Jewel Seymour is not the girl next door, the high school cheerleader, or the senior prom Queen. She never has been, further solidifying her current, predictable life as the loyal, good daughter… the sound and safe best friend. Jewel had it all once before, catching and marrying her ex, Aaron “DJ Spintzer” Speight, on the hills of Howard University where her sorority ruled, so she did too by default. But it still was not enough to hold on to her popular deejay husband.

As Jewel accepted that love wasn’t in the cards for her, she threw her hat in the marriage and family counseling ring, becoming a couples’ therapist. She decided that even if love wasn’t for her, she could at least teach what not to do, and she did, until the day she met Jehmiah.

Jehmiah “The Bear” Cleveland is a retired major league baseball player, but not just any baseball player. A three-time MVP World Series champion who is engaged to corporate mogul, Giselle Tyson. Giselle has paid her dues and after twelve years of luxury but no ring, Giselle gives Jehmiah an ultimatum, scheduling them for couples’ therapy. What Giselle didn’t count on was couples therapy helping Jehmiah connect with a woman that was nothing like her, but everything Jehmiah craved and needed. 

Soon lines are beyond crossed and no one is thinking clearly. They are reckless, they are bold, and the outcome could be explosive. However, when it comes to love, Jehmiah learns that boring and predictable are explosive and he can’t get enough. He just needs to convince Jewel who wants nothing to do with him.


New Release Spotlight – An X-plosive Kind of Love, by Tisha Andrews

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