The story was a winner with this reviewer for sure. I’ve said this a few times, but it’s worth mentioning again. The writing by this author shows so much growth and development. I am hard pressed to miss a single book by this author over the past few years. Her introduction came by way of another author; I will no doubt thank her for the nod in this authors direction for the foreseeable future. The wins and losses story told a different type of story than the usual books I’ve read in the past. Readers, this story was gritty, poignant, exciting, emotional, it grabbed me by the shoulders and tugged at my heart. Did I mention, the story was compelling and romantic as well? If not, feel free to add those to the mixology of words and phrases to express my sheer delight with this novel.

The story was about Nasir Valentine wanting to win a championship where he first gained notoriety and fame as a player. The events leading into the start of his career as a coach began with the death of one of his star players father.  A man he called a friend and mentor was gunned down in front of his business establishment. It appeared he was in the wrong place trying to prevent a disaster when the disaster became that for his family instead.  His star player was caught in the crossfire, in more ways than imaginable.  Carmen Wellington had to decide whether it’s wiser to return home to her life in another city with her fiancé or stay with her teenage brother. The decision whether to stay in her hometown to help her younger brother cope with their loss together as a family made for a difficult choice. Her fiancé began to force her decision selfishly at one point. I’ll let you see what that concerned later in the tale. But In the story, lines crossed, and boundaries blurred as the story unfolded with break-neck speed. The plot twists and turns evolved into a riveting story. Whew! The love connection which eventually encircled between Nasir and Carmen brought a heated passion, with steaminess and burning desire which exploded throughout the pages and spilled continuously into the crevices of our bleeding hearts.

Carmen’s brother Jordy was the star athlete destined to put Coach Valentine on the maps as a champion in his first year as a coach. Consequently, there was a force of nature trying to derail the future desires for the star athlete. The nemesis thereby caused headaches and heartaches for the coach, his star and his star’s sister. The fact that Nasir appeared more interested in Carmen the woman, rather than just a quick bedmate was the sweet part in the story. In the end, it was nice to experience the way the story brought all parties together to fight the forces of evil preying on both men situationally. The sex, oh yes! it was hot. The drama ramped to the nth power. And a few of the ancillary characters made me hate them with a passion. So, for this reviewer, the author did her job with a vengeance. All in all, this story was AmAzing with capital A(s). 5+ stars.


Review – Wins & Losses, by Alexandra Warren

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