Is love enough? Will a second chance be worth it?

Journee Williams is a dreamer and a hopeless romantic at heart. With goals of getting into the music industry as a songwriter, she refuses to let anything get in the way. Even if it costs her the person she loves the most. Faced with living a lifestyle she didn’t choose, Journee finds herself making a tough decision that will lead to her success, but at what cost?

Keith “Saint” Masters is no stranger to losing the things and people that mean the most to you. Abandoned by his parents and placed in foster care, Keith continues to experience loss after loss. He thought he found his peace in Journee, but a tragic incident leads her to end their relationship. Without her light and positive influence Keith falls deeper into the streets and ultimately end up where he vowed to never be.

Journee and Keith were the couple that everyone would describe as relationship goals, but life had other plans. Apart, their lives begin to take a downward turn and both find themselves at their lowest. One phone call brings them back in each others lives and their spark is rekindled. Presented with a second chance at love, will they discover that they are stronger together or allow the past to come in between them.


New Release Spotlight – Never Should Have Let You Go, by TaKisha Trenean

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