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I Found Moore (All That & Moore) by Celeste Granger

So many things changed for Samantha McLemore. She found her family, the one she longed for. She found love with Lance Preston, and he loved her without condition despite her brokenness. In an instant, Samantha’s life was transformed from barely surviving to living what most would consider a dream life with her multimillionaire fiancé. Still, Samantha was scared; fearful that the love she finally felt in her heart was not real… was undeserved. Would Lance’s love be enough? Would Samantha finally feel worthy and truly let love in?

Find out in I Found Moore. This is a standalone novella.



A Tale of Two Cities: A Christmas Novella by Alexandra Warren*

When people think of a holiday for love, they automatically come up with Valentine’s Day.
But who’s to say that’s the only one?

Director, Dallas Bryant, isn’t looking for love this holiday season, but that all changes when Madison Walker and a mistletoe come in the picture. 😉

A Tale of Two Cities Collection:
Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday,
All With One Thing In Common; Cities.

Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending.
If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂



Christmas With the Wrights: A Wrights Family Holiday Short (Wrights Brothers Book 4) by Christina C. Jones*

About a year has passed since the final words of “Bending the Rules”, and much has changed. Enjoy this quick peek into the lives of these beloved families to see what they’ve gained… and lost.



A Table for Two: A Holiday Romance by Sam J.

Fallon Rose has been waiting to exhale for the past two years and not by choice. A blended family and divorce was the last gift she expected underneath the Christmas tree. But there it was — her mess of a life, wrapped nicely in an oversized, bright, red bow.

After a trip back home to Memphis and a few broken traditions, Fallon is blindsided when she realizes her soulmate may be sitting directly across from her.

Fallon’s secret admirer is willing to serve her the world on a platter, but is she ready to accept his invite and all that he brings to the table? Fallon takes her chances when she goes on a blind date she’ll never forget.

Discover what it feels like to have a slice of true love over the holidays in a Table For Two.

*This is a sweet, romance comedy and a short work of fiction.*



Mistletoe Meltdown: My Love for You Prequel by Aubreé Pynn

They’ve been best friends since grade school. Now that they’re off in college and away from one another, a lot has changed. Jaxon Jones is a senior at FAMU and is ready for one last Christmas celebration before graduation. He is dominating campus life to include the basketball courts and all the girls flocking around him. No matter how many girls want his attention, he always makes time for Kinsley.
Kinsley Barrett is wrapping up her final year at Clark-Atlanta University. Her laid back demeanor often has her overlooked and missing out on campus fun. She has one task over the break, hold it together. Kinsley has to deal with the aftermath of a rash decision made in the heat of the moment. Not to mention her bubbling feelings for Jaxon.
With Jaxon, Kinsley, and her secret feelings spending five days together, something is bound to hit the fan. When Jaxon shows up to Christmas dinner with his new girlfriend all bets are off and all of Kinsley’s truths are laid bare. That is all except for one.
Will Jaxon and Kinsley make it through this rough patch with their friendship intact or will everything that they know change?

*Please note: This is a prequel novella to a full-length standalone that will be released soon!



An Intriguing Christmas: A Christmas at Miracle’s by Chey

Come count down the days ‘til Christmas with the crews from Love’s Unexpected Twist & Intrigued By A Heartless Soul. As usual, they’ll take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The couples are ready to relax and unwind, but their problems aren’t going away just because it’s the Holidays. Yet, with everything going on they still manage to unite for an evening of giving back to the community. You can expect the couples to go through unthinkable deceit, false and positive pregnancy test, and teenage girl drama.

One thing is for sure, this will be An Intriguing Christmas.



Syx Whole Weeks (Situationships Book 4) by Grey Huffington*

**This is a novelette.**

Trough Mallard and Syx Rouge returns with a fourth installment of the Situationship series.



The Hook-Up Before Christmas: A Holiday Short Story by Phyllis Bourne*

Twas the night before Christmas, and all Toi Jameson has is a list of holiday demands from family and a bare tree still awaiting decorations. However, the tree isn’t her only neglect on this lonely night. Toi hopes a one-and-done hook-up with her ex will revive her holiday spirit. Instead, she gets a surprise that might land her on Santa’s naughty list.



A Game-Changing Christmas (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 4) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Two prominent families. A six-year rivalry. A common enemy.

In this season of giving, love is in the air for the Rose and Valentine families. Because of the addition of in-laws, they both are in pursuit of new land and developments to build lasting memories with the ones they hold dear.
So when they submit bids against one another, their rivalry heats to a level that will bring them to a head; until they both become outbid by a new competitor. On the heels of a love affair brewing, the need for a partnership arises that may shut down the foundation of their feud permanently, or possibly, extend it.
Can the families put aside their pride to reach their ultimate goal and mend fences? Or will their feud continue with no end in sight?

Authors note* While the central plot of this story is resolved by the end, the brewing romance between Raphael and Bri is not. Their full story will be released in early-2019.



The Light of Christmas by S. Rêver

Have you ever met someone who hated Christmas so much he could be classified as the modern day Grinch?

Meet Nolan Scott, a successful owner of a multi-million dollar marketing firm. Every year his company throws their annual Christmas Gala in honor of his parents who were killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve five years ago. With the hurt, pain, and guilt weighing down on him, the once bright eyed Nolan is no more. Tired of this never ending cycle, his best friend Jeremiah decides to put an end to it all. Finding the perfect person he thought would bring the light back to Nolan’s life, he hires the co-owner of J&J Designs.

Jehlani Wilson loves everything Christmas. With one goal in mind, she sets her sights on nailing the perfect Christmas Gala for J&J Designs. Only problem, Nolan Scott. With her eyes set on a new challenge, Jehlani puts together a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Will Nolan finally let go of the hurt and commit to the promise he made his mom? Or will he allow it to continue to control him and potentially miss out on something truly special? Take this journey as we find out if Jehlani can bring the light of Christmas back into Nolan’s life.



Let it Snow: An Erotic Romance Novella by Brenda Stokes Lee

Let It Snow, an African American, Erotic Romance Novella

Ashanti’s holiday started off rough. It was actually, the perfect end of a disastrous year. Karma had decided to make the gorgeous tax accountant his official bitch of the year. If it could go wrong, it happened to Ashanti. Piling it on thick, Karma didn’t stop until she was another bitter black woman with a chip the size of a tree on her shoulder and a nasty distain for the male species.

Oddly, after her ex-boyfriend ran off with a co-worker, things started to look up. Ashanti moved to a new city. She bought a house. She even landed her dream job. Unfortunately, Ashanti was still too damaged and wounded to give love another try.

Along comes Karama, again, to stir up some ‘ish, and send Ashanti’s life into chaos on, of all days, Christmas Eve. This time fate steps in to circumvent Karma and even the odds, by sending Ashanti an earth angel. The good Samaritan showed up at just the right time to rescue Ashanti from the impossible situation she was in.
In walks Myles Whitfield, tall, sexy, handsome and an ambitious entrepreneur. At Ashanti’s darkest moment, he walks in to pick up the pieces and get her life back on track. Sadly, Ashanti could only see Myles as just another man there to take, plunder and destroy.

Will bitterness and preconceived notions stop Ashanti from getting to know this really great guy? Or will the beautiful accountant throw caution to the wind and give love just one more chance?



Baby It’s Cold Outside: A Short Holiday Story by Keke Reneé

Lainey has a big Christmas surprise for her boyfriend, but before she can reveal her secret, she’ll first have to see her way past several unwelcome obstacles.

Andre, a busy Mayoral candidate, wants nothing more than to spend Christmas Eve with the woman he loves, but a freak snowstorm leaves him in a compromising position with his ex.

Between the blizzard, a mysterious photo, and growing suspensions that someone familiar may be sabotaging the couple, it’s all Lainey and Andre can do to keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place.

Can this couple overcome the obstacles in their way and find their way to a much deeper connection?

Warning: Erotic Romance, Short Christmas Story with HFN.



One Christmas Song: A Temptation Novella (Temptation Series Book 4) by A.C. Arthur

When a vibrant singing career brings her back to Temptation, R&B singer Cordelia “CeCe” Lennox, is secretly happy to be back in her hometown, where life moves at a slower pace.

Property manager, Rick Stewart is elated to learn that his newly renovated Holidays Inn, was selected as the location for the filming of a music video. Knowing that the video will bring home his high school crush, is going to be Rick’s best gift ever—especially since he’d never stopped loving her.

But when Ms. Millie breaks her leg, Mr. Otis proposes, Cordy finds out that Rick has been lying to her all these years, and a surprise guest shows up at the Inn, the town of Temptation may have its merriest Christmas yet!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novella follows the Taylors of Temptation series (One Mistletoe Wish, One Unforgettable Kiss and One Perfect Moment). From this point on, books featuring The Taylors and other characters in the town of Temptation will be published under the “Temptation” series title.



A Journey to Love: Kamaya’s Story by Monae Nicole

Everybody dreams of that one love but is it possible to have more than one? For Kamaya Jones she thought she found that one but each time it came with heartbreak and betrayal. Finally deciding to give up on love, she ends up meeting someone who tries to prove shes’s worthy of love. Will she let him in or will she miss out on her soulmate. Join Kamaya on her Journey to Love.



Until You Came Along: A Formidable Love Book 1 by ShaniceXLola

“I love him, but I love you too.” -Aumora Puri

Aumora Puri’s perspective of love was black and white until loving two men became her norm. Harboring beauty and brain brought options, and she was unwilling to choose the greater of the goods. Each day, she lived in fear of the inevitable, wondering if she should expose herself or await the universe to reveal her dirty secrets.

Hendrix Turner was a soulful charmer whom she never imagined she was starving for until approached. Handsome with a hustle that could intrigue any woman out of their time, it was hard to turn him down with competence that persistent. Hendrix was aware of Aumora’s role and the way she was playing it coy. He tried to make it easier on her by disappearing from her life to leave her with the one her heart began with, but true love couldn’t be escaped. Aumora was certain he was where her heart would end.

For these lovers, love had never been as perplexed as it was becoming. They learn how complicated things can get when love offers you two roads to travel.

*Please note, this is part one of a two part series that ends with a cliffhanger.



Own It by C. Monet

Seveyn Noel Crisco has just had her world rocked by devastating news that could break even the strongest person down. Instead of wallowing in her sorrows and basking in humiliation she changes the plans and decides to take off on a flight with her girls to Trinidad.

What’s supposed to be a girl’s trip turns into so much more when she comes face to face with the owner of Island Raak. Not only is he paid, but he is soul snatching and panty dropping fine.

Raakesh Basset is a bad boy with words smooth like butter. The kicker is, his words match his actions, and Seveyn is left wondering if he can and will own her body if she gives him a chance. The two-day trip was supposed to be for fun, but there’s no fun in questioning if you should throw your already planned life out the window and own the moment or continue to allow your plans to play puppet master.

While they both are completely aware that they want each other, the feeling of running is ever so present. Will Seveyn succumb to Raakesh’s wishes, or will she run back home because it’s not a part of the already laid out plan?



Making a Hard Right: The Consequences of Wrong Turns (Turns in Love Book 2) by Renee A. Moses

Kimberly Duncan wants a clean slate from a bad relationship and even worse choices as of late. Her lonely aunt who lives in California is more than excited to help Kim along the way. Before any real work begins, Kim’s aunt plans to travel to different places around the world with her.

Their plans are cut short when Kim finds out that she isn’t quite done with her recent past. She’s pregnant.

The father of her unborn child is back in Houston and in a relationship that she doesn’t want to come between. To avoid the judgment of her mother, she hides her pregnancy until her daughter is born.

Kim will visit Houston with her baby girl hoping she doesn’t run into the very person she was running from: her daughter’s father.

Doing the right thing will be too hard for Kim even with the pressure from everyone she loves. Secrets rarely stay secrets for long. When hers are out, whose life will it change forever?



Say He’s The One (The BLP Say He Series) by Monica Walters

Being a good girl has been engrained in Caricia Edwards’ psyche since she was an impressionable little girl. Her mother was sure to let her know the importance of self-love and respect. Those lessons brought her a long way. Recently graduating from college with an education degree and certificate to teach, she realizes just how lonely her life has been. While honoring the things her mom taught her, she finds herself wanting to be loved by someone other than herself. In walks Remo, the man whose present situation looks complicated, but whose presence stirs her to the core.
She does her best to resist him, but can she?
Remo Pierre’s upbringing was one of simplicity. He grew up in a loving two-parent family where his father taught him to always treat his mother and sister with respect and that his mother is a Queen. So, being charming and respectful to women came easily to Remo. Never being a party animal or player, he always yearned for what his parents had, but hadn’t found his perfect complement. A chance encounter with Caricia changes all that.
While he has difficult circumstances, it doesn’t hinder his desire to make her his.
Love is something magical, especially at Christmas time. Remo and Caricia both realize that there is something special between them, even without knowing one another, however, their perfect attraction to one another doesn’t come without obstacles. Will they decide to let love win or allow those obstacles to defeat their possibilities?

*This is a standalone novel in the B. Love Publications “Say He” series. The books can be read in any order, and the characters/stories do not intertwine.*



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
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New Release Round-Up December 17th-23rd

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