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Love’s Ineligible Receiver (Connecticut Kings Book 5) by Love Belvin

The league didn’t believe in me. I was the last pick of the first round.
The Kings didn’t believe in me. They low-balled my contract and mandated therapy to begin immediately.
My coach didn’t believe in me. But I get it; she’s a female.
The General don’t halfway believe. He keeps threatening violence if I blow this opportunity.
This chick I bagged at the first team event… Well, let’s say she’s listening.

I’m a black, educated, and self-made man. I have no kids, and was rich and established before draft night. The odds are stacked against me, but I’ll show them all. They’ll understand my name before it’s all said and done.

I was born a king, and now I am a King.

Note: Love’s Ineligible Receiver is book 5 of the Connecticut Kings series and is a completed installment.



Wild Thoughts (Brooks Family Book 3) by Delaney Diamond

It started with a little white lie…
Lindsay Winthrop’s weekly podcast on sex and dating has garnered thousands of listeners across the country, thanks to experience with a loving fiancé she’s been with for years. Except, her husband-to-be doesn’t exist, and now she’s in a bind. With a book deal on the line, she has to find a man fast, and Malik Brooks might be just the man she’s looking for.

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from her…
A few years ago Malik gave up sex and now works hard as a metal sculptor. In doing so, he’s created enough pieces to fill a gallery, and his vow of celibacy has kept him focused. When a major deal falls through, Lindsay makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and all he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé. Sounds easy at first, but after one kiss, he wants more. Then things really get interesting.



Right At Love: A Novella by Deshon Dreamz

Her first love. The father of her son. Her husband. The only man she’s ever loved. Distant. Broken. Fragile. Tahari considers herself to be a strong woman, one that is able to get what she needs at the time that she needs it, regardless of the circumstances. That was until she found herself face to face with a new battle; one for the love and attention of her husband. Zeus is all she knows; he is the only man she ever placed an effort into loving and now she finds herself at a crossroads. Low places have become a place of comfort for Tahari but she’s made up in her mind that she would not live in this manner for much longer. No matter how much leaving hurts, she loved Zeus, but she loves herself more.
There was nothing anyone could tell Zeus Moore about his wife. If you asked him, he would adamantly let you know that he knew her better than anyone. What he fails to realize is, that could not be further from the truth. Since high school, Zeus has always been popular for all the wrong reason; in and out of trouble until he meets a girl in the hallway that changes his outlook on life. Years later, he’s still in demand. The struggle to keep both his business endeavors and his life afloat proves to be too much for him to handle.
As soon as Zeus believes he’s getting everything right, his world is flipped upside down. He knows the risk that he takes while living the lifestyle that he lives. But what he doesn’t see is an attack that leaves the life of his wife and child hanging in the balance.


Are You That Somebody: Greg & Shayna’s Love Story (Kings Sisters Series Book 2) by G. Fife

You found parts of me I didn’t know existed, and in you, I found a love I no longer believed was real.

Shayna King is struggling to be happy again after tragically losing her fiancé to murder and her parents to a drunk driver. The middle King sister is now quiet and conservative, hiding the person she used to be.
Handsome photographer, Greg Navarro, looks like he should be on the opposite end of the camera. His business is flourishing, and life is good when he’s introduced to the simple beauty that is Shayna King.

Greg goes after what he wants, and he finds himself wanting Shayna. Shayna is thrown off balance as an unspoken romance begins between the two of them. The guilt of Shayna’s secrets and the scars from her loss causes her to continue pushing him away.

When Greg is offered a job in another state, he looks to Shayna to give him a reason to stay. Her rejection causes Greg to pack up his things and move, leaving Shayna even more heartbroken and confused.

Will Shayna allow herself to love again before it’s too late? Find out in book two of the King Sisters series, Are You That Somebody Greg & Shayna’s Love Story.



Forward Pass (A Forde Family Short Story) by Nikki Blaire

Quentin Henley left his football playing days behind a long time ago and is constantly trying to move forward. Sonesia Fields is a small-town homebody, and when it comes to love, she would rather pass. In this short spin-off from the Forde Family Series’ first book “Fortunate,” you will find out if Quentin and Sonesia’s love is a touchdown or a false start.



Family First: The Walkers by S.C. Lucas

Growing up in a large family, fights, hardships, and disagreements are bound to happen. The Walkers are no different. Follow the lives of five siblings navigating love, life, friendships, and best of all family. Journey with the oldest through the youngest as they make decisions that can destroy lives and break up families. With the help of family, the Walker’s will navigate through their good times and bad times. Things may not end up the way they planned, but with guidance of loving parents, judgmental siblings, crazy children and friends, the journey should be worth it.

*This book contains multiple character, point-of-views, and storylines



The Goddess (Man of Means) by Drake Silver

Lakewood is a city on the rise. Freshly cut lawns. Restored homes. Booming businesses. All appears well but as the city booms, jealousy against the family responsible for the good times rises.

Jerome is heir to a multi-million-dollar real estate company. But when someone kidnaps his mother, enemies make their move to take over. No one is trustworthy. In this dark time, Jerome finds he must rely on Goddess, a new ally.

But is she really on his side? Or is she is against him?

Can Jerome figure out who snatched his mom?

Or will his enemies get to him before he solves the mystery?

There’s intimacy.
There’s jealousy.
There’s sorrow.
Blood will stain the city’s concrete before it is all over.



Still The One For You by Bianca

Whoever said love was enough, lied.

Married fresh out of high school, Xander ‘Xan’ and Tomelia ‘Tomi’ Williams are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. With a bond thicker than most, Xan and Tomi are committed to the vows they took, or at least they thought they were until the aisle they walked down separates, taking them on opposite paths.

Stuck caring for his ailing parents, Xan foregoes college and enters the workforce to pay for their piling medical bills. The jobs that he works are dead end and pay very little, but Xan doesn’t mind as long as his parents are taken care of. Xan loves Tomi within the depths of his soul and couldn’t wish for a more loyal lady.

Now the breadwinner of the family, Tomi feels unloved and is tired of carrying the load on her back. She understands that being an only child, Xan wants to do everything he can for his parents, but it’s driving a wedge between the two of them and causing her to resent him. In search of peace from her home life, she finds some relief in monetary form from well-known Shea Reed. She learns quickly that everything that glitters isn’t gold, but will it be too late to work things out with Xander, the one man that loves her unconditionally?



After the Rain by Sonya Durant

Love is a much of an object as an obsession. Everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever completely achieve it. Those who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and above all never forget it. That was the case with Mia and Ryan. But what do you do when your one true love; the very air that you breathe hurts you? Mia would’ve done anything for Ryan, and she thought he felt the same about her. They were more than high school sweethearts, they were the best of friends. That was, until their love story turns into betrayal and disaster. Does time really heal all wounds, and can Mia allow herself to love again when she meets the man of every woman’s dreams?


Precious Jewel (Hidden Treasures Book 1) by Dani Sonshine

Gem is all about making her present and her future brighter than her past. She is 25 years old and still a virgin; waiting on her husband to find her. While waiting she is using her pain to fulfill her purpose in life. She was in love once; to be honest with herself, she has not gotten over that love. Her mind tells her that he is all wrong for her. He almost succeeded in her breaking her vow of celibacy. She wanted nothing more than to honor God for all that He has done for her, but Wes made it so hard. Separating herself from him has made the temptation easier to deal with. She hasn’t seen or heard from him in years and no other man has ever captured her interest. And then it happens…he re-enters her life by surprise. Can she handle it?



Faith Alone by Terri Ann Johnson

Lachelle Jackson appears to have it all; a husband who adores her; a job that fulfills her and friends that love her unconditionally.

When Lachelle learns that she is pregnant, what should be the best experiences of her life becomes one of the darkest times she ever endured.

Facing a life-threatening pregnancy, in the midst of insurmountable grief, can Lachelle find the strength to fight for her life and that of her unborn baby? Can she overcome depression and move beyond memories of her past to accept God’s greatest gift…LOVE?



Love and Loopholes by Railyn Scott

Business brought them together. Love could tear them to pieces.

A knight in shining armor can’t come fast enough for Kirby Allen. Broke and on her own, she longs for the chance to live a better life. Without a stable place to live and no money to her name, she has to do something and fast.

Familial pride and a sense of tradition fuel Channing Lucas’ desire to run his father’s company. There is just one thing standing in his way.

His eccentric mother and her ultimatum. Get married or lose his family’s business forever.

After a predetermined ‘chance meeting’ in a Las Vegas casino, Channing and Kirby decide they can both get what they want and enter into a business deal. What starts as a marriage of convenience, evolves into complications neither expected. And the strangers find themselves fighting not only to maintain their deal, but struggling to hold on to their hearts.



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New Release Round-Up August 6th-12th

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