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Falling for You by Té Russ

Harrison Briggs has no idea just how his life is about to change when a beautiful stranger falls into his arms while he’s strolling through his late grandfather’s apple orchard.


My One Christmas Wish by D. Rose

Winter Shannon came home for one reason, to celebrate her parent’s 35th wedding anniversary. With a fresh break-up on her heart, she had no desire to start anything new. After spending a few days moping around the house, her meddling sister sets Winter up on a blind date. She was fully prepared to have a few drinks and leave until her high school best friend, Gabriel, entered the bar. 

Gabriel Snow wanted one thing for Christmas, to reconnect with his best friend, Winter. After losing contact with her, he longed to have her in his life again. With the help of Winter’s sister, Gabriel plans a date, hoping to win over Winter’s heart for good. 

Will Gabriel be granted his one Christmas wish?


Ho! Ho! Ho!: A Christmas Short by Rilzy Adams

It was the Chlamydia that did it.
Myla Gordon followed all of the rules of being a “virtuous woman.” She married her college sweetheart after saving herself for marriage for christsake!  
All that got her, however, was five years of side chicks, putdowns, and a man who never made her cum. After the STI debacle, Myla is forced to take a long, hard look at her marriage and she hates what she sees. She visits a lawyer to get the divorce proceedings started on her way to the pharmacy to pick up antibiotics, determined to rid herself of both the infections in her life. A few months later, as Christmas looms, Myla’s divorce is complete and she has a clean bill of health but she can’t help but think of all the experiences she missed out on trying to be a good woman to a bad man. Forget chestnuts roasting on an open fire, eggnog, and mistletoes… this Christmas, Myla Gordon is gonna Ho! Ho! Ho!


The Unbroken Rose (Roses & Thorns Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

A word typically ascribed to fragmented, useless things – not people.
A word most would easily impose upon a woman like Dacia, knowing she’s been through the kind of things that are meant to leave a person fragmented.
A word that comes with pre-conceived notions, judgements… limitations.
None of which she embraces, or accepts.
Because what if putting the pieces back together is the very thing that makes her stronger?


the love galore mixtape by Alexandria House

Explosive passion.
Unbridled pleasure.
Love galore.

From the pen of Alexandria House comes another collection of erotic scenes giving you a glimpse into the progressive love of some of your favorite House Universe characters. This collection includes one short story previously available for free online.

If erotic content and short stories are not your cup of tea, this experience is not for you.


Days of Summer by Turtleberry

Meet Summer. From an early age, she had to deal with self-image issues. Watch her journey as she figures out her preferences in love, her career, and how she sees herself.


Meant to Love You by Kay Shanee

Young love can be beautiful while a love that lasts a lifetime can be strong. Unfortunately, for Luna Newberry and Titus Strong time presents a challenge to both theories. 

Titus Strong was a senior in high school when he became awestruck with Luna Newberry. However, as breathtaking as she might’ve been, when he found out she was only a sophomore, he thought it would best if he kept his distance…and he did for as long as he could.

High school sophomore, Luna Newberry was pleasantly surprised when she realized the star of the football team was vying for her attention. Convinced he would come with a string of troubles, she ignored his advances…until it became impossible. 

The love between Titus and Luna grew quickly but life threw them several interferences. Yet, when the years find a way to be kind, and hearts won’t settle, soulmates can find their way home. Are Luna and Titus destined to be together? Or is closure what they’re truly searching for?


Santa, Baby by Cassandra B.

Cartier and Berkleigh were attached at the hip since they were children. When trauma wrecks Cartier’s world with an added insult to injury a rift is caused that may never be healed.
Will Cartier and Berkleigh make the holidays unbearable for the entire family or will Santa grant a last-minute wish?
*if loss, death, and or abuse affect you, this book may be triggering.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside: A Holiday Novelette (Brighton Bay Book 1) by Skye Moon

Niklaus was looking forward to a new start. 
Tierney was just trying to make it through the holiday. 
Neither of them knew that they were just what Santa ordered for the season.


Hang All The Mistletoe by K.O. McGee

Photographer, Elyce Scott can make one picture tell a thousand stories. The self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl,” is single and successful with a passion for beauty. However, with her father dying of cancer, she embarks on a journey that unearths her fears and swirls her life with conflict. Her happy and independent life turns into a stressful examination of her history with love. To fulfill her father’s final wishes, she must become a wife; except she has no one to consider marrying. 

Delivered with Care’s co-owner, Preston Hart, is a reformed playboy. In fact, he’s looking for a connection he could give his all. With no such luck, speed dating becomes a viable option. When he arrives at the venue, he’s immediately taken with a woman he meets at the bar. She’s in a bit of an emotional rut but he finds himself wanting to do whatever it takes to help climb out and into happiness. Even marry her. 

Is Elyce ready to give up her independence for a trip to the altar at her father’s request? Will uncovering the secrets of the deceased change the bonds she thought were secure? Can Preston handle devotion when truths start spilling?


Borrowed for Christmas by Cherish Amore

Having not been home in over two years, the opportunity presents itself for Lennox to do so. Not wanting to still be the girl with no man, she almost backs out from going—that is, until her coworker, Keizer, volunteers as tribute. Immediately shutting him down, Lennox goes about her way. Seeing her sister has some big news, she reluctantly takes Keizer up on his offer. He’d be her borrowed boyfriend for a full seven days. 

Once back in her hometown, Lennox realizes why she hadn’t been home in forever and instantly wishes she would have stayed away. Keizer is cool with the fake boyfriend role he’s playing, but problems arise when he realizes what is taking place around him. Not being one to keep quiet, he speaks up, some of which causes problems. Lennox realizes maybe Keizer is more than just a borrowed boyfriend, though she fights the urge. 

What is supposed to be a jolly time, turns out to be much more of a nightmare. Secrets are revealed, and parts of the past that have been buried resurfaces. When the seven days are concluded, will Lennox regret the idea of a borrowed boyfriend, or will it turn out to be the best choice she’s ever made?


Always Forever (A Holiday Snack) by Sapphire J. Daniels

Beautiful, soon to be empty nester, and co-owner of a yoga studio, Zora Anderson profusely announces her single status to anyone who will listen. After having many unsuccessful sexuationships, Zora denounces relationships of any kind until God sends her the one. However, how can she find the love of her life if she refuses to date?

On their annual girl’s trip, Zora is all about having fun and a good time with her best friend Autumn. But a chance encounter at local seminar blows up her world… in a good way. After years of concerted effort to avoid the opposite sex, her effort is thwarted after hearing the voice that sends her swaying, causing dominant body parts to become alive again. Will Zora give into her desires and see where things can go? Or will she maintain her single status and miss out on her possible good thing?

Always Forever is a short, sweet, and sexy holiday snack story that follows Zora Anderson as she embarks on love, relationships, and divine intervention.


Love In The Air (A Holiday Snack) by Allor Henrique

Things are heating up this winter in upstate New York. Venus and Robert’s love is palpable. Their pre-wedding/pre New Year’s Eve celebration with their closest friends turns out to be an unforgettable night of intimate connections.  
The events of this one night have the potential to change several lives, forever.


A Christmas Promise (A Holiday Snack) by Burgundy C. Johnson

Devin Winter hasn’t been a fan of the holiday season since her fiancé unexpectedly broke things off with her just before Christmas two years ago. The sight of decorations and the sound of Christmas music instantly brings a frown to her face. If it wasn’t for family, friends, and running her store, she would rather be at home and have nothing to do with the holidays.
Grant Washington enjoys this time of year, and when he crosses paths with Devin, he notices the displeasure that she displays. Feeling that no one should feel this way, Grant promises Devin that he will bring back the love she once had for the holidays. Will Grant be able to keep his promise and make Devin love Christmas again. Or will Devin let the hurt her ex caused continue to take her Christmas joy?


An Unexpected Holiday (A Holiday Snack) by Carlia Burns

The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? For some, it’s about the good home cooking. Others may prefer the warm and fuzzy feeling of togetherness from family and friends. But for the lucky few, it’s about falling in love: For Binta, a shy, realist, hopeless romantic, empathetic, wise, intelligent, hardworking woman, the holiday season was wonderful for 2/3 of those reasons. 
Binta loved the good food and seasonal holiday treats. Binta also looked forward to the love she was sure to feel surrounded by family and friends. But unlike people around her, Binta had never truly experienced love during the holiday. Her past relationships always seemed to not quite make it to the holidays. This year was no different, or so she thought. Kaz, a reserved, suave, mysterious, entrepreneurial, sexy man, has a darker experience with this holiday season. Neither Kaz nor Binta knew what was in the cards for them. A chance meeting brought them together. Their chemistry was magnetic. Both of them are in for a holiday season they never expected.


French Kiss Christmas (A Holiday Snack) by Robbi Renee

Pretty. Powerful. Assertive. and Broken. Nia Bledsoe’s past is permeated with indelible tragedy. Doing everything to escape her tragic history, Nia is focused on building her hair and beauty empire until an innocent business meeting with a fine specimen of a man delivers an unexpected and magnetic heart attraction. Suddenly, her holiday nightmare is not so nightmarish at all.

Strong. Smart. Alluring. And everything Nia never knew she needed. Garrett Marx is focused on building a marketing empire of his own after a messy breakup. A chance meeting with the beautiful Nia shifts his focus to loving her through her pain and redefining her holiday, narrating a new, extraordinary Christmas love story sealed with the sweetest French kiss.


In A Christmas Mood (A Holiday Snack) by Ka’-Dee Allen

Katherine “Kat” Mitchell was trying to heal a broken heart by only having sexual hookups. That is until she met the handsome Attorney Maurice Thomas.
Maurice “Reese” Thomas was putting all his focus on his career as an attorney and doing what single men do in New York City. That is until he met the beautiful Katherine Mitchell.  
They met through their mutual friends, and once they laid eyes on each other, they knew that “Love was in the Air.” 
A year later, their friends are married and settling down, will Kat and Reese let trust issues, misunderstanding, anger, and outside forces come between their “unconditional love.”
This is a Tale of love and trust.


To Love Again (A Holiday Snack) by Ara Moore

Zaire St. James has been in love with Sakari McIntyre since they were adolescents. Sakari was in a relationship, and Zaire was too busy being the bad boy. Zaire is now a reformed bad boy and a businessman ready to settle down and find love himself.
But being divorced for five years, Sakari is now in a place of peace after enduring years of cheating from her ex-husband. She’s shut herself off from love and is not interested in anything other than her child and growing her businesses.
Reunited again in New York during the holidays for her best friend and his cousin’s wedding. Zaire has never forgotten the only woman he has ever truly loved. Sakari is pleasantly surprised at Zaire’s transformation and a bit confused and scared by her resurfacing feelings. The chemistry between these two long lost friends is immediate. Both are aware of it. Only Zaire has the courage to acknowledge it. Sakari is too afraid of history repeating itself. Could this be her second chance to love again, or is she destined to live a life without love?


Reign Delay by Tracy Gray

They were high school and even college sweethearts. Then their relationship imploded from the pressure and expectations they swore that they wouldn’t conform to. 

Reign Champion was the quintessential rebellious preacher’s kid. Always pushing the envelope…but not just for the sake of pushing it. She pushed in the name of love. For seven years, the love of Xavier Mayhew buoyed her, anchored her, and fed her. Then suddenly, it was taken away – leaving Reign adrift in her sorrow and wondering if she would ever feel like the Reign she was before the storm.

Xavier Mayhew was a mess. Rejection was a very present emotion in his life. At almost every turn he was reminded of how many people had walked out on him. But never Reign. Reign’s love was the source of his happiness, his solace, his peace. So, why did he walk away from her? Why did he leave her to drown in her own tears?

It’s taken three years, but life has a way of coming full circle. Xavier’s back to claim his girl, and he has no intentions of taking no for an answer. 


Don’t Want to be Right by Tucora Monique

“I go ‘cause my heart knows, way before my mind’s in tune. And I go where my heart goes, didn’t know it’d lead to you—” Chloe x Halle

Slanging chocolate by day and drinks by night, Dillyn DeFreeze has no time or passiveness for instabilities. Basking in her twenties, the rebel is appeased by her mother being her backbone while daddy issues plague her optimism in the opposite sex. However, a run in with the law causes Dillyn to reach out to the one man she despises. Though she isn’t shocked by his response, Dillyn is staggered by his fill in and puzzled on the sweetness he leaves on her heart.

Thirty-nine-year-old Graham Jacobs is a bondsman by day and releases his aggression at night in places you don’t speak of. One failed relationship after another, and the compassionate giant is complacent with love not being a forever thing. Yet, an old friend calling in a new favor reintroduces Graham to emotions he locked away along with dreams of having a family of his own.

Teetering on boundaries unseen and infatuated by differences, is a taboo connection worth living in the wrong?


Christmas With The Barnes by Nikqua

Christmas just got a whole lot better with the Barnes siblings and their drama! As Taniece, Ashanti, and Tremont get ready for Christmas with their mates and family, some type of drama seems to follow them the 12 days leading up to Christmas. How will the siblings and their mates survive this Christmas with or without family?


We Could Never Be by Charae Lewis

Two wounded souls connecting as one were bound to cause a natural disaster. He knew it and so did she. Yet the dangerous path they were traveling on was too tempting to stop and walk away. Like a magnet, they drew closer to each other until an explosion set ablaze, causing a wildfire of problems to arise.

The forbidden one is always the most enticing one until the aftermath blows up and provokes an array of unwanted trouble to occur…

Follow this urban mafia tale to witness the illicit bond between two people who could never be.


A Dash of Christmas Magic by Shay Davis

Back home for the first time in years for an extended holiday stay, Sinaa is dreading being surrounded by judgmental eyes that make up the small town of Clarington, Tennessee. If it weren’t for her parents, she would have never returned to the town that treated her so awful upon learning of her teen pregnancy. Sinaa’s plans didn’t include a little Christmas magic in the form of a 6’2 chocolate Adonis, but plans were made to be changed.

Malachi Long came prepared to be a protector and support system for his sister as she faced a dramatic and draining divorce. What Malachi wasn’t prepared for was laying eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Even though he knew his stay would be short, he made it a point to get to know the beauty whose cart looked like a North Pole explosion. All Malachi wanted to do was unwrap her for Christmas, and he was hoping Santa fulfilled wish lists for thirty-three-year-old men.

Will Sinaa and Malachi experience some Christmas magic that last beyond the holidays? Or will the sparks that fly fizzle as the new year approaches?


My Brother’s Keeper: A Short Story by Marie Q. Francois

Marcus wished that falling for someone, at first sight, did not exist. But that is exactly what he did when he met his brother Mile’s deliciously beautiful girlfriend, Jordan. Being the loyal brother, Marcus masked his desires in a series of shallow relationships and hookups that failed to break her hold on him. Marcus’s heart finally received a reprieve when Jordan moved away. Only to have her return with it in the palm of her hands. Something has got to give…


Holidaze by Bella Jay

Holidaze: the act of being so wrapped up in the joy and haze of the holiday magic, you might mistake something casual for something much more

Nola Brandy had one thing on her mind when she booked a two-week trip to a ski resort: write her book by any means necessary. And if that meant concocting a plan to make the stranger she was stuck with fall for her in order to get a story out of it, then so be it. Her plan was foolproof because Rubricks Anderson was far from her type. He was just collateral damage or at least that was all he was supposed to be.

The only thing that Bricks Anderson gave his time and attention to was his business. He’d made it a point to not get too close to anyone and women were no exception — even having sex with them had dropped off his radar. So when he laid eyes on the person he’s stuck in a car with for ten hours against his will, he’s conflicted about what to do about the instant attraction he has to her until she opens her mouth and he’s almost sure his body is out of its mind. Magnolia Brandy was too much of everything.

What starts out as a mutual dislike, quickly takes a turn for something neither Bricks nor Nola were expecting and once secrets are revealed, the true question remains: was all of it just a holidaze or was it real?


Santa’s Baby (Sweet Spot Shorts Book 4) by Aja

Santa doesn’t just deliver gifts; he receives them as well. This Christmas, he’ll be getting his best one yet. 

Charlie and Chaz have returned to heat up those cold holiday nights. ♥

Read TEASE for an introduction to this couple.

The Sweet Spot Shorts are all about quick, hot, romance that knocks each couple off their feet because love & desire must have their way.


Under the Mistletoe: (A Christmas Holiday Story) by Audria Boyd-Harriday

After spending the past three years in Colorado Springs with her older sister, Brooke Hall, and her family, Brinley Hall flies back home to Albany, New York, to spend the Christmas holiday with her best friend Lucilla Roberts, and the rest of the Roberts clan. Christmas hasn’t been the same for Brinley since her parents passing, but spending it with the Roberts makes it easier, especially when Lucas Roberts surprisingly strolls into town for the holidays. Lucas’s presence fills Brinley with joy, rekindling an old spark between the two of them. Although Lucas likes Brinley, he’s not ready to settle down. But, after several stolen moments together and one soul-stirring kiss under the mistletoe, the two soon realize each other is what they’ve been missing all along. 


Something New by T. Key and Monica Walters

No matter how much she desired love…real love it seemed to evade her at every turn. She and love were playing hide and seek.

True, Sheena Stewart’s heart had been placed in the hands of a few, but they mishandled it and never realized her worth. Her love life had been on repeat for years and she was looking for something new…

Had she found it in Bryce Hardwick?

Best friend to Solomon Frank and devoted father, he had her attention at hello. He was definitely something DIFFERENT…but would he be that something NEW that she had been praying for? Was he the one to change her luck in love?


If It Wasn’t for Your Love by DeeAnn

Elyse Grant is a young, vibrant woman who is in her last year of college. Enthusiastic of life ahead of her, those feelings diminish rapidly after a devastating turn of events that leave her homeless and struggling. She takes things day by day, praying for a change. When she encounters a successful businessman, Maverick Hall, will her prayers come true?

Gaining success at such a young age was earned and not given. Maverick takes pride in his multimillion-dollar construction business he built from the ground up. Not forgetting where he came from, he doesn’t let money change who he truly is. He meets struggling Elyse, whom he finds himself intrigued by. Knowing his family won’t approve, will he take his chances and give her the help she needs?


Lost In Love’s Abyss by K.C. Mills


Embria Taylor is an expert on fixing the lives of others but can’t seem to make sense of her own. When a handsome stranger forces his way into her world, she quickly learns that being open to new possibilities just might be the missing ingredient to securing her happily ever after.

Rahshon Allen is a man that speaks his mind and makes no apologies for who he is or how he feels. Those characteristics are what land him right in the middle of the chaos that seems to be just what he needs to escape his dark past.

Rah and Embria both crave something different but can she love him past all his flaws and will he be able to prove that love doesn’t have to be perfect as long as its real!


Whipped Chocolate: A Holiday Short by Honey Dubois

An unexpected holiday vacation sparks an unwanted love connection for Tori. Focus and guarded a trip to the mountains changes and curves all the roads that lead to a snowy fallen love.


Falling In Love For The Holidays by Pamela Campbell

Christmas was always Mariah’s favorite holiday. She always went all out with her Christmas decorations for her home and her business. She loved shopping for her friends and staff at the Spring Creek Therapy Center.

Calvin began to hate Christmas, ever since he lost his mother during the holiday.

This Christmas, Mariah was finding it a little challenging to get herself completely into the Christmas spirit after the bad news she received.

Can Mariah and Calvin experience a Christmas miracle and fall in love? Will they get back their love for the Christmas holiday?


A Graham Rhapsody (Noëlle and Ezra Book 5) by Harleigh Rae

“Can you love me like that?”
” Like that, and then some.”

With the theatrics surrounding their unscheduled, off-shore elopement, Noëlle and Ezra are gearing up for their first holiday season as The Grahams. After the last time the whole family joined around the table, guards are up and emotions are heightened.

Deciding it was time to clear the air and let love flow freely again, Noëlle and Ezra extend the olive branch and host the entire holiday season at their shared home. As the guest arrive for Thanksgiving and settle into their living quarters for the next three months, there is only one burning question on everyone’s mind. Is Mumma G going to join them for the most wonderful time of the year?


Anika (Flirtatious Series Book 1) by J. Shanee Byers

Some call it fate, others call it coincidence, her girls call it destiny. Anika Richards settles in after her fun in the sun on the Hawaiian islands. Thinking her past was buried, Anika never thought she’d stand before the man she left many years ago. Seeing him set off memories that should have never resurfaced. Jaxon Chambers was not the college student Anika ran away from, he was the businessman that penetrated her thoughts and changed her focus in life.

This is Book 1 in the Flirtatious Series that ends in a HEA. This is a standalone that is part of a series.


BigDickEnergy.Com: Adventures In Online Dating by Genesis Woods

Charity Daniels is at a crossroads in her marriage; should she stay or should she go? 

Although Charity loves her husband dearly, their mundane sex life has become a huge issue for her. For years Charity has questioned whether bad sex is a deal breaker in a relationship and she’s finally come to the conclusion that for her and her marriage, it definitely is. To get her mind off of the separation, Charity decides to take an impromptu trip back home to spend some quality time with her sisters. Because of their busy schedules, The Rawlin Girls have had little time to catch up with one another over the last few months but all parties are determined to change that. On one hand Charity is excited about rebuilding the bond she’s always shared with her sisters and on the other, their protective personalities have her reluctant to be completely honest with them about her current relationship status.  

With drinks flowing and food being passed around, Zaporah, Serenity, Patience, and Joyful each take turns dishing out the pros and cons of being single and joining the popular dating site, BigDickEnergy.com. Will their risqué adventures in dating peek Charity’s interest enough to make her create her own profile and try her luck at finding someone to satisfy her in the way that she longs for or will her husband step up to the plate and serve her with the type of big dick energy she’s been craving from him all along?


Rekindled (A Very Alpha Christmas Season 2 Book 14) by Brookelyn Mosley

Award-winning songwriter, Maven Young, wanted to get away for the holiday. After switching up plans, which she initially expected to spend alone in a Miami hotel suite, she’s on her way to a Colorado cabin in the woods to be with her friends. She’s prepared to see the occasional wandering wildlife. What she doesn’t prepare for is seeing her ex. 

Hotshot A&R, Kai Avery, is eager to charter a private flight to a Caribbean island in anticipation of escaping the frostiness of the holidays in the city. But at the insistence of his best friend, he’s changed flight plans, opting for a little R&R in front of a toasty fireplace. While he’s expecting to stay warm by the glow of a fire, nothing can prepare him for the blaze from his past that will smoke his plans.

This Christmas, old flames, Maven and Kai, will learn once and for all if the embers from their past union can help rekindle a romance neither one of them saw coming. Or will they only end up getting burned?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 14th-20th

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