicholson awakens dormant feelings that he thought were long dead.

A flicker of desire turned into a raging fire threatens to engulf them, causing their affair to go up in flames. Despite forces pulling at Scarlett and Quinn they’re determined to find a spark of happiness together. But when Quinn shares a secret, everything they thought they were is brought into question, and they must decide if their love is worth the fight. How can they walk away from the fire unscathed and with their hearts intact?


Bri: A Soul Spinoff by LaKisha Nicole

Bri Thomas had everything she could dream of being with Don. That all changed when she decided to hang with her cousin, D Lo for a day. Not only did her life change, Don’s did too. 

One minute Don wants to be with Bri, and then the next he isn’t sure if he can get past what she had done to them. As much as Bri loves Don, she is ready to move on with her life with or without him. 

Can these two get it right? Read this short novel to find out!


Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson


She’s the illusive part of a dream.

Blink and wonder if she’s real. Can beauty be that vivid? Can a mind be that sharp? A mouth that bold?

She’s everything I’ve ever been denied. 

She’s everything I’m too afraid to say I want. 

She’s here. Panther eyes. Hands on mine. In mine. 

On me.

She’s better than a dream. 

Because she’ll stay

If I give it all up. 


He’s the man I liked too much to pity and wanted too much to ignore

A harp played, a woman moaned her agonies and luxuries into a microphone and 

He had chocolate and Scotch in his hands when I told him I wanted him

It was better than I imagined. 

He wants to hide us and everything we’ve become. 

Family, money, occupations, and career paths.

There’s too much at stake, he says. 

I am supposed to be his lifelong enemy. Not this.

But I am me, and I am his

Sacrifices will have to be made. 


Scandalous Secrets: A Novel (Jackson Falls) by Synithia Williams

Can they do what’s right…without betraying their hearts?

Senatorial candidate Byron Robidoux always does the right thing. And, after years of focus and dedication, his life and campaign are going exactly to plan—until a blackmailer jeopardizes everything. No one is supposed to know that thirteen years ago, Byron told a lie to protect a college friend. And now that lie could destroy his career…and threaten the woman he never stopped loving.

Zoe Hammond hardly recognizes the refined and handsome politician Byron has become. The last time she saw him, he was the friend who saved her life by claiming to be the father of her unborn baby. For that, she’d do anything for him. Except Byron’s world of wealth, reputation and deceit isn’t a place where Zoe or her daughter belong. But when a menace from the past comes calling again, staying with Byron is best for them all. And, as the searing attraction between them builds, they soon realize some things are worth fighting for…especially love.


Made for You by Meek

The best-laid plans often go awry. Yet much of Rekia Avery’s life had been a testament to how well she could defy the odds. Surely, she thought, she could do it once more by sustaining a long distance relationship with her college sweetheart. With this confidence in mind and her best friend by her side, Rekia set her sights on the nation’s capital and never looked back at the life she was leaving behind. 

Everything was going according to plan when Rekia meets a local tattoo artist, Xion Richardson. He’s on the mend after a few hardships and all he wants to do is focus on being a good father to his son and a legit businessman in his neighborhood. The two befriend each other just as Rekia’s life is turning upside down and she’s forced to re-evaluate everything she believed she once wanted. Xion’s selfless friendship helps her rebuild her faith in herself while Rekia’s caring spirit restores his outlook on love. Yet with all they are for each other, neither is willing to admit what everyone around them recognizes as fact: these two were truly made for each other.


The Love She Deserves by Kelsey Blue

Jayda Young came from a middle-class family and never wanted for anything. But she lacked one thing–confidence. She had always been insecure about her body even though she turned heads wherever she went. When she gets to college and puts on the freshman fifteen, her self-confidence takes even more of a beating, until she meets her current boo. He compliments her and loves on her until things change for the worst.

Ryan Evans was the star athlete in high school. He kept his priorities in line, stayed focused on school and got a full ride to a prestigious university. After graduating at the top of his class he went on to work for one of the top record labels in the country. Attracting women was never an issue for him, but he can be blindly devoted to the wrong one, like his current girlfriend. He’s in love, but he’s starting to wonder what her true motives are.

David Thomas likes what he likes and doesn’t apologize for it. He can be an arrogant asshole, and verbal abuse is his forte. He preys on weak women and slithers in to get what he wants from them. He’s been this way for years and has no plans on changing until he runs into an ex that might have him re-evaluating his choices. 

Alexus Cummings is a proud gold digger. Although she has a college degree, all she wants to do is be the trophy wife of a wealthy man. She sinks her claws into one man, but when he starts slacking on his “duties,” she starts to look elsewhere. She thinks she’s finally found the man that can provide her with the lifestyle she craves, but when things change abruptly, she finds herself at a dead end.

Join Jayda, Ryan, David, and Alexus on their journey through love and plenty of life lessons.


ENIGMA (Jahsir’s Interlude Book 1) by Taisha S. Ryan

Fame. Powerful enough to destroy the purest of souls. 

And recording artist, Jahsir “Jah Soul” Martin is on the brink. Low album sales. Struggling music career. And a rocky breakup, that nearly pushes him over the edge. 

Until one day, he crosses paths with Nari Williams. A sweet, island girl, from Jamaica with an alluring beauty, exceptional gift for cooking, and an aura bright enough to radiate his spirit. He’s enamored. And determined to have her. 
When tragedy strikes Nari’s homeland, he invites her to his world in L.A. with an offer that will inevitably change her life. And his. Feelings ignite. Passion emerges. Love flourishes. But can it sustain? In Hollywood where money, fame, and lust reign supreme, morals are tested as two broken souls grapple with their sanity for the sake of love…and a peace of mind. 


Sweetheart by Jahquel J.

She was the furthest thing from sweet, and he was the furthest thing from good. Together, they make complicated look good.

This is a novella series. If you’re not into novellas, please don’t proceed with this read.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 24th-30th

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