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Let Me Free You (McClain Brothers Book 4) by Alexandria House*

Neil McClain is the screw-up, the one everyone hopes will win but expects to lose. He wants to live a better life, one that his late mother would be proud of, but his belief in himself is weak.

Sage Moniba is in need of a major miracle or she’ll be forced to give up the only life she’s known.

Neil is searching for freedom from the demons of his past.

Sage is in desperate need of help.

Could it be that what each one needs resides in the other?



Say He’ll Be My Baby (The BLP Say He Series) by Chelsea Maria*

The rule book of love has taught us that distance makes the heart grow fonder and that time heals all wounds.


Time seems to have control over everything including when Jessie Belle Taylor will meet Prince Charming and fall in love. Since college, she has loved the smooth selfless man who has deemed himself as her one and only friend and the keeper of her heart.

Sammie Bush.

Unlike Jessie, Sammie knows that procrastination is the thief of time and vows to not be robbed of any more time without having Jessie as his woman.

With twelve days until Christmas, Sammie embarks on a journey to make his college crush his mistletoe kiss. He throws caution to the wind and doesn’t care about her reservations, but unbeknownst to the two lovebirds, there are a few scrooges determined to keep their Christmas wish from coming true.

Will Sammie and Jessie let outside influences stop them from having a Christmas worth remembering, or will they make the most of the time they have by making memories that they will never forget?

*This is a standalone novel in the B. Love Publications “Say He” series. The books can be read in any order, and the characters/stories do not intertwine.*



He Who Is A Friend (Sadik Book 1) by Love Belvin

Sadik Ellis blew into my rather insipid world at breakneck speed and with gripping force. He held all the features: striking feline eyes, golden russet skin, incredible sex appeal, wealth exuding like the enticing scent of cologne, and mind-blowing determination.

He was also trouble from the other side of the tracks, something I’d sensed. Sadik was an Ellis man with a solid education, his own thriving businesses, and self-obtained wealth. However, the Ellis family was known for their long underbelly ruling of the state of New Jersey. When Sadik assured his life was separate of his father’s, I believed him each time.

I fell completely and dangerously head over heels for him. And, my God, all the red flags were there. Yet I ignored them all, throwing caution to the winds of naivety just to add a little spice to my mundane world.

A world that will never be the same because I allowed it to be infiltrated by an Ellis.

Publisher’s Note: “He Who Is a Friend” is book ONE of a THREE book series. It ends on a suspenseful CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexual explicit content, and gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.



Dear, Vanity 2: Echon’s Return by Nona Day

Vanity lost the first and only love of your life, Echon. She was blessed with memories and the greatest gift from God, their son EJ. She fought hard to live a happy life without him. Once she finds the strength in her heart to move on with her life, her world shifts. What happens with the only man you ever loved returns from the dead?
Echon returns with vengeance on his mind, but struggles in with the love he has for his family in his heart. Upon discovering he has a son, he’s determined to build a life with Vanity and EJ. Will he let the murder of his parents destroy his future with Vanity and EJ?
Zelda is the strong and heartless friend. She’s always in control. No man is worth owing her heart, and no man would ever control her. All that changes when Jedrek comes into her life. She finds herself obeying to his every command. Jedrek is the type of man she promised herself to never fall in love with. But her heart speaks louder than her mine. Will she allow herself to follow herself to let go, and take a chance of being loved or heartbroken?



Prey For The Hunted: The Birth of Amani (P R E Y) by Deshon Dreamz

Soul ties are unbreakable, especially those created in Dejunza.

Nyree has always been quiet, calculated and defensive; not knowing the depths of one’s lineage can make a person that way. The abandonment of her parents left a hole in her heart that no one had been able to fill. With hurt and pain, come reflective actions that cause Nyree to bury her heart and soul in a place that she knows no one will be able to penetrate.

TezAvant is also familiar with having to transition at a young age. After a run in with a local gang that left him lifeless, he finds himself thrown into a world that will change him forever. The moment he encounters the free spirit with distance in her eyes and an invisible barrier around her, his soul let him know that she was created for him and him alone.

Two stubborn spirits clash in book one of the P R E Y saga, but it’s a battle that neither of them has the power to control.



The Life and Times of Gigolo Number Nine by Brian W. Smith

Romeo Soublet sleeps with wealthy older women for money. In other words, he’s a gigolo. And in the city of New Orleans, there are a LOT of older wealthy women to make his chosen occupation extremely profitable. Expensive cars. A pricey Uptown New Orleans loft. Shopping sprees. Romeo has it all…and then his life changes.

Connie Dupree, a wealthy socialite, hears of the exploits of Romeo a/k/a Gigolo Number Nine (the number assigned to him by the madam who “discovered” his talent), and arranges to spend the night with Romeo to see if everything she’s heard is true. When Romeo sees the beautiful woman for the first time, he gladly signs up for the job. Their night together was one to remember, but it’s one that only Romeo will get to recall. When he wakes up the next morning cuddled up to Connie, he’s ready for another round, but Connie isn’t…because she’s covered in blood and dead.



On His List: A Holiday Short by Elani Roman

For Skyellar Reed, a life without lists just isn’t worth living… but when she runs into Marcus, she quickly learns that the best things in life can’t be predicted. This year, Skye gets a gift like no other – one who she just might be able to ride into the new year!



A Cougar for Christmas: Short Story by Barbara Joe Williams

Widowed at 58 years old, Christina Johnson had never imagined herself as a cougar. But after meeting the fine young club promoter, Miles Middleton, she just might become A Cougar for Christmas.

Brighten your holidays with this romantic Christmas short story.


Summer On The West Coast by Kenya Redd

“Honey! Let me tell you about them country girls! They seem nice and sweet but after a while them bright lights been done gone straight to they heads and they get just as wild and crazy as the rest of these city slickers!“
Summer believes herself to be just another ordinary tom-boyish country girl that nobody wants or ever really loved. All she has ever known is fighting and surviving. But her life drastically changes one summer when her mother dies and she is put in the position to follow her aunt to Inglewood California where she is immediately whisked away into the city life. Cousins, parties, palm trees, feel good weather and most all— handsome faces. Summer catches the eye of one handsome face in particular and his name is, Kingston Westbrook. A name that is well-known through out the streets of Inglewood. Not for being a ball player or even a dope boy—but a Crip! King immediately sees something through Summer’s plain style of dress and her thick southern accent and what he sees is a special type of beauty. A type of beauty that he longs to get to know and could possibly cherish.

But what do gangsters actually know about love? Everybody that damn near crosses paths with Summer, advises her to run for the hills and she almost does until King breaks down her walls with his relentless charm and ultimately wins her heart. Summer has no choice but to discover that even though her and King are from two separate worlds, they are not that much different at all. In return for her new found love, she becomes a straight ride or die. It’s her and King against the world and that’s Summer’s mind frame until certain events takes place that truly test their union. Yet and still, the two are determined to go to war to save their love until outside factors began to get the best of them both. One of those outside factors is another well-known gangster who is King’s arch enemy and he represents a different color and that color is red! Summer finds herself in this crazy whirlwind of passionate romance, drama, betrayal and last but definitely not least—bloodshed. It’s a whole lot of gangster biz going down in Cali during this summer on the west coast.



My Heart Belongs To Him 2 by Precious T. 

Finally finding her true love, Skye was determined to hold on to what was rightfully hers. After being free of her toxic relationship, she was finally happy to have someone that only saw her. Marcus, the helpless romantic, strived to keep a smile on Skye’s face by any means necessary. After the horrific events Marcus and Skye encountered while on the plane, they believed they were destined for each other after surviving with only a few cuts and bruises. They decided that fighting for each other’s love was the only way possible to continue to be happy, regardless of what people thought. Marcus had many failed attempts at love just as Skye, but something held them together like no other. Just when life was becoming so simple and easy to the both of them, it took a turn for the worse. Love isn’t always a happy thing, especially when someone is constantly fighting against your happiness.



Naughty: An Erotic Christmas Novella by Sabrina B. Scales

No chestnuts are roasting by the open fire, and Jack Frost hasn’t nipped at anything for at least seven days. Yule-tide carols are playing on the radio, but all Nedra Brooks wants for Christmas is a night of satisfaction.
Recently separated from her on again, off again boyfriend, Darryl, Nedra finds her self in the arms of the most unlikely candidate, her handsome neighbor, Justin Steele. Years of sexual tension finally come to a head when she seeks, and finds, temporary satisfaction in Justin’s arms.
After the climax settles, deeper feelings are unearthed, and they stumble into more than either of them had bargained for. Will the two of them be able to leave it in the bedroom and move on? Or will this sexy Christmas gift exchange turn into something more?



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!

New Release Round-Up December 10th-16th

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