Book two in the Limelight series was as intriguing as the first book, Hues. Readers may recall in the first book a high fashion model, Phaedra, had a condition she kept from her audience and adoring fans. Only her family, her doctor and makeup artist knew the real story. A jealous nemesis discovered her condition and outed her secret to the world. The outcome did not go as the villain hoped because she did not get her man.
In the follow up story, this time the story’s focus was the makeup artist who helped Phaedra shine. Simone Gadberry was one of the most sought after artists with a clientele of various high profile people. Her new-found fame also allowed her to see the world while honing her craft. Readers might also recall Desmond from the first story. He was Parker’s friend and a bar owner. Simone had a love/ hate relationship with the bar owner of the establishment she and Phaedra visited. Desmond was unwilling to believe his charms had no impact on Simone because she made his heart flutter just at a glance. Desmond was not a one-woman man, and Simone was not interested in being in a relationship period. So, for the two to find themselves falling for one another was an emotional journey and a delightful story.
Phaedra and Parker’s cameo appearance and their wedding as part of this story was a nice addition. The way the author delivers the scenes is sweet. The lack of sheet rumbling does not detract from the story. Having the couple form a real friendship was the main goal, then building a story that’s sympathetic regarding their flaws, then interlacing them as a couple into a committed relationship together. The author accomplished each feat with great mastery. The story was enjoyable, and I look forward to more from this author. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Tones (Limelight Book 2), by Anita Davis

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