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Captivated by Danger by Endiya Carter

Diesel Danger is a man who is described as having a ‘god complex’ by those close to him.
He’s used to getting what he wants from women, when and how he wants it, with no pushback— until he runs into Greysen McCree.


When You Love Me by Shay Davis

Losing her twenty-nine-year-old best friend had Zayn lost. She was supposed to have her ride or die by her side as they entered the successful phase of their lives. Only now, as a successful attorney, and living what should be her best life, Zayn is forced to deal with the grief of losing the one person who saved her from her crowded six-sibling household and strict Muslim parents.

Burying his twenty-nine-year-old daughter was not how life was supposed to be playing out. Orion’s entire world revolved around his daughter, Adira. She was the reason he left the streets at eighteen and got his life together. Adira saved him, and it broke him that he couldn’t do the same.

In the midst of watching her best friend suffer, feelings that she thought she grew out of came rushing back to Zayn with being in such close quarters with Orion. Orion should not have been noticing the sexy, grown woman Zayn turned out to be. She was his daughter’s best friend, but with basically living under the same roof for two years, both caring for his daughter, Orion couldn’t fight off his attraction to Zayn. The two of them coming together could be a mistake, built on grief, or it could be what ties their souls and make their hearts whole again. Only time could tell how their story ends.

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains serious medical conditions.


Somebody Somewhere: A Small Town Romance (Greetings from Tuckerville Book 1) by J. Nichole

Small towns have a welcoming, comforting feel to them. At least that’s what it looks like in the movies.

When Lexi Mason experienced devastating heartbreak, she needed a change. Tuckerville, a small town, offered a remote work program and she applied. She thought the small town would be the change she needed away from her life in the city, away from her ex.

Ivan Mathis was a successful fitness trainer, in Turner City. But when his mom called pleading with him to return to Tuckerville, to help revitalize it, he was on board to help save the small town.

Neither of them expected that the welcoming, small-town would give them their biggest challenges, or their sweetest rewards.


Thin Line Between Friends by Erika B.

When truths are revealed, there’s no more hiding in the shadows.

Ishanti Phillips knows that love is out there for her, but the one she wants… she believes he is off limits. A cruise shows Ishanti that her heart’s desire may not be as out of reach as she thought.

Gian Turner is a man with a plan. The time for hanging back and living without his love has ended. He’s coming for his girl, and nothing will stand in his way of getting her.

Ishanti and Gian have been friends for years. What happens when a friend turns into a lover?


Love Always, Kahmad ft. Jah by T. Key

Life has been smooth sailing for Kahmad. He’s gotten engaged and has a 7 year old son now. He has everything he wanted…life is good. That is until life takes an ugly turn and he is right back in the grip of a love that he had long ago buried deep within himself. Life as he knows it is about to take some twists and turns. Is he prepared for the ride?


See Through You: Book 4 of Explore Men of the Hamptons by Lula White

This book has a prequel novella, Christmas Down Under, available as a free download on Lula’s web site.
Eugenia’s backstory is also included in Overheated for Summer.

The saga continues of black distinction, ambition, and romance in the Hamptons continues.

“Eugenia, why are you so scared? Can you stop a minute, and give me just—“
What must be the fear of God shakes in Eugenia’s eyes. My hand is left empty when she snatches her arm from me. “No, no, I will not.”
I hand her the roses. “At least take these. Don’t let them go to waste.”
Snatching them, she struts to the nearest trash can.
In slow motion, I cringe as she slams them inside.
“I appreciate the gesture, but I can’t accept these.”
This is definitely not the woman I dropped off in my helicopter on Christmas Day.

I am Keenan McLain, CEO & Founder of Explore Adventures, and I’ve fallen in love with an older angel who’s sexy as fu–
Well, you get it. I won’t be without her. I don’t care who’s got a problem with it.

*This is the fourth book of the Explore Men of the Hamptons black romance series.
**Trigger warnings: depression & mental health, pregnancy loss, language medium-heat sex depictions, domestic abuse


Good For You by ashley

She was stumbling through life while he was struggling to find peace in his. A drunken night between old friends changes everything for them, leaving them both with hard decisions to make and only nine months to figure it all out…


Winters’ Trio by Turtleberry

Meet Harmony, Lyric, and Melody Winters. They were a singing group when they were younger. Now Harmony is a television and film actress, Lyric writes songs, and Melody is a Broadway actress.
In an effort to get away from her cheating boyfriend, Lyric runs right into JT. When she can’t resist her attraction to him, she tells them both that it’ll just be one night because she doesn’t want him to be the rebound guy. Then fate steps in.
There is an instant attraction the minute that Melody sets eyes on Tish. They meet and it seems the attraction is mutual. Before she knows it, they are planning their wedding.
Harmony is happily married to Dwayne and both of them are pursuing their careers as actors. She is cheering both her sisters along, hoping they get the happy ending that she has.
With their mom praying and manifesting, see what turns the lives of these triplets take.


Feels Like Home by Crystal Collier

Convinced that true love wasn’t written in the stars for her, Jamila Davis focused on leveling up in her profession, bettering herself, and healing from old wounds she unintentionally held onto. Just when she thought the coast was clear, a persistent distraction comes along and shifts the dynamics of her focal point. Intimidated by the way he makes her feel, Jamila runs for the hills, only to double back for a taste of what she may be missing.

Cree Thompson is a man in a league of his own. He knows exactly who he is and what he wants in every aspect of his life. Drawn to complicated puzzles needing to be solved, he falls for Jamila, who becomes the hardest game of tug-of-war he’s ever played.

Despite their instant connection and uncontrollable pull to each other, will Jamila finally drop her defenses and give love a real chance? Or will Cree’s patience run out before she decides? Find out in the riveting novella, Feels Like Home.


There’s Beauty Within Her by Sierra M. Miller

Sydney Combs.
Beauty and confidence exude from her. She is one of fashion’s most iconic top models and seems to have it all when it comes to fame, but there’s something missing: happiness. Something she once had is now a foreign concept to her. When you add in toxic relationships, it turns into a recipe for disaster. She shuts people out in attempts to protect her heart, but it only grows colder as time goes on.
She’s turned into a monster because of it, throwing fits that the paparazzi loves to spread across their tabloids. They’ve labeled her a ‘beast’ because of it, ruining her once beloved name. She aims to correct that with her latest photo spread and charity work. But when her favorite photographer becomes ill, she has to replace him last minute with someone new. Will she be able to tame the ‘beast’ whenever he’s around?


Anchored Hearts: Parker Brother’s Book 1 (Parker Brother’s Family Series) by Tracee Lydia Garner

Despite her prestigious professional role, Allontis Baxter’s private life is in shambles. She’s just broken up with her no-good boyfriend, her adopted mother figure is dying in the hospital and now she’s been turned down in an attempt to adopt a child of her own. Plus, Allontis’s old flame Cole Parker has returned to their hometown from New York City, causing her dilemmas to multiply as old feelings are rekindled.

When a series of chance encounters at work fling her into the middle of a mysterious scandal, Allontis realizes she’s caught up in a dangerous game that could send her chaotic life up in flames. Struggling to keep the pieces of her own life together while protecting those she loves, Allontis is forced to confront the true meaning of family and to face some demons of her own.


In the Game of Love: (Calhoun Brothers) Book 7 by Keitra Crooks

With a high-paying career that had given him recognition, championships, and plenty of ladies; AFL player G Calhoun was living his best life. But after years of being a confirmed bachelor, what he really craved now was what his six brothers had all found…the one. So, when he stormed into Janay’s office to discuss an issue, he never expected to be intrigued by her and it didn’t help that she didn’t want anything to do with him that made him desire her…even more. 

Janay House loved her new job working at the Kansas City Arena but she was knocked off her square when a rugged football player invaded her office demanding answers. He was arrogant and sexy as hell. Try as she might to forget him, that one fiery exchange had gotten under her skin and every time she interacted with him, it was becoming increasingly clear that she would wind up in his bed. Wanting to keep their situation-ship as casual as possible, against all odds; Janay ended up falling in love.

As G and Janay spend more time together and fall for each other, G is ready to live the life he envisioned but Janay has a secret. When it is revealed, will it threaten their chances at a happily ever after?


My Safe Haven by D’Mesha

Finally ending her nightmare of a marriage has Haven Merrick scrambling to piece her life back together. Healing isn’t easy and although everyone means well by offering their help, she wants to stand on her own two feet for the first time. However, some nightmares are hard to escape no matter how much you wish them away.

Xavier Lockhart has survived his own marriage ending after experiencing a loss that had him questioning everything. He specializes in fixing broken people but cant fix his own problems to save his life. When he runs into a broken woman on his operating table, he wants nothing more than to heal her in more ways than the physical.

Fate has a way of bringing these two back together under extreme circumstances. Haven’s past has started to invade her present and she’s helpless. What do you do when the man of your dreams offers you a Safe Haven?


Exactly Everything she Needs: A Christian Romance Novel (Faithful Needs Book 2) by LaToya Battle

Once burned, twice shy…
Successful donut shop owner, Cassandra Pryor, aka Cassie, has heard that saying plenty of times in her life. However, she never really thought it would be something that she’d have to relate to. When the husband she thought would love and adore her forever turns out to be an abuser, she quickly learns that the saying does, indeed, apply to herself and her life. When she meets a celebrity pastry chef who is newly saved, handsome, and generous, her heart begins to once again yearn for a happy-ever-after. God wants to give Cassie exactly everything that she wants and needs…a true soulmate included. But she must first accept and believe that God’s willing to do it for her.


I Want You by Kiara Neufville

I fell in love with my sneaky link and I don’t know what to do – Yuri 

Yuri Stony has always been great at everything life threw her way. She’s at the top of her game in her career, independent and has her own. Life isn’t perfect for her because she’s missing one thing, unconditional companionship from the person she wants the most, Wave Cross. Her mind and heart wants what it wants. As she’s getting older she feels the pressure of society and her parents but doesn’t know where to turn. 

Wave Cross is haunted by the memories of his past and it’s stealing his ability to trust anyone other than the people in his inner circle. Sneaking always put his mind at ease from the headache and drama to be nonexistent in his life when dealing with different women. Attachments were the last thing on his list. Wave was all about his money and businesses. That is until he can’t get enough of her. The only option left on the table is to be with strong minded Yuri Stony or continue running from his past letting it dictate his future happiness.


Haute Haus Fleur: A Pannal Hill Story by Thai

Haute Hause Fluer: A person who is very fragile and vulnerable as a result of having been sheltered. 

Easy prey Lia Donovan is to the enemy, which is why she’s been protected and served her entire life by her father Horace, brother Neil, and lifelong friend, Monroe Taylor. When betrayal and deceitful people enter your life it’s usually underneath a smiling face. They seek to destroy any and everything in their path, leaving your life in shambles. Lia has a valuable lesson to learn when she finds out no one can be trusted but God.


Conflicted : A North Brooke Port Novel by A.L. Tate

Calaa and Jayce Bailey, are what you would call couple goals. Even when a hiccup occurs, they manage to forgive but never forget and move on. From high school sweethearts to adults with successful careers, their love endures. But what happens when that love is deathly threatened, will it take one over the edge where neither will be able to come back from?
Junior Felix, the brother to Calaa, has it all. He’s successful with being the king of the streets alongside his two older brothers. He’s known for digging out his sister’s so-called friends but one has always been off limits. Miss Genevieve AKA Gen.
Genevieve is best friend to Calaa Bailey and would be known as the forbidden fruit to all her brothers. Unfortunately, she isn’t getting the picture and shoots her shot at the man that she has been secretly in love with since she was a pre-teen, Junior Felix. Unfortunately, they say a hard head makes a soft behind when she finds herself in a toxic relationship with the man of her dreams. Will the back and forth cause her to see him as the man of her nightmares, no matter the chemistry between the two or will they become couple goals too?
Come and get cuffed with the rawness of what love has to offer between these couples and find out if love can prevail all in this stand alone, Conflicted.


Play Another Love Song by Meisha Gladney


Danielle Johnson loves nothing more than black old school R&B, Soul & Hip Hop, and cinema. She has a lot going on for herself. A job. Nice apartment and car. And, her LIFE-LONG DREAM: an internship at her favorite radio station since childhood…and that’s about it. She has found all the ways to seclude herself from not just others- but from herself. The only thing that she lets in is music. 

When her radio role model, Lady Chanel, sees a glimpse of Danielle’s musical genius during the internship, she offers Danielle the opportunity of a lifetime: to audition to replace her as the next radio show host. 

Lacey and Tony, Danielle’s ride-or-dies, do everything to make sure Danielle follows her dream, and she does so with their meddling at every turn, with Lacey as her life coach to bring her out of her shell and Tony as her co-host for the auditions to support her along the way. 

Danielle is in for a wild ride when a slow brewing love, an online relationship, and past parental trauma comes into play. A ride she certainly tries to get off on every turn, as she is guided through learning to love herself and be confident in her beauty- inside and out.

But what happens when the ride takes an unexpected twist?

PLAY ANOTHER LOVE SONG is a new adult romance full of growing pains that will sing to the hearts of everyone new to adulting or still have yet to figure it out, with the backdrop of Black 90’s & 00’s R&B, Soul, & Hip Hop references that every Millennial, Gen Z, and overall music lover can appreciate.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up August 8th-14th

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