Losing her twenty-nine-year-old best friend had Zayn lost. She was supposed to have her ride or die by her side as they entered the successful phase of their lives. Only now, as a successful attorney, and living what should be her best life, Zayn is forced to deal with the grief of losing the one person who saved her from her crowed six-sibling household and strict Muslim parents.

Burying his twenty-nine-year-old daughter was not how life was supposed to be playing out. Orion’s entire world revolved around his daughter, Adira. She was the reason he left the streets at eighteen and got his life together. Adira saved him, and it broke him that he couldn’t do the same.

In the midst of watching her best friend suffer, feelings that she thought she grew out of came rushing back to Zayn with being in such close quarters with Orion. Orion should not have been noticing the sexy, grown woman Zayn turned out to be. She was his daughter’s best friend, but with basically living under the same roof for two years, both caring for his daughter, Orion couldn’t fight off his attraction to Zayn. The two of them coming together could be a mistake, built on grief, or it could be what ties their souls and make their hearts whole again. Only time could tell how their story ends.

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains serious medical conditions.


New Release Spotlight – When You Love Me, by Shay Davis

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