Myles Abbott was a hustler by nature. His reputation as an astute dealer superseded him. However, he’d give it all up to have and to hold the woman his heart belonged to. If only he didn’t hesitate. Reluctantly accepting her departure, he dove deeper into the same street life he was ready to leave behind. Putting up a wall around his heart, he determined love would never get him again.

Everleigh Noble was torn apart when she was forced to decide the safety of her family would triumph over her lover’s heart. Over time, burying the agony of her choice, she finds a way to prosper. She almost has it all; a dream career and a rich, handsome fiancé. Still, something’s not right. Below the surface is where her true heart beats. 

Years later, tragedy strikes, bringing Myles and Everleigh together. The past refuses to be left behind. Yet, when secrets are revealed, and old wounds resurface, some things will live while others will need to die. Will their love be amongst what survives?


New Release Spotlight – To Have Her Again, by Kay Shanee

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