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Jingle Mingle (A Christmas Short) by Alexandria House

A holiday-themed networking event leads to more than just a business connection.

This is an erotic short story.


Leather and Wood: A Ganton Hills Novella by Aubree Pynn

In the twelfth installment of the Ganton Hills Saga, Aubree Pynn returns with another dynamic duo. Lenox and DaLyse are thrusted into each other’s space. With Lenox’s antics and DaLyse’s stubbornness, are their encounters accidental or kismet? Only time will reveal.


Still The One (Hidden Lake Series) by Asia Monique

Returning to Montana had never been a part of Cassim Reed’s plans, but an opportunity he couldn’t resist lured him back to the small town he once called home. Now, all that he’d left behind was right in front of him, including his childhood love Raquel Moore—only she’d been the to leave first.

Two years earlier, Raquel Moore returned to her hometown with one goal—getting reacclimated with small-town living. She never considered winning the heart of her one true love again, but with Cassim back in town, Raquel could no longer ignore her heart’s desires.

Cassim and Raquel left Hidden Lake on two different paths, only to find themselves back where it all began years later. Was the saying, home is where the heart is, true after all?

*Please note: Still The One is book one of three in the Hidden Lake series and can be read as a standalone.The characters from this novel are not reoccurring in the other installments.


Twenty-Nine by Che Moon

Second chance love.
Love lost.
Deadly affair.
Love at first sight.
Four stories. One book.


Where We Found Our Heart (Lost & Found Series Book 2) by Natasha Bishop


I had my chance at a family and it was stolen from me.

I was told I was a joke, so that’s just what I’ll be.

But then she gives me news that turns my whole life upside down. Nina Williams is my second chance at a family and she might just be the missing key to my heart. I just need to prove to her I’m not the joke I pretend to be.


After the loss of my parents, I’m all my brother and sister have. I’m trying to piece my family back together.

I wasn’t ready to start a family of my own.

One night with Isaiah Cole changed all my plans. He’s nothing like I thought he was and I feel happy in his arms.

But happiness isn’t built to last.

When Isaiah has a chance to complete the family he always dreamed of, will the family I never knew I wanted be left behind?


A Trapped Holiday Heart : A Paranormal Romance Short by Wynta Tyme

Love comes in all kinds of unique packages, but for some people, duty, responsibility, and legacy comes first. Cherry was groomed to fulfill the destiny of her covenant as her parents once did. While running a store full time with her aunt and practicing her conjuring ability, an unexpected attack from a warlock conditions her state of failure mentality. Feeling like she’s at her wit’s end, her aunt presents her with an unexpected gift she couldn’t refuse. Now her comfort is sacrificed and stranger things become her new reality.

Lane, a lonely nomad, has had the same routine for years until he meets Cherry. Immediately, he presumes her to be a threat, but after some time, he understands there is much more to her than meets the eye. His rude nature has Cherry second-guessing her mission, but she soon learns that Lane may just hold the key to saving her covenant, and the real reason behind her parents’ death. Time is of the essence, and they have until midnight of New Year’s Eve to complete her mission, or they’ll be trapped together forever.


Where Hearts Lie: A Christmas Novella by Kimberly Brown

As an award-winning journalist, Brynlee Adams’ life has revolved around work for the last couple of years. Regretting missing out on so much time with her family, she decides that this year for Christmas, she was finally going home. Her plans get derailed as her flight has to make an emergency landing due to severe weather conditions.

Determined to make it home, Brynlee decides to drive the remainder of the way. As fate would have it, she runs into car trouble and turns for help in the most unlikely person, her ex-husband, Sage Proctor.

Sage Procter never expected to be under the same roof with his ex-wife again. Yet her being in his home forces feelings to the surface that neither of them had dealt with. Circumstances have them contemplating whether their divorce was made in haste. They must ask themselves… Was their reunion simply by chance or by fate? Will they risk it all or throw it all away?


Two Too Many by Breonna Brownlee

Denise Walker thought she was handling her sudden un-engagement well until she found herself unable to drink coffee or get a good night’s rest. To combat the blues, she turned to marathons of Law & Order and writing romance novels, except she hasn’t told her editor at the paper or any of her family. Her best friend advises that the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one, but when Denise is suddenly confronted by her past, she must decide which guy (if any) is the right one for her.


Tainted Ambition: Snatched by Desire by Tatum James

Sabre Rose was a loan officer making deals during the day and catering to her romantic and loving boyfriend Andreas at night. Sabre and Andreas had been together for three years after a chance meeting at her office. The handsome and suave Andreas Vasquez, a mortgage broker, started to frequent her place of business, wooing her in the process. Andreas vowed that he would marry Sabre and live happily ever after with her.

Jabeau Wilkerson, former NFL player, now works as the security guard and muscle for Rio Guzman, owner of Brick-by-Brick real estate. After struggling to dig himself out of a dark place, Beau just wants to take care of his family and maintain his sobriety. When Rio finds some discrepancies in some of his contracts, two of his business associates end up on the chopping block. Rio makes the ultimate decision to send Beau in to recover his money at all costs and leave no witnesses.

What Sabre once thought would be happily ever after ends up being a tragic love story of deception and greed. When the dynamics of her fairy tale change, Sabre is left helpless, hopeless, and fighting for her life. Revenge, forbidden attractions, and deadly vendettas create the perfect storm for disaster. Does anyone ever live happily ever after?


She Shed Christmas – A Novella : New Season New Traditions by Norma L. Jarrett

Empty-nesters Yvonne and Earl have been married for thirty years. Earl is recently retired. His slew of antics is driving Yvonne crazy. Lauren, their only child, has decided not to come home for Christmas. Yvonne’s emotions are out of control. She feels unappreciated and unheard. She decides this year the holidays are going to be different! She moves into her “She Shed” to get her groove back and teach them a lesson. While Earl tries everything to win her back, she and her friends are planning a New Year’s Eve party of a lifetime. Will Yvonne’s strategy work? Or will God intervene to show them the meaning of true love in this new and evolving season?


Tribe of Love by Mel Dau

The gang is back! We fell in love with Liam, Kree, KJ, Luna, Justin and Maisie, so they are back to give you insight on what’s been going on in their lives. After marriages and babies, have these three couples remained a strong force, or has there been obstacles that they simply could not overcome? Find out in this novella if Happily Ever After truly exists.


What Janelle Wants: A Quick Read Romance Story by Katrena Moon

Janelle’s love life has been on the back burner for two years while she builds her catering business from the ground up. Things begin to heat up again when an attractive delivery driver shows up when she expects him least but needs him most. But when Janelle’s ex randomly comes back into the picture, things get complicated and she has to decide what she wants.

A light-hearted romance story full of playful anticipation. Perfect quick read with a subtly suggestive and softly sensual storyline. An indulgent dose of imagination and fantasy is packaged into this short but sweet read.

Katrena Moon invites you into the world of an independent young creative who yearns for love but wonders if she’ll ever meet someone that truly understands her fierce but soft nature. The narrative style lures the reader into every moment as though they’re experiencing it themselves. It’s like a vitamin boost of love for true romantics!


All The Pastor Wants (The Bennett Family Series Book 6) by Rhonda McKnight

Rory Bennett is a pastor with deep pockets and a heart of gold. Though he loves his ministry, all he wants for Christmas is for Sweet Delights Bakery owner, Robin Pendleton, to see him as a man and not just a preacher.

Robin Pendleton has been fighting her attraction to her handsome pastor/long-time friend Rory, but she has hurt, responsibilities, and secrets that make her question if she’s worthy of all he has to offer.

Will a meeting under the mistletoe change their lives this holiday season?


A Southern Delights Christmas (Victory Gospel Short Book 5) by Tyora Moody

Sequel to Southern Delights short story.

Author Nia Michaels is living a blessed life, celebrating her highly anticipated romance novel. Her own real-life romance with Brendan McCormick has been a delight for the past six months. Nia’s hypersensitive emotions flare up when Brendan shows signs of not being into her anymore. Is her history with men about to be repeated?

To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend returns to town and he doesn’t seem to care that Nia has moved on with a new man. With the way Brendan is acting lately, Nia is wondering if a break-up is inevitable.

With her favorite holiday around the corner, all Nia wants for Christmas is the same happily ever after that she writes about in her books.

Victory Gospel Shorts are sweet Christian romance stories from 8,000 to 25,000 words or 32-100 book pages. Meet a different member from the Victory Gospel Church family. Don’t be surprised if you see a character from the Victory Gospel Series or the Reed Family Series in a story.


Lighting Her Flame: A Kwanzaa Kisses Holiday Romance by Zaria Knight

Sparks fly between Robinson University students Emmanuel and Nia when the Africana Studies department hosts their annual Kwanzaa celebration.

Let’s get lit! At least, that’s what Nia Cohen’s “ugly” Hanukkah sweater says, even though she wants to curl back up in bed and call it a night. Nia is a new transfer student and freshman who is tired of being a wilting wallflower at Robinson University. And she gets the chance to break out of her shell when she runs into her crush. 

Emmanuel Asante is everything Nia is not: outgoing, sweet, and sexy as sin. Oh, and did she mention sexy as sin? Nia doesn’t stand a chance with him and should be in the library trying to pass her winter courses instead. But when Emmanuel unexpectedly invites her back to his dorm for a “study session,” things take a turn for the hot and heavy during one festive cultural exchange.

Lighting Her Flame is a part of the Kwanzaa Kisses series, a short & steamy new adult contemporary romance where love leaps from a candlelight’s flicker to a scorching flame.


Bonded: A Sleeping Giants Story by AlTonya Washington

“Nica…look, I don’t want to treat you like that, alright? Like a one-night stand. What right do I have to upset your world that way?”

“Gib,” exasperation hugged her voice and she found his honor as wonderful as she did infuriating. “Why does it matter if we both want it?” A warning bell tripped in the back of her mind and signaled that her boldness could come back to haunt her. She’d fret over that later. She’d had about all she could stand of relying on herself to douse flames of sexual need that arrived to torment her at the most inopportune moments. This night there was the promise of more and she wanted it.

Gib’s dark and devastating face still reflected traces of uncertainty when he leaned close to Nica. Propping her chin on his fist, he used his thumb to outline the shape of her mouth.

“I don’t want to hurt you-” his words silenced when she moved suddenly.

Nica had pushed the comforter down to her waist. “Do I look so fragile to you, Sheriff?”

Gib lost the clear-headedness not to mention the will to voice any further arguments. His desire for her back built to a scorching ferocity. In moments, he was subjecting her to a crushing kiss.

Nica couldn’t decide whether she wanted to moan or gasp. His kiss stole her breath, leaving her with little ability to do either. He took her mouth with a potency that seemed capable of snapping her neck, but she had no cause to fear that happening.

Gib kept one hand at Nika’s nape, effectively supporting her there. Vaguely, Nica mused that he could encircle her entire neck in his palm, it was just that expansive. His strength wooed her like some aphrodisiac and she wanted all he intended to give her. She took pride in meeting his force in equal measure. In no mood to wait, she inched closer until she was nearly straddling his lap.

Gib closed their remaining distance. Hands smothering her hips, he settled Nica to his lap with very little effort.

The move sent a shiver along her spine. At a height of 6 feet, she didn’t often meet a man who could make her feel dainty. Perhaps, she was betraying herself to admit she enjoyed the sensation. She didn’t care. Her chances of meeting another man like Gib Taylor were slim. His appeal went far beyond his very pretty face and formidable body and she planned to indulge every fantasy she could think of.****************


The bonds of parenthood take shape as Rutger and LuCarolyn become parents with Slayte and Prin to follow. Mercuri and Tee struggle with the potential risks involved should such a joyful occurrence come their way while Pope and Bear consider whether they should even embark upon such a life-altering adventure.

A Sleeping Giants Story…

Meanwhile, Sheriff Gibson Taylor and a mysterious newcomer Nica Sloane emerge with a new love story. Also to emerge, are dark consequences that will open the next explosive chapters in the Giants saga.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 6th-12th

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