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Leslie (LMAO Book 1) by Sabrina B. Scales

Four women.
Four stories.
One passion.
To make you laugh!

Hey people,
I’m Leslie Velveeta Spinx, the ‘L’ in LMAO.
Come and join me on my journey to the Edge Control Tour. It’s about to be a sold-out show! Before you take your seat, I should warn you, there are a few important things you should know about me.
One: I’m one of the hardest working women you’ll ever meet.
B: I talk a whole, whole, whole lot of sh*t.
And last but most certainly not least, I don’t mind roasting people, dead or alive. So, please do not take a seat on the front row unless you’re prepared to have your whole life uprooted.
My story is one you might relate to as it involves navigating from the life that I’m comfortable with and stepping into the one where I belong. Seems simple enough, following dreams and all that. But in life, nothing worth having is ever easy to embrace. And as if all of this potential readjustment isn’t enough to stress my edges off, I cross paths with a man who is as fine as anything God ever created, but is off limits because beautiful things usually are.
Enter Michael Thompson III, a brother who talks to dogs and wants to prove to me that he’s not one himself when a few chance encounters with my crazy behind, prove to be more than he can ignore.
Grab your tickets and enjoy this comedic exhibition of laughter, love, an all the in-between.
Again, I’m Leslie Velveeta Spinx, the ‘L’ in LMAO!


Game Pass (The Endgame Trilogy Book 5) by Tiye


Once upon a time, Monica Charles believed she deserved a one night pass to avenge her betrayed heart. Sexy NFL player Michael Carson gladly accommodated her needs. Neither expected to be beautifully scarred by their hot encounter on their way to happily ever after with other loves.

Ten years later, at the request of an ailing friend, they unexpectedly meet again. Can Michael and Monica resist the flame that still burns bright between them? Or do they give in to their unquestionable attraction and risk losing everything?

**Can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of the Endgame Series.**


The Due Date: A Billionaire Baby Romance by Iesha Bree

Airyon has always lived according to her parents’ strict expectations, relentlessly pursuing academic success. But one fateful night shatters her carefully constructed world, when a passionate encounter with Zayne, a brilliant tech wiz, ignites an undeniable spark between them.

Awakening alone the next morning, Zayne is left yearning for more, even as Airyon disappears from his life. But destiny intervenes, reuniting them when Airyon starts working under Zayne. They soon discover their night of passion bore unexpected fruit – Airyon is pregnant.

With a baby on the way, Airyon and Zayne are forced to confront their true feelings and an uncertain future. As their bond deepens, they must make life-changing choices that will shape their lives forever. From different worlds, can they build a new life together? Or will their newfound love be torn apart by the forces around them?


Don’t Make Me Wait by Kami

Messiah Graham is a big-time NBA player on the path to the biggest moment in his career. Tragedy strikes, leaving his dreams shattered and his heart destroyed. In an effort to keep his promises, he makes a decision that changes his life forever. 

Miyana Jackson, struggling with a newborn and navigating through grief after the loss of her first love, is hit with blow after blow when secrets are revealed that leave her world crumbling around her. Accepting the offer from a close friend was only supposed to be temporary but things don’t always go as planned. How do you choose between what’s right or wrong when your heart is on the line?


Been About You by A.C. Taylor

He thought he was marrying the love of his life.
Then betrayal got in the way.
Or was it fate?

On the night before his wedding, Blaise should’ve been at his bachelor party tossing back drinks, smoking cigars, and preparing to walk down the aisle. But, instead, he was barely tipsy, pissed off, and banging on his friend’s door in the middle of the night.

Bree had no idea what was going on when Blaise showed up at her apartment furious and ready to fight the world. At first, she was nervous and worried for everyone involved. Then, her only concern became him. His hurt was evident, and she was determined to be there for him in every way that she could. But that was a lot easier said than done, and from the looks of things, one night wasn’t going to cut it. Little did Bree know, her need to console him would open a door that her heart wasn’t quite ready for. But everything happens for a reason.

See what happens when two friends recognize that their path to true love always included each other. Will they stay on the journey and see how much their love is truly meant to be? Or will a new form of betrayal creep in and ruin everything they believe?


The Day After Forever by Crystal Collier

Rush is an accomplished and charismatic entrepreneur who seemingly has it all—wealth, success, and admiration—except for the love of the woman he yearns for the most. Trapped in the friend zone, Rush yearns for the opportunity to show the woman of his dreams what it means to be loved properly. Having stood on the sidelines, watching her struggle in what she has deemed love, he’s tired of standing by idly and is prepared to get the woman he feels was created just for him, by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, Harmonie, burdened with a taxing job and a negligent boyfriend, is fighting her own battles, wrestling with the choices that have led her down a path of familiarity rather than following the true desires of her heart. As the weight of her circumstances becomes too much, Harmonie is faced with a pivotal moment of reckoning, forcing her to confront the choices she has made and the bare minimum she has accepted for far too long.

Together, Rush and Harmonie embark on a journey that tests the strength of their friendship, explores the consequences of settling for less than you deserve, and demonstrates what can happen when you have the tenacity to fight for what your heart desires.


Love is Hopeful: A Christian Romance by Faith Arceneaux 

She never relied on faith to get her through her challenges.

It’s no different with her latest—overcoming betrayal. Despite everything, Zora will find the inspiration she needs to create a worthy work of art.

He lost all hope the day he lost his wife. Pastor Clayton spends every Sunday preaching about faith and trust. But he finds it harder and harder to believe it for himself. Especially as his daughter, Serena, starts to rebel.

There is one person Serena respects. And she believes creativity will help Serena overcome her grief.

If Zora can help his daughter, can she help him too? He might remain hopeful.

Love is Hopeful is a sweet Contemporary Christian Romance.


Let’s Get Married (Music For Love Book 3) by Venus Teagan

While Carter and Jayla are preparing for the arrival of baby Amaree, Carla and Jeremiah are hit with something that could break them forever.

This is an update to the ending of Have My Baby and Be Mine: A Merryville Valentine Novella.


Endless Beginnings: Autumn Hills Book Three (Autumn Hills Series 3) by Amberlei Jae

Four words. Online dating gone wrong.

Brixton’s last long-term relationship landed him heartbroken, going in and out of depression for over half a year. Once he shedded the dead weight that comes with a broken heart, he left L.A. and never looked back in search of a new life in familiar territory. He moves back home to Autumn Hills and has been residing there for the last three months. He’s been very low-key about it, trying to get his affairs in order. He’s run into everyone he could possibly think of that he went to school with, worked with, etc during these three months.

Brixton takes a risk and puts himself on a dating app out of sheer boredom one night, but he doesn’t use his own picture. His last relationship scarred him, literally and figuratively, leaving him not as confident as he used to be. He comes across a beautiful woman on the dating app that he knows he can’t swipe left on. She jarred his memory something serious, as he remembers they dated briefly after college. It was Brinley. Brinley Ford. Memories come flooding back as he wants to get to know her again. He doesn’t take into account that he didn’t change his picture to one of his own nor change his name. 

Brinley b.k.a Bri by her family and friends is a kindergarten teacher by day and a passionate artist right after. It’s been quite some time since she had someone to call her own. After her last relationship, she made it a point to only indulge in flings, nothing more as she didn’t want to get her mind and heart wrapped up in another human that would just let her down. She decides one Friday night to indulge in not only a few drinks at 727 but a dating app, too. She comes across “Jett” and things take off from there. Once she finds out who “Jett” really is, all hell breaks loose. Will this end before it even begins?


The Peculiar Case of Raphael Duböis (Knight Family Series Book 5) by Rae Anderson

Though I felt guilty for my behavior, an apology had flown the coup. Without issuing another word to the uncivilized caveman sitting in the wheelchair before me, I spun on my heels and moved toward my desk. If he couldn’t fall in line, he could sit there and bide his time. H*ll, he could even leave. It made no difference to me. I was getting paid regardless. Everyone already knew he was a tyrant.

Feeling empowered, I pulled up my Kindle app on my phone and prepared to indulge in a romance book from one of my favorite authors. I could easily pass the time without interacting with him by getting lost in a book.

Frequently, my gaze returned to Raphael Dubois, noting the bulge between his legs through his sweats. He was easy on the eyes too. Hazel in color, they burned like fire when he spewed his hatred at others. His facial hair was unkept and overgrown, but it was evident something gorgeous hid underneath. The scar across his face gave him character he didn’t require considering his personality.

The last Knight Brother.
Can be read as a standalone.
This is an enemies-to-lovers tale.


Don’t Waste My Heart (The Tennessee Whiskey Series Book 18) by Malay Reneé

Who needs a relationship when you can just have fun? This was the exact sentiment of Kyia Ford— or so she thought. After ending a lengthy relationship with her ex, Kyia is ready to enjoy a real hot girl summer. She’s ready to take on her thirties with a totally different approach than her twenties, and a little one-night stand is just what she needs. When her one-night stand quickly turns into a multi-night situation, she has two choices: fall flat on her face in love again or run for the hills.

Arelyis Davidson has always been a man of few words. The one thing in life he’s certain about is his many business ventures. With his last shot at monogamy being a doozy, things like love don’t exist on his radar. He quickly becomes a man that’s all work and no play until someone named Ky comes his way. One night with her becomes a cute obsession that may give him the chance to experience another form of love.

Bonds are formed and most walls are broken down, but with these two having a scorned heart from their exes, can they leave the past behind long enough to prosper moving forward? Or will the past come back to bite both of them in the a*s, ending their whirlwind of lust?


You For Me by C. Monet

What would you do if your wife was murdered and her parting words left you with more questions than answers? Would you spend every waking moment trying to unravel the puzzle? Or let the secrets stay buried?

A year after his wife’s shocking murder, her cryptic final words still haunt Royal. Consumed by grief and determined to unravel the mystery, he enlists the help of alluring stranger Salana. But as Royal crosses boundaries to uncover long-buried secrets, an undeniable attraction grows between them. Will new love thaw Royal’s heart and bring the closure he seeks? Or will the truth only deepen his wounds?


Making Love (The Ballinger Sisters Book 2) by Niobia Bryant

In this next “sexy, funny and oh so real” installment of the Ballinger Sisters trilogy, national bestselling author Niobia Bryant finally tells the story of just which Ballinger sister is the soulmate of sexy playboy Hunter Tyler… 

Reeba Ballinger is a talented baker, dedicated business owner, and descendant of generations of Ballinger women who have the gift of premonition to see the soulmate of anyone they touch—a special gift she reveres. She has found the love of her life and is prepared to marry him…until she discovers that she has gotten it all wrong because her soulmate is none other than the arrogant, cardiothoracic surgeon-to-be, Hunter Tyler—who is admittedly handsome and intelligent—but just very aware of it in the most aggravating way!

Although Hunter has made it his business to outlandishly flirt with all three of the beautiful Ballinger women, it was always Reeba that truly made him feel excited whenever they were around each other. With his older brother now married to her older sister, that’s very often. He’s focused on building his career as a surgeon, but Hunter is intrigued by the very idea of Reeba being “the one” for him. He approaches her about putting aside their differences and exploring the possibilities… together.

After dating and stumbling through many rough patches, a visit to the aunts of the Ballinger sisters enables Hunter and Reeba to see a vision of their future together—a future filled with love, children, and happiness. They decide to wed, but the years that follow are anything but bliss, leaving both to wonder just when they will get to the good part.

The Ballinger sisters have a magical touch with love in this “sexy, funny & oh so real” romance trilogy… 
Book 1: Want, Need, Love 
Book 2: Making Love 
Book 3: Good Love


Buried in Berries by Christa Sweetin

As a baker, Vivian’s used to sugar, spice, and everything nice. But murder? That’s a new ingredient in her cozy, small-town life.

“When life gives you flour, sugar, and butter, make peach cobbler,” that’s my motto. It’s why I traded the bustling city for the homey charm of Lakeview, ready to whip up delightful pastries in my late grandmother’s bakery. My family thinks I’m crazy. Even I doubt my sanity and my safety when I’m served pie, with a side of murder at Lakeview’s summer bake-off.

When my dear friend, Aunt Leona, dies suddenly, the whispers of foul play are louder than the oven timer in my quiet town. True, I find an unexpected ally in Jayden. Leona’s mysterious nephew has his own secrets, but together will dig through the gossip, twists and turns, in our small town and find Leona’s murderer. I only hope we find him… or her. Before the killer strikes again.

Escape to a small town full of secrets in “Buried by Berries”, where culinary secrets and cozy mysteries are part of the daily specials, and romance is just a whisk away. And don’t miss the delicious recipe included in the back of the book!


Kiss Me High: A New-Adult-Romance, PG-13 by Jamie King

New Yorker, Indy Johnson is having the worst summer ever! Sent down South to stay with relatives, Indy is dreading spending her 18th birthday in Mississippi. Then she meets Tristan Waters, a part-time guitarist who works in her uncle’s garage. Unfortunately, Tristan won’t give her the time of day.

Confused, Indy will do whatever it takes to get his attention including entering a talent show to help her songwriting cousin Alyssa Miles. The problem is that Indy, who’s only sung in her church back home, needs help with letting loose. Her cousin’s music is more rock than gospel so Tristan, The King of Letting Loose, is recruited to help Indy with her stage presence.

As they spend more time together, Indy and Tristan realize not only do they have a real attraction for each other, but they also have a lot in common. However, the ultimate goal is for Indy to win, and as the clock ticks down to the talent show, will these two total opposites be able to create magic on stage? Will Indy be able to change it up in time, or will she destroy her cousin’s dreams?


Happy For Christmas: A Curvy Girl Holiday (Curvy Girls Holiday Series Book 4) by Danyelle Scroggins

He’s been pursuing me for what feels like an eternity, but who wants a man in constant danger?

My presence has etched an indelible mark upon her soul, a mark she can’t easily erase. 

As a confident and curvaceous woman, I refuse to tether myself to ceaseless worry for a man more than I do for my own well-being.

I’m not meant to bear the weight of anxieties, drowning in a sea of concern.

So Kane’s ultimatum, although heard, won’t sway me.

Ms. Harley Green, known for her unyielding heart, finds herself drawn to the enigma that is me.

Yet, she remains distant. Could it be the fact that I’m her brother’s best friend that makes her hesitate? Little does she realize, my determination surpasses her reservations.

A firm “no” merely fuels my pursuit, as I understand the intricacies of the heart better than she might think.

When she understands, she’ll open her heart, and together we can be Happy for Christmas.


Dance With Me: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 4) by Imani Price

Step One: Learn to dance. Step Two: Don’t fall in love.

Nevaeh has always danced her way through life, metaphorically speaking. Her zest for life is infectious, and she is known for being the life of the party… and for her two left feet. She has no sense of rhythm and jests that when she’s dancing, people think she’s having a seizure. When her best friend gets engaged, she couldn’t be more thrilled—that is, until she finds out there’s a stipulation to being the maid of honor: Nevaeh must learn how to dance. As if that isn’t bad enough, her dance instructor is sinfully handsome. And completely off limits.

Sean’s life is what you might call complicated, which is one of the many reasons he loves dancing. The rhythm. The control. You know the steps—you lead or you follow. It’s a simple escape from his world of order. That is, until a beautiful bundle of chaos comes stumbling through his studio doors. He never expected to feel such a spark with a student. Nevaeh is everything he could ever want and more, but as a single parent, his life isn’t just his own. Still, with every lesson, she twirls herself a little further into his life and his heart. The time for dancing around his feelings is over.

If you like sassy, fun-loving romances with single dads, strong friendships, and relatable heroines, you’ll love Dance With Me. This is a sweet romance standalone taking place in the small town of Sweetgum Meadows. Scroll up and grab your copy now…


A Gentleman Takes His Chances by Lauretta Ani

Hell hath no fury like a gentleman deceived…
When Zikora Anumudu shows up for an interview at Oakdale High School, the last person she expects to see on the interview panel is her ex, Cheluchi Ejiofor, whom she ghosted years earlier.

Once an ardent lover, Cheluchi has not forgiven Zikora for the cruel way she treated him. When she turns up at Oakdale School after several years of silence, he is faced with two options: strike back or let bygones be bygones.

Things get complicated when old flames reignite, but just when he’s starting to put the past behind him, a chance discovery changes everything and results in a bitter conflict that threatens to destroy at least one of them.

Is love enough to overcome past hurts? Will Cheluchi be able to let go of the past, or would he rather see everything destroyed in the quest to win at all costs? Are some chances really worth taking?


Golden Kitty Glitter by Mel Dau

“She threw her kitty glitter in the air and bedazzled him. He wasn’t scared to bottle it up and take it for keeps.”

Zia Goldie Witherspoon lived her life under the premise that love didn’t love anybody, especially her. Heartbreak has installed an icebox where her heart used to be, and she has no intention of letting it thaw anytime soon or ever. With a career as a travel photographer/blogger she’s able to jet set around the world on someone else’s dime to do what she loves. Knowing she’s never anywhere for too long give her the freedom to bedazzle the men there then be gone like a glitter thief in the night. What will she do when she collides into a man who is willing to bottle up her glitter for himself?Jessob Kayson Sanderson has Key Largo, Florida on lock. He runs the local tourist industry as well as the streets, unapologetically. Love is not something he is looking for, however it’s not something that he’s running from either. It’s just going to take the right key to unlock the door of love for him. What happens when the key he wants is being difficult about smoothly going into the lock? Will he shave the sections needed for a perfect fit or will he set the key aside for a new one all together. It’s a hard decision because everyone loves a glittery key.


Misbehaved: Toussaint Mafia Book Two by Dominique Thomas

Boston is missing and the son of a mafia boss is dead. Chaos is running rampant in the Toussaint Mafia while the Toussaint sisters are torn between believing a lie or following the truth. Boston’s disappearance has left the Toussaint sisters with more questions than answers. They must find the courage to seek out the truth and uncover their father’s secrets, no matter the cost.

Maia’s worries become extreme when Peace questions her intentions with him. However, her break comes in the form of someone she least expected. Now she has to follow her own path to happiness, but will her father approve?

Meanwhile, Meilani has to deal with the consequences of her actions. While Yaseer lived the single man’s life, she was helping her father steal from him. Meilani never thought that she would fall, but when feelings change, she faces another problem that might cause her to lose Yaseer forever.
Masami did everything expected of her. After finding Lyfe, she played her part, but is it enough? Her happiness isn’t there, but Masami isn’t sure how to find it.

Everyone in Marcy Falls is looking for Cage’s killer. Several questions are being asked about the Don, his missing shipments, and his missing daughter. The powerful Toussaint family is put in the hot seat, and the pressure is so intense that they might not make it out of this alive.

Introducing Misbehaved, the second book in the Toussaint Mafia series.


A Perfect Pairing by Sheryl Lister

This heartwarming novel set in the idyllic small-town of Firefly Lake explores the sisterly friendship between a group of women and a second chance at love—perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis and Jenny Hale.

Natasha Baldwin loves her life. As top realtor in her hometown of Firefly Lake, she has a good job and even better friends. Really, Tasha has only two regrets: never pursuing her dream career…and how things ended with Antonio Hayes years ago. So when an opportunity arises to show off her passion for interior design, Tasha’s excited—and a little nervous. But with the support of her girlfriends at their biweekly supper club, she’s eager to dive in…until she discovers that Antonio is her new project partner.

Teaming up with her ex is less than ideal, but with all eyes in town on her new project, Tasha knows now is not the time to let her messy past with Antonio impact her future. Yet working with Antonio immediately sparks bittersweet memories…and the same undeniable, irresistible chemistry even after all their years apart. Then, just as Natasha realizes that the life and love she’s waited for are within reach, her big break comes around, and she must decide what she truly wants…


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up August 7th-13th

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