Devin Winter hasn’t been a fan of the holiday season since her fiancé unexpectedly broke things off with her just before Christmas two years ago. The sight of decorations and the sound of Christmas music instantly brings a frown to her face. If it wasn’t for family, friends, and running her store, she would rather be at home and have nothing to do with the holidays.

Grant Washington enjoys this time of year, and when he crosses paths with Devin, he notices the displeasure that she displays. Feeling that no one should feel this way, Grant promises Devin that he will bring back the love she once had for the holidays. Will Grant be able to keep his promise and make Devin love Christmas again. Or will Devin let the hurt her ex caused continue to take her Christmas joy?


New Release Spotlight – A Christmas Promise (A Holiday Snack), by Burgundy C. Johnson

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