Alexandria House has proven her worth as a writer with full-fledged greatness with every stroke of her pen.  The story was a superb fun storyline well-executed. The story was short, fun and hit the spot. I love this author’s characters, they look and move like real people. The way to be able to see a character is easier when the writing is this real. The story was engaging and the interpretation amazing.  I’m not sure Christmas Eve will ever feel the same again after reading this adaptation. A holiday romance with a steamy factor was just what the doctor ordered to feed my holiday cheer. The story captured my attention and provided a nice sweet story encased in a sexy package. Rekindling love again was an enjoyable premise. The story was worth 5 Stars and some. Readers, do yourself a favor and get some holiday cheer in this amazing novella.

Review – Always My Baby: A Christmas Short Story, by Alexandria House

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