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Six (The Heirs Series Book 8) by D. Camille

“When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow.” ~Ethiopian proverb

Six Parker is the Sun God…when a war is on the horizon, it’s his job to protect the village, the culture, and the woman he loves, even when her secrets threaten to tear them apart. As the leader of the Heirs, he will decide their future after facing the greatest threat the Diamonds have ever known… 

Lace has been by Six’s side for years as his assistant. She knows everything about him and the Diamonds, which puts her in the spotlight. And, when the idea of winning Six’s heart is no longer viable, Lace decides to become the woman she was destined to be…


Dark Deals (The Dark Deals Series Book 1) by Diana W.

Robert Gaines carried his family out of poverty and into a life most couldn’t even fathom—let alone dream about. Signing his name on the dotted line, allowed him to build an empire and give limitlessly to those he loved. Despite his public persona, Robert is regarded for less admirable reasons by his three sons.

When the curtain is peeled back…

Cornell, Morris, and Clark Gaines are three broken men who are constantly battling their individual demons, while making life bearable for themselves in the roles their father thrust upon them. Along with their status, comes complicated love lives with women who prove to be more challenging than their own dad.

Everything comes with a price…

An unexpected series of events set off a chain reaction that threatens to blow their lives apart. No one could have predicted just how much Robert Gaines leveraged to rise and maintain his place at the top. Scandals and secrets swarm as the three Gaines heirs attempt to hold on to their humanity long enough to figure out why their world has suddenly turned upside down. They’ll all learn that when making lofty deals, pay attention to the fine print because… the devil is in the details. 


All I Ask of You (The Kalmin Brothers Book 3) by Chelsea Maria

We collided…
Seamlessly, we drifted through time…
We were a perfect harmony. Our beginnings painting a beautiful mural of moments; a fluid flow to our concluding song.

She became mine the day I put my heart in her hands and told her it was hers to keep.

He swiftly made me putty in his hands. Leaving me drowning in sands of jaded blues.

Fire flames…

She’s my loving hind and pleasant roe.

Amell’s words were always pleasant as a honeycomb; sweet to the soul and health to my bones.

Love is kind. Love suffereth long. Love doesn’t envy. Love never fails… Or does it when the only man you’ve ever loved is set out on turning your molten heart ice cold?


The Sweet Spot: A Maple Hills Story (Book 1) by Tay Mo’Nae

While trying to balance her family bakery, losing her mother & learning a few secrets is a lot for anyone, Amara was walking with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Trying to gain control of her life again seemed impossible but falling in love with her best friend might be what the doctor ordered.

Knowing what it’s like to lose his parents and feel lost, Khalil promises Amara to stay by her side & help her through the pain. What he wasn’t expecting was his feelings for her to grow stronger as well as their bond!

They say once one door closes, another opens, and Amara and Khalil are about to find out just how right that is. 


Fans Only by B. Love

Merrick and Aries are longtime friends, however, they don’t always see eye to eye. During a heated group discussion, the opposite sex pairs debate if people can maintain healthy relationships in the sex worker industry, because of the popularity of Only Fans. To settle their opposing views, they agree to create an account together and make some easy, quick money along the way. 

With dreams neither Merrick nor Aries can afford to loom, they outline the deal — engage in a public, sexual relationship until they’ve both met their financial goals. The proposal seems full of gain and worthy of the exposure… as if anything is ever that easy. 

Great sex and big checks become twisted feelings, and time only further betrays the performing lovers. When one of them has the chance to be with the person they’ve lusted after for years, the plan and their friendship is put to the test.


Nobody Else Gon’ Get My Love by Monica Walters and T. Key

Powerful, independent, intellectual, and lonely are all attributes that describe Sakina Campbell. Being a detective for Dallas County had been tedious but rewarding. Helping to get justice for victims the system often forgot about gave her a sense of pride and putting criminals behind bars gave her a high that she couldn’t come down from. However, time hadn’t been on her side when it came to her love life. At forty-four years old, she could no longer be a mother due to surgery that prevented her from carrying a baby… not that she even had a male prospect to create a life with. Love had a way of eluding her. She often thinks it’s because of her stubborn demeanor and willingness to succeed no matter the cost. 

After meeting Liam Jackson, a man ten years her junior, she holds him at arm’s length, thinking that he was only after one thing. But just as she’s coming to the realization that she might want more from him, he has to relocate for his job. That only fuels her fire to proceed to the next level in her career, becoming lead detective in the county. She dedicates nearly two years to her job and elderly father, settling in the belief that she would spend the rest of her life alone. Until one day, Liam reappears, bringing her old wounds to the surface.

Sakina adamantly refuses his advances, because she feels if she gives in to Liam, he will only leave again. The hurt and anger had been lying dormant since Liam had left, but now that he’s back, he’s determined to make Sakina his. When things in her life are shaken to the core, will she allow Liam back in her world, to finally love her the way she deserves?


Finesse (Radioactive Tales of Love Book 2) by Nikki Prince

Indelible scars and memories chase us like ghosts.
He was supposed to be coming home. But not like this, never like this. I’d always dreamed that one day Quinton Grayson would be mine. Now he’s back and we’re both dealing with paralyzing guilt. Does wanting him make sense when I have the responsibility to take care of my nephew? Quinton is holding back; dare I find out why?
When you’re on the sand you’re supposed to leave everything there. Unfortunately, I’ve brought it back to Arlington Heights and Lyric Scott’s doorstep. My body reveals all the scars for everyone to see, but the ones on my soul are graver. Will she even look my way? What can I possibly offer her other than to keep the promise I made to her brother, my best friend who I couldn’t bring back? 
We’re a ready-made family now, how can I walk away? But how can I allow her to deal with the demons at my door?


Unforeseen Love by Parker Jones

An Elementary School Principal, Nicole Meyers, has tired of dating. After several tumultuous months of online heartbreaks, she has decided to give up on love. A girlfriends’ trip to Jamaica boasting reckless fun would provide a much-needed reset button, that is, until the sandy beaches brings on an insatiable hunger for a stranger. His essence stirs her soul and reopens her heart. 

Has Nicole found her soulmate? Will the beautiful stranger show her all of the months of dating were preparing her for him? Or is this the fling to put an end to her dating life for good?


The Goode Life: (It’s All Goode) Book 1 by Trina Crooks

Sometimes you reach a point in your life where multiple trysts and the lack of commitment were not enough for you anymore. At least that’s how Mason Goode had been feeling lately. He’d been living his self-professed “good life” for a long time and now he was ready for something more serious. So, when he met Brooklyn Collins, Mason found himself attracted to her from the start and proceeded to pursue her in hopes of finding a relationship that was lasting, special and for lack of a better word—good.

After getting out of a lackluster relationship, Brooklyn met Mason, the semi-famous weatherman of Reynolds, TN and sparks flew. He was even sexier and charming than he was on television, and to have his attentions fixed on her; she couldn’t be more flattered. Even though she desired him and longed for a love of her own, she couldn’t quite shake the insecurities from her last relationship which was now threatening to mess up this budding one.  

They both are hoping that this new love is just what each of them is searching for, but a misunderstanding might prove to be too much to get over. Will Mason go back to his bachelor ways or can Brooklyn convince him that she does not want to lose this Goode man that she finally found?


Spring Blossoms (A Love for All Seasons Book 3) by Tiye Love

When the one you love to hate is the one…

Believing that lasting love is damn near impossible, the fiercely independent Spring Locke has always preferred sex without complications over commitment. Considered the wild, irresponsible, and selfish one in her family, in her career she is the complete opposite. As a human resources specialist, Spring is dedicated and destined for promotion until there is a merger and she is forced to adjust to a new supervisor. From their very first meeting, Miles Davenport is infuriating, arrogant, demanding, uptight and so not her type. Yet Spring finds herself insanely attracted to her single, handsome, and aloof boss. Confident in her ability to get any man she wants Miles becomes her challenge. When he finally succumbs to Spring’s irresistibly tempting charms, she is unprepared for the deep, emotional connection that Miles evokes within her and the love he expects from her. And for once Spring wants to give a man her all. Except she has unshared truths from her past that threaten the very love that she now desires.  

**Material may be intense for some readers.**


Deadly Matrimony by Author Indigo

Seemingly stuck in a marriage on the rocks, Jelani is tired of being unhappy, abused, and unfulfilled. Sticking around to save money, she’s quietly planning her departure. Spending more time with her coworker turned friend, she’s out and runs into a man she’s seen once before. Instantly, her interest is piqued, and she wants to know more about him.

Before being given an unexpected task, Juelz meets a woman he’s instantly drawn to. Over time, he runs into her on a few other occasions and confirms that he’s wildly attracted to her. Debating whether or not to fulfill the assignment he’s been given, Juelz finally decides to dismiss it for a chance with the woman he’s met.

While enjoying her time with the mysterious man, she learns some damning information, causing an abrupt and unexpected end to their brief relationship and Jelani’s flawed matrimony. Upset and closed off, she backs off and avoids the very one she wants.

Can Jelani bounce back from her agony and allow her heart another chance to bloom? Or Has Juelz’s business caused a rift too big to close?


To Live Again by Osar Adeyemi

Tired of being the person everyone turned to for help, Tiwa felt it was about time her own life got sorted too. 

She had been a maid-of-honour more times than she cared to remember, and all she wanted now was to meet the ‘right’ man. 

But the entrance of reformed playboy, Tade, into her life was not exactly what she bargained for. 

While trying to deal with Tade, and the complications from his previous lifestyle, along came Femi Phillips but she wasn’t quite sure she could trust him. 

Should Tiwa stick with Tade whose family had already welcomed her with open arms or could she take a chance with Femi?


Her Damaged Heart, His Treasure by Courtney Irving

Lauren Smith is no stranger to pain. Forced to live in a world full of judgement, violence, and death, she’s been dealt one bad hand after the next. When it comes to love, she constantly stumbles, having yet to blissfully fall – until she met Malachi Clark. 

An up and coming musician, Malachi Clark, is far from picture perfect, but he doesn’t pretend to be. With the heart of a lion, he pursues everything that matters to him with focus and passion, including Lauren Smith. Even if she won’t make it easy, he’s determined to knock down every wall she’s built. 

Lauren and Malachi embark on a journey filled with pleasure, uncovering pain, and the discovery of trust when fueled by the heart. 


For the Love of GoGo: A Novella by Tracy Gray

Is it better to ask for what you want, or take what you know you can get?

Indigo Cross is sure about a lot of things. She’s sure about all things beauty. She’s sure that her 1 million+ social media followers respect her commentary, her reviews, and her authenticity. What she’s not sure about is where to take things with Northern McKinley. So after a one night stand turns into…something else, she has no idea how to proceed.

Northern McKinley has never been confused about what he wants. He’s always been the type of man to take what he wants from life and leave the rest. He took the music industry by storm. He’s taken countless women by storm. Now, he’s ready to try something different. How is it that he could finally be ready to explore relationships beyond sex, and the very woman that he wants to do that with, is only interested in the physical?

What will it take to get past the barrier that Indigo has around her heart?


Old Flame (The Andersons Book 3) by Casamore Jones

Kristy Matthews will never forget her first boyfriend. They dated in high school and she thought they would be together forever. Their relationship ended abruptly and she decided she would never do love again. 

Michael Anderson did some stupid things in his past and that included letting Kristy go. After seeing each other at a few family gatherings it has him wondering if he can re-ignite the flame that once burned between them.


Craving a King: An African Royal Romance (Sexy Sovereign Series Book 1) by Louise Lennox

The woman or the crown—an impossible decision.

Kofi Ajyei has never had time to fall in love. As the twentieth king of the Ashanti, the youngest ever, he’s determined to raise his country’s profile through education. When he hears school expert Ella Jenkins’ Ted Talk, he knows his country must have her. He didn’t expect his heart to want her for himself.

Ella Jenkins could care less about love. After a failed engagement, all her energy has gone to building a successful charter school network in Atlanta. Her ultimate dream comes true when she gets the chance to develop schools in Africa, but she didn’t know that dream would include a sexy, high-handed king.

Kofi’s dedication to the Ashanti crown and Ella’s commitment to her professional ambitions threaten to keep them a part. Kofi and Ella must find a way to balance love and service, but at what cost to their hearts?

This is the first book in a refreshing international romance series about the choices a devoted king and enterprising CEO make about love, personal ambition, and the crown. It ends without a cliffhanger and promises the reader a happily ever after. It is also hot and steamy!


By This Time Next Year by Harriette Patrick Barron

Secret Lakeshia Bell’s life is finally filled with the love, hope, and joy that she has always desired. Her nursing career is finally headed into the right direction. On the outside she is beautiful and classy, but she was raised to never bite her tongue. Her life, hopes, and dreams are shared with her handsome strong faith-filled husband, Joel Bell. Without warning, both of their lives take a drastic and unexpected turn. Suddenly, Secret finds herself on a roller-coaster journey of self-discovery and faith. She needs to reach deep so that she can deal with her own traumatic and secret past. Only God knows if she will gain the knowledge to turn her pain into power.


An X-Plosive Kind of Love by Tisha Andrews

Jewel Seymour is not the girl next door, the high school cheerleader, or the senior prom Queen. She never has been, further solidifying her current, predictable life as the loyal, good daughter… the sound and safe best friend. Jewel had it all once before, catching and marrying her ex, Aaron “DJ Spintzer” Speight, on the hills of Howard University where her sorority ruled, so she did too by default. But it still was not enough to hold on to her popular deejay husband.

As Jewel accepted that love wasn’t in the cards for her, she threw her hat in the marriage and family counseling ring, becoming a couples’ therapist. She decided that even if love wasn’t for her, she could at least teach what not to do, and she did, until the day she met Jehmiah.

Jehmiah “The Bear” Cleveland is a retired major league baseball player, but not just any baseball player. A three-time MVP World Series champion who is engaged to corporate mogul, Giselle Tyson. Giselle has paid her dues and after twelve years of luxury but no ring, Giselle gives Jehmiah an ultimatum, scheduling them for couples’ therapy. What Giselle didn’t count on was couples therapy helping Jehmiah connect with a woman that was nothing like her, but everything Jehmiah craved and needed. 
Soon lines are beyond crossed and no one is thinking clearly. They are reckless, they are bold, and the outcome could be explosive. However, when it comes to love, Jehmiah learns that boring and predictable are explosive and he can’t get enough. He just needs to convince Jewel who wants nothing to do with him.


Afrodisiac: Book Two (Afrodisiac Series) by Tia Love

Morgan Jenkins, reeling from the heartbreak with the only man she’s ever been able to love, has buried herself in her bookstore, and is doing the work via therapy to put herself back together. She wants nothing more than to return to her life of books, shopping, and sex on demand with whoever she’s feeling in the moment, but her attraction to Gillespie and confused feelings for him, are making the bounce back to normal a lot harder than planned.  

Despite their inevitable fallout, Gillespie Rodriguez is set on fixing things with Morgan to get her back in his arms and his good graces. In order to get Morgan to fall in love with him all over again, he’ll have to finally cut the toxic chord that binds him to his messy ex-wife and co-parent, Chanel.


All My Love Is For You by Iliyah Berry

Amerie is a young, single, and successful photographer with the hopes of opening her own studio. While her parents had plans for her to become a doctor, she decided to go against their wishes and follow her dreams. The journey becomes a complicated one with her running into many obstacles that lead her to losing faith in herself. Wondering if her dreams are worth the fight. 
Along the way, she shuts down on her love life after a bad breakup with her now ex-boyfriend. She vowed to strictly focus on her photography career and not allow anyone to get in the way of that. That is until she bumps into Bryson, a local rapper in the coffee shop who makes her change her mind about love. While being willing to give love another chance, will her fears and doubts cause her to lose her chance to have true love?
Bryson is a local, talented rapper trying to make it mainstream. After his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Monica, who cheated on him their entire relationship, Bryson refused to allow another woman to cross him. Devoting his time and attention to his music, everything starts working in his favor. His music career takes off sooner than he thought he would. With the start of his music career comes a newfound love with Amerie that is bound to rock his world. But how long will it last? 
Find out here with this beautiful, and twisted love story. 


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New Release Round-Up August 3rd-9th

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