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Conflicted Heart by Kay Shanee

Siyanna Cassidy was overjoyed to find that she was pregnant only one month behind her twin sister, Summer. The two had done life together on so many levels, including marrying twin brothers. However, in a brutal twist of tragic events, Siyanna is forced into early labor on the heels of the shocking loss of her sister. As if she hadn’t been heartbroken enough, the shooting death of her husband follows swiftly. Suddenly a single mother and widow, she partners with her brother-in-law to raise their children. However, even the silver lining challenges her heart.

Drue Hendrix is a Black Romance Author. His stories of love and strength had his own life as added fuel now that his beautiful wife was having their first child. But when she dies in childbirth his world is flipped upside down. The pain is enough to bring him to his knees. Add in the news of losing his twin brother and life is hardly worth living. Still, for the sake of his newborn, and his brother’s grieving household, he is determined to rise and raise his family. When healing begins to show its colors though, new life tastes like the forbidden.

Mirroring each other’s grief turns into soothing each other’s hearts for Siyanna and Drue. Yet will the nature of their bond ruin their chances at love? Or will they become one another’s saving grace?


Spread Joy: A Christmas Eve Hot Holiday Hookup (Hot Holiday Hookup Novella) by Danielle Allen

Signing up to volunteer on Christmas Eve felt like the best thing to do to get in the holiday spirit.

Turns out, there are multiple ways to get in the holiday spirit. 


Alone With You (Hidden Lake Series) by D. Rose

A fresh start.

When his publishing deal falls through, Memphis Jarreau is forced to start fresh in Hidden Lake. Although he isn’t in love with the idea of living in a small town, he knows it’s vital for his career. Memphis’s plans to revamp his brand are interrupted when he meets Kiannah West, an intriguing woman with a complicated past of her own. 

A second chance.

Soon-to-be divorcée, Kiannah West is out on chances to give. After putting her all into a failed marriage, she is left feeling lost and depleted. An unexpected connection with the town’s newest member, Memphis Jarreau reminds her that second chances won’t always have a bad outcome. 

In Alone With You, Memphis and Kiannah learn the importance of friendship, love, and new beginnings. The two realize that even in their darkest moments, something beautiful can emerge. 

Please note, Alone With You is book two of three in the Hidden Lake series and can be read as a standalone. The characters from this novel are not recurring in the other installments.


Then There Were Two (A Second Chanced Encounter Book 2) by L.M. Richardson

From Friendsgiving to Christmas, Paityn and Luz’s second chanced encounter is heating up.

When the only present Luz wants to unwrap for Christmas gets derailed by a spoiled socialite, Luz does what needs to be done to get his girl.

Peityn is hesitant with her heart, but Luz is hopeful as they finesse their way from a second chanced encounter to love at last.


When The Time Is Wright: A Christmas Novella by Renée A. Moses

Tanjela “Tanji” Baily is still coming off the heels of her divorce from Antonio. Her relationship with her husband turned out to be contingent on a factor she never knew existed. When she couldn’t hold up her end, Antonio ended their union. Now back home with her parents, Tanji wants to move on with her life. But the reminders of her failure with Antonio haunts any future she could have with any other man.

Tavier Wright is ready for the next phase of his life. At thirty-four, his parents wonder if he’ll ever settle down. All he’s waiting for is the right woman to start that new chapter with. After a family friend moves back in town, he may not have to wait much longer for his happily ever after. That’s if he can get her to see things his way.


Hot and Strong (A Strong Family Novella) (Strong Family Novellas Book 4) by Niobia Bryant

The much-loved Strong Family series by National Bestselling Author Niobia Bryant continues as the family revisits a romance from the past that is a cornerstone for their lasting legacy of love and ranching…

Logan Strong is new to the small rural town of Holtsville, South Carolina, and brings with him a Texas background of cattle ranching and horse wrangling. He’s one sexy Black cowboy, something Ivy Child fights hard to ignore even as she aims her Colt .38 revolver at him when he offers her a ride home. Neither Logan nor Ivy are looking for love. He’s a loner cowboy who enjoys his nomadic lifestyle, and she’s experienced so much heartbreaking loss that she doesn’t believe happiness is possible for her.

Danger and the brutality of racism come to Holtsville as a wealthy outsider hopes to scare away the Black townsfolk and claim their land for his future development plans. After having to rescue Ivy numerous times from near calamities, Logan offers her a marriage in name only to provide her with his protection. Secretly she’s thankful to have more to rely on than her pistol and the solitude of her own company, so she accepts. Soon close quarters and an attraction neither can continue to deny leads to passion and romance that is hot and strong. With more than ever to fight to defend, Logan and Ivy join forces with the rest of the town to ensure no one or nothing will destroy Holtsville or their chance at love and happiness.


Rolling Stone (Casting Stones Book 1) by Danielle Burton

Everyone leaves eventually: a truth Cree St. James knows all too well. It’s why she’s spent her adult life running away from the inevitable. If she leaves first, it won’t hurt as bad, right?

Josiah Stone has a problem. He’s addicted to monogamy. He’s bounced from one relationship to the next, all serious, but none everlasting. Eventually the monogamy becomes monotonous, and he moves on.

Both Cree and Josiah are on the run for different reasons. But they just might be what the other needs to finally stand still.


Ten Christmas Shots: Baes of Christmas by Elle Wright

There are two things I’ve always hated about December: Yuletide and Carols.

Apparently, my besties are tired of my Scrooge-like behavior. Instead of commiserating with me at my annual nonChristmas, foreverSingle party, they’re forcing me to go on a luxury trip to the worst magical place on Earth—for two. 

I’ve never been girlfriend material. Too much work, not enough good feelings. Now I have ten dates, ten shots to find a plus one. The one caveat? My friends pick the dates—even ex-boyfriends are not off limits.

Dealing with the past, stepping outside of my comfort zone, meeting strangers… What can go wrong? Everything. Or nothing. I can’t decide which is scarier. A long time ago, I vowed to only let my brain make the important decisions. What if my heart didn’t get the memo?

**Make sure you check out the rest of the books in the Baes of Christmas series!

Ten Christmas Shots by Elle Wright
Nine Frosty Nights by Kimmie Ferrell
Eight Naughty Notes by Aja
Seven Peppermint Kisses by Tiye Love
Six Sensual Wishes by Nicole Falls
Five Mistletoe Moments by Sheryl Lister
Four Stocking Stuffers by Kelsey Green
Three Sexy Elves by Angela Seals
Two Dirty Santas by Sherelle Green
One Snowy Seduction by A.C. Arthur


Nine Frosty Nights: Baes of Christmas by Kimmie Ferrell


I was unceremoniously dumped after winning a ten-day/nine-night trip to Iceland, but I’m determined to forget about my failed relationship and finally focus on my wants and needs. Too bad only thing I really want for Christmas is her.


I knew better than to mix business with pleasure. Yet, I’d done so, and paid a hefty price. I’m ready to prove I’m more than my mistakes, but my newest client is tempting me to be a repeat offender.


Eight Naughty Notes: Baes of Christmas by Aja

Tori Clark knew at a very young age that she’d have to make sacrifices to reach her goals of becoming one of the most trusted Pediatricians in Pittsburgh. Tori didn’t have the luxury of partying, traveling, or even falling in love. But she did in fact fall in love with Christian Powers, a man going through his residency training right alongside her. They were both among the best and brightest stars in their program with very few chances to take R&R, but somehow they managed to sneak in a few moments that brought them closer together. It was with Christian that Tori learned to laugh, and how to cry out in pleasure. When Tori receives a reminder of what her first passion is, she decides to break things off with Christian to preserve herself and her life goals.

Years later, Christian, now a top Pediatric Intensivist, returns to the place of his residency, not only for an opening at the Children’s Hospital, but also for a second opportunity at love.

Warm up your holiday with this hot second chance romance.

Tori Clark first appears in For Once, however you can enjoy her story without reading it.


Seven Peppermint Kisses: Baes of Christmas by Tiye Love

Excited to win a romantic helicopter ride for two during the most wonderful time of the year, Pepper Lockridge knows just the person to invite. The sexy and oh so charismatic, Tyler Cage. He’s been her crush since college and now that they work for the same logo company, she’s determined to make him see her as more than a friend. With the help of a make-over, she has seven days to get Tyler to really notice her and accept her invitation. And maybe her Christmas wish will come true, and Tyler will finally kiss her as they fly over the Hudson River. Except the only one who seems to be paying attention to the new and improved Pepper is their boss. Tyler’s hot, yet forever brooding older brother, Sawyer Cage.


Six Sensual Wishes: Baes of Christmas by Nicole Falls

“All work and no play makes Eva Archer a dull girl.”

Those were the words uttered by her boss and close friend Sebastian “Bash” Wood right before her surprised her with the trip of a lifetime— a seven day, six night stay on an ultra-exclusive, upscale resort. It was just the type of getaway that Eva both deserved and needed, but there was one problem…Bash would be joining her.

Sebastian has seen Eva work hard to make sure everyone else in her life is doing well, but makes it his personal mission to ensure that not only does she enjoy herself on this trip, but that she achieves maximum nirvana. His motives are not all altruistic, however, as he sees his chance to finally act on feelings for Eva that he’s kept shuttered away for quite some time.


Rouse Family Christmas: A Sag Harbor Black Romances Christmas Novella by Lula White

This novella is the Christmas edition of the steamy romances, rivalries, and riches of the Black Hamptons.

Before Christmas, can love get them through the storm?

Madison Rouse’s eyes flickered a moment before hardening to stone. “If you were going to torture me about him, I seriously wish you would never have married me.”

With his chest sagging into his feet, Jerrell turned and headed out of the bedroom, to sleep on the couch. “Me too.”

The Rouse men have found love in the women of Sag Harbor.
But with new revelations and old battle scars threatening their foundation,
can the bonds of these couples withstand their worst storm?
In this Christmas novella, return to the hearts of Adella, Desmond, Chrissy, Sheldon, Jerrell and Maddy one final time, for Christmas.
Told from all six perspectives.

**It is highly recommended that you have read the Sag Harbor Black Romances and Explore You, to fully appreciate these storylines. As this is the fifth book of the series, there is no character development.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: *Two scenes of domestic terrorism

*Strong language & sex


Easy Love: The Love She Didn’t See Coming by Jillian Storr

Noelle, a young Bahamian woman, enrolls in University in the Fall of 2002. Noelle is fueled with the goal of one day becoming a Dentist and moving back home to The Bahamas to marry her high school sweetheart. 

However, during her very first semester, she meets the charming and mesmerizing Amar. Their connection is electric, and everything about their flow is so easy. Noelle’s perfectly planned fairytale is quickly met with some unexpected twists and turns.

Confused about the love she’s always known and the one she never saw coming, Noelle becomes caught up in some reckless and dangerous situations. 

This drama romance will keep you binging page after page, laughing, crying, and feeling all the feels of 90s and early 2000s R&B.


A Dangerous Illusion by B. Rose

Sometimes your worst nightmares come back. 

After starting a brand-new job, Sharon must face one of the darkest nights of her life all over again after realizing that her boss just happens to be a man from her past… a man she tried hard to forget. 

Plagued by the memory of her harassment, Sharon must confront her past in order to embrace her future. Will questions be answered, old wounds healed? Or will her pain continue on, rightfully carved into her very bone? 

Follow Sharon on her path to peace and freedom… and maybe, just maybe, finding love in the most dangerous illusion. 


Undeniably Yours by Nicole Renee

Roman Parker has always loved Elodie Moore. They were best friends growing up living across the street from one another. The older they got the closer their bond became but Roman didn’t know how to make Elodie see that he wanted her for more than just a friend. Now, a successful owner of a motorcycle shop Roman has everything he’s ever wanted. Except for Elodie. Too bad though because his best friend was now engaged to an up-and-coming senator.

Until she wasn’t.

Now Roman had a chance and this time he’s not letting Elodie slip from his fingers.

Elodie Moore never saw Roman Parker as anything more than her best friend. She had no idea the man wanted her as more than that. She loved him too much to try for anything more. But Roman was starting to tear down her walls. Could they make the next move from friends to lovers?

Let’s see if Roman can change Elodie’s mind.


Bran’ New (A Watson Girls Story Book 7) by Tracy Gray

For Clarke Cross, being single is one thing.
Being single and alone is a whole other thing…particularly during the holiday (read: cuffing) season.

When a winter storm ushers in more than just icy temps and inches of snow, it seems like Clarke’s companionship drought is finally over.

Can she make the feelings last beyond the holiday?


Soldier: The Men of Mafia St. Clair Book 6 by Celeste Granger

This is not your ordinary romance. If you are looking for a direct line to a happily ever after, this is not the book for you.

This is mafia romance. There’s a war going on, a battle for ultimate control, and the war is coming to an end.
Yet, even this war can’t stop love, especially for a savage, especially for a soldier. Zander is that soldier. He refuses to placate his enemy and struggles to abide by mafioso rules. Zander is impatient to annihilate those that threaten his family, but patience is required of him.

In the midst of the storm that swirls within and around him, Zander encounters someone who will change the trajectory of his energy and his life.

Zsanine St. Laurent is a mystery, a mystery Zander woefully underestimates during their first encounter. From her colorful headwrap to her ordinary uniform, he isn’t sure what to make of her. Zsanine is mesmerizing, a conundrum wrapped in intrigue, that peaks every one of his curiosities. Zander won’t rest until he demystifies her.


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New Release Round-Up December 13th-19th


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