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A Merry Little Filthmas by Nicole Falls

On a late night trip to the laundry room, Bryce Harrison ends up with a lot more than he bargained for.

**NOTE** This is a short, if your preference is longer, more involved tales, please refer to other work in my catalog.



In Pursuit of You (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 6) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

As the owner of WTZB broadcast station, Avery Michele was determined to make her grandfather’s legacy thrive, even if her duties included being in front of the camera for Chicago’s hottest events. However, Avery didn’t foresee catching the eye of one determined bachelor. And after accepting his invitation to lunch, an unexpected craving for more than nutrition storms her with heat that takes her breath away. But with life outside of her profession shifting in the wrong direction, the thought of disappearing is the impetus that makes Avery run away from love.

Jilted at the altar, Aerospace Engineer DeAndre Valentine vowed to never put his heart on the line again. But after a chance encounter puts him in the proximity of Avery Michele, something about the mysterious beauty sends him on an exploratory mission. One that could prove his heart was meant to be broken or be the very thing to make him believe in love again.

*Each book in this series can be read as a standalone*



True Love for Christmas by D. Rose

Suffering from the Christmas blues, Noel was doing all she could to avoid the holiday season. When her best friend, Chris, returned to town unannounced, her world was turned upside down and made better all at once.

Chris was determined to shower Noel with holiday cheer by showing her the true meaning of Christmas

And the true meaning of love.



Holiday Honey: a novella (JustOneNight.Com Book 4) by Chencia C. Higgins

In a city miles away from her loved ones, Kailyn is desperate not to be idle during the time of year when loneliness and depression are highest. Inspired by the age of technology, she cooks up a scheme to ensure she will be around someone’s—anyone’s—family, even if she has to pimp herself out to do it.

Cory fields questions about his personal life from his family regularly but during the holidays those questions morph into the sort of pressure that makes it hard for him to breath. He stumbles across a find that would not only garner him reprieve on Christmas Day, but also secure radio silence for a least a couple of months. The price might be high, but the results feel worth it.

Set during Christmas, this holiday addition to the JustOneNight.com series is about what can bloom when you let your guard down and lie to get folks off your back.



A New Year’s Kiss: A Short by Nako

The year of 2020 is rapidly approaching. First Lady Destiny Simms is hosting a NYE’s service at her church and invites Ashley, who she met by barging into her home during the Thanksgiving holiday. With nothing else to do, she decides to go.
It was there that she was inspired to make 2020 the best year of her life.
What she didn’t expect is to run into Patrick Need.
He looked different, or was he always that handsome?
In this holiday short, Ashley is determined to lay the foundation of a promising year.  Will she allow fear to overpower her faith another year? Is she worthy of love after her divorce? Find out in “A New Year’s Kiss”
This is a short story, so short that you can finish it one sitting. If you aren’t interested in reading a short, please do not download.
Happy New Year from NAKO!



You, Me + Baby (Love on the Rock Book 2) by Rilzy Adams

Fran Piper lives by the rules but after being attracted to Andre Jonas for months, she throws caution to the wind. One night of passion turns into an eighteen year commitment when Fran discovers she’s pregnant on Christmas day. She doesn’t expect Andre to step up to the plate, but he steps up in a major way. Fran finds herself falling for Andre as the months go by. Their baby was conceived in lust but will it be born into love?



Everything I Need: A New Year Short Story (Desire Book 2) by Raven Heart

New Year.
New Goals.
Same Love.



The Kwanzaa Brunch: A Holiday Novella by DL White

A fated brunch and an unlikely Cupid…
Sienna Charles is tired of the same old, same old. Same old job, same old city, same old friends. Same old men. Just when she’s relegated herself to living Groundhog’s Day, romance edition, Booker Lasalle swaggers into her life, courtesy an open position at Precision Software. He’s new— to the company, to the city and, most importantly, to her.
Booker Lasalle is making a new life for himself. He relocated to an Atlanta suburb, leaving a stressful job and an ex-wife behind for a great job with growth potential. He’s turning over a new leaf— no more falling for the first pretty woman that crosses his path… like the witty, gorgeous and obviously interested analyst at Precision. Everything about her tempts Booker to throw that “new leaf” plan out of the window.



More Than A Holiday Hookup by T. Nicole François

Marcella can be a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas, but will a trip home be just what she needs for a change of heart? A little friendly advice and the holiday spirit might be what she needed to find herself and the loves she deserves after all.



Ebb & Flow: A Novella by Brookelyn Mosley

Nubia Merci and Naazir Goodman were never supposed to be a couple… at least that’s what the people close to them believed…

Despite the odds, somehow, they’ve formed an enviable courtship. But while they are working diligently to nurture and cultivate their love, those same people in their lives are working even harder to tear them apart.

Nubia, an interior decorator, is without a doubt in love. She’s a creative, able to imagine an abundance of possibilities, creating magic with spaces that seem impossible to work with. As imaginative as she is though, never did she imagine falling for a man like Naazir. And now that she has fallen, she has no intentions of letting him go. A series of events will challenge her plans when she’s dealt the “mother of all ebbs.” Will those events force her to abandon ship?

Naazir, a street muralist, is used to things not going his way. Life for him has never been easy, leaving him no choice but to hustle harder than the average brother especially in matters of the heart. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to win the affections of a woman who has revealed to him the bared bones of intimacy. And he has dedicated his heart to earning Nubia’s faith in them as a couple. Will a decision Naazir makes, as innocent as he originally thought it to be, ruin everything he’s worked so hard to build with the love of his life?

Products of two different environments, Naazir and Nubia have cemented a bond that is ironclad strong. But is their bond strong enough to anchor them so they can survive the brewing storm that’s approaching?

*This book contains sexually explicit content, profanity, and minor angst. If any of the mentioned are of a sensitive nature to you, please feel free to browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.



A Little Stuffing by AshleyNicole

The holidays are all about overindulging. So, after the meal is done and you still want a bit of something, what’s a little more stuffing?



A Naughty Lovers Christmas by India T. Norfleet

All Lucianna Weeks wants for Christmas is for the right man to come along and satisfy her craving for real love. But in her haste to want to write her own love story, her heart has been broken more times than she cares to admit. Embarrassed and lonely after her last relationship ended up in disaster, Lucianna vows to spare herself another heartache and ultimately decides to give up on all things love.

Just when she finally finds comfort in her decision, a two hundred and forty-five-pound, milk chocolate, tall piece of muscled man, strolls into her life with a shameless appetite only for the things he wants to do to her. Now, completely confused by his appearance in her life, Lucianna wonders if another heartbreak is the only thing she has to look forward to this holiday season, or will the long-desired gift of love, tagged with her name on it, finally make its way under the tree this year?

After years of reckless bachelorhood, Memphis Reigns is tired of the rollercoaster of endless women and dead-end relationships that have become his life. Ready for a woman he can call his own, and a renewed motivation to leave behind a deeper legacy than notches on a headboard, Memphis is inspired to make a few changes to his life’s blueprint for success and add a couple hearts of hope along the way.

Luckily, the holiday season comes with a little mercy that begins to glow brighter than he expected, and much sweeter than he believes he deserves when he crosses paths with the beautiful Lucianna. Unfortunately, karma just might have a difference of opinion, and doesn’t hesitate to make its stance. Will Memphis be able to settle up with the ghost of Christmas present and start anew just in time to meet Luciana under the mistletoe? Or will he lose her forever?



Capture the Sunrise (The Buchanans Book 1) by Wayne Jordan

Alana Smith-Connell’s plan to escape to Barbados with her daughter takes an unexpected turn when she ends up sharing a friend’s house with Taurean Buchanan. Alana and Taurean forge a friendship that leads to romance despite their promise not to get involved. But as they help each other resolve their painful pasts, Alana’s old fears resurface, and she runs scared. What she doesn’t count on is Taurean running after her…



Syd’s Wolf Den: Lincoln Black Knight’s MC (Lady Knights Book 3) by K.K. Harris

Certified tomboy Sydni spoke how she felt at all times and proclaimed war against anyone who attempted to check her. Many accused her of being callous but those that she considered as family loved her and her mouth. Past hurt of being neglected by her father and let down by men in general, she was a free spirit who dodged long term commitments like flying bullets. Sydni’s sharp tongue and crass vocabulary led people to believe that she was loose, free-loving. The truth was, Syd had yet to find a man worthy of her attention for longer than a hot minute. That is until the Knight’s prospect, Wolf walked into the bar she managed.

Whereas Syd really had no preference when it came to flirt with men, the ones who were gifted with a dip in her whirlpool did not resemble him. Tall, light-bright, and quiet was the exact opposite of what she was. Either way, Wolf was the epitome of indifferent and would appear to care less whether she was throwing the panties at him seriously or for play. A dumb ass attempt to make him jealous during Blacktober fest was foiled when too many drinks were consumed, and Syd wound up overplaying her hand. Conceding that she just may not be his type, she is given a heated dose of the energy that she constantly pumped in his direction. Immediately afterward, Wolf retreats back to his normal stance of blasé.

Left confused and conflicted, Syd vows to get some answers by any means necessary. Truth be damned, she had a craving to tie the young Knight up in her Wolf’s Den until he submits to the sexy seductress that she aims to be.



You Should’ve Called Me by DeeAnn Orr

Three soul-searching women in need of being loved + three fiercely passionate men who should’ve called them first = six people who may find a love that’s real…

Nola Bentley is the oldest of the Bentley sisters. She’s capable of giving her sisters relationship advice but can’t seem to apply it to her own. After being in an eight-year relationship with her boyfriend, Rue, without receiving a ring, she begins to second guess whether their love is worth the fight or not. Rue is a selfish man who only thinks of himself and what will benefit him; not even their son can change that. His selfish ways drive Nola right into the arms of his boss, Desmond McEntire, who’s had his eyes on Nola for years. Things get heated in the love triangle, leaving Nola stuck to make a decision that will leave one of them hurt.

Izabel Bentley is the middle Bentley sister who has completely given up on love. After being constantly cheated on and manipulated by her ex-boyfriend, Josh, Izabel vows to never love another. She puts all her time, love, and energy into her foster care business and two daughters she shares with Josh. An unexpected, messy situation with one little boy tugs at her heart; leading her to his father, Omari Marks. Not usually the one to bend her own rules, Izabel finds herself battling the thoughts of giving love another try. Omari seems to be the perfect man to give in to, but will Izabel’s stubborn ways cause her to miss out on a love that could be real?

Tatum Bentley is the youngest of the Bentley sisters, and has endured the most out of the three. An abusive, controlling relationship with an older man leads her to doing the unthinkable; attempt of suicide. During the relationship, she’s forced to shut out everyone she loves; including her best friend, Dylan Pierce. Dylan saves her from ending her life, then leaves her to fight for herself. Years pass by before they’re reunited, and old and new feelings emerge from both sides. The only thing keeping Dylan from professing his love for Tatum is his fiancée, Monet. Knowing Tatum is who he’s supposed to be with, he goes above and beyond to show her, but will his disappearance make it impossible for Tatum to forgive him?



Never Looking Back (A Louisiana Christmas Book 2) by Danyelle Scroggins

Jade Bishop left the home she grew up in, and the man she’s loved since childhood when her grandmother MiMi passed away. She thinks the move was to heal her heart, but she finds out that healing was waiting right in the place that she left.
Now, that she is back home, she’s pleased with how everything, seemingly, went right back to normal. Jasper loves her, she loves him, but the only problem is… he’s not happy leaving her at night. So in Booth-Fashion, Jasper is planning the surprise of her life.
Love is on the horizon for the Jackson/Booth gang. Kane, Uncle James, and Jasmine are getting a triple dose of the Kimbrels, whiles Jasper Jr. is praying that Jade is all in, and, Never Looking Back.
This is definitely going to be an unforgettable Louisiana Christmas.


The Second Song (Noëlle & Ezra Book 2) by Harleigh Rae

“Should old acquaintances be forgotten and never brought to mind?”
“I say, h*ll no!”

Noëlle and Ezra are back in this highly anticipated sequel to their heart-warming reunion. When Christmas comes to an end, the newly reunited lovers are back in the City of Angels. It’s easy being in love when no one’s watching, but the lurking paparazzi make it nearly impossible. But Ezra is not ready to bow down to the sleazy cameramen just yet.



Guya & Adonis: A Christmas Love Lesson by Kenya Redd

**A Novelette**

Take this journey with these young lovers; Guya and Adonis. A journey of temporary goodbyes, new found relationships, finding their way back to love and the union that could not be broken by anyone or anything. And it all happens near Christmas time!

“It’s always been me and you, Guya! Just me and you!”



Tethered to Avery by A. Bryant

There are some people that come into your life for a season. And there are some that come into your life to bring about change. The change may not be what you expected but it is what you need. Avery Johnson learns that sometimes the vision you had for yourself is not what the universe has in mind. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she has to decide what and who is best for her future.

Hustling has never been so easy for Maleek Bennet. Everything was going well except for his personal life. He wasn’t spending time with his baby. His baby mother was crazy, and his favorite person in the entire world was falling back into old habits. A silent night wasn’t what he wanted out of her. Can he find a way to open her heart back up to him, or will he be forced to eat his cake and deal with it?

The only family James Purrit has left is his uncle who means the world to him. When an assignment by his uncle turns his entire life upside down, James has to decide between his career and the chance at true happiness.

A Bryant is forming her own universe. In this book you will find characters from previous works. This is a standalone. For more depth into the A Bryant universe, be sure to read books from her catalog.



A Little Christmas Magic: A Holiday Short by Danielle Burton

Skai Duncan hasn’t had the best luck with Christmas in years past.
In fact, she’s probably had the worst luck.

This Christmas will be no different.
She’s convinced of it.

Little did she know, all it would take was a simple wish to change her luck,
and perhaps grant her with a little Christmas magic…



The Lamar St. Jon Experience (The Follow Series Book 3) by Eliza David

This third installment of The Follow series chronicles the journey of one of its’ most enigmatic characters, celebrity heartthrob Lamar St. Jon.

And he is saying goodbye to stardom for good…at least, he hopes.

Boasting a successful career in modeling, television, & film, Lamar leaves the glitz of celebrity behind to find his own way – without the paparazzi and online buzz surrounding his elusive persona. Then he meets Giovanni ‘Gi’ Hughes: a self-proclaimed ‘Renaissance Negro’ by day and a strip club bartender by night. The unconventional Gi shows quiet Lamar a side of New York the reluctant star never experienced as a national heartthrob. Lamar finds himself immersed in Gi’s bohemian scene, enamored with his carefree spirit and defiant nature. Soon, the two handsome creatives find themselves tangled in a passionate affair.

The moment Lamar starts forgetting about his turbulent superstar past, his estranged parents come barreling back into his life after coming into financial ruin. When they beg him to step back into the spotlight for a quick buck, Lamar has to choose between stepping back into his old role for his family and forging a new life for himself with Gi.



The Sweetest Christmas Kiss by Simone Niy

The holiday season didn’t mean as much to Tatiana as it once did. She returns back home from over two years of avoiding her loved ones. She tries to navigate the newfound feelings that surface with being back in her hometown but gets a little help from a man named Zion. A quick Christmas romance to highlight the importance of family and love.



Kissing the Mic by Thai

Introducing the singing group, Royalty. They’ve been heavy hitters in the game for years; their talent was undeniable. With millions of fans and followers to prove it; if you haven’t heard their music then you’re missing out. The sisters can blow you away with their voices. They are not only bringing the heat to the R&B charts; one of the members is also an amazing lyricist, giving their music a hip-hop flare.
Meet Duchess: She can sing but remains the rapper of the group; nobody could tell her anything once the mic was on. Rapping gave Dutchess another level of confidence whenever she was in the booth, or on the stage listening to her fans rap with her. Nobody could tell Dutchess she wasn’t the shit because she knew it. When her mic is off Dutchess becomes quiet as a church mouse; much so an introvert who loves her own company more than anything. Dutchess has lived a very private life with her dreams always the focal point of it all. With her solo career taking off Dutchess knows, she shouldn’t be getting caught up between two men. Dutchess never planned to end up in a love triangle but life was unpredictable. Both men Dutchess dealt with brought something different to the table for her. With all the glitz and glam added to a brewing drama in her life will it become too much for Duchess to handle? Or will she end up the loser?
Meet Princess: She’s one of the singers in the group, but also a diva with a chip on her shoulder. With a strong voice and even stronger petty bone, Princess always said what most were afraid to. Her being the youngest sister played into her childish antics. When there was trouble you could always find Princess in the middle of it. She didn’t take shit off anyone no matter who it was. Fresh out of a long-term relationship that Princess never saw ending has torn her up on the inside. She felt like her personal life was falling apart right before her eyes. While Princess’s singing career was taking off faster than she’d ever expected. Her singing sent chills up your spine with the high notes Princess could hit. With a broken heart and pressure from her sisters; Princess didn’t know how much more she could take. Will little Miss Diva overcome all her adversities? Or fall victim to them.
Meet Queen: The powerhouse singer of the group who has written more hits than she could keep up with. With multiple Grammy awards, and musical accolades out the ass. Queen had put in a lot of hard work, so it sucked that she couldn’t enjoy being the singer she was. The love that Queen exuded has always been something for the other group members aka her sisters to look up to. Being the oldest sister Queen played their motherly figure; always there to help guide Dutchess and Princess through their problems. Knowing deep down that she had her own problems to tend to; Queen puts them on the back burner as usual for her sisters. Queen did need guidance for herself, bad. She’d made a mistake when Queen allowed her husband Los to guide her while she followed behind him blindly. Queen’s personal life had been filled with a dark gloom named Los who she couldn’t shake. They’d been together for years and married even longer. Their lives together were just that, together. Queen couldn’t take a piss without her husband down her throat. She felt like she didn’t have her own existence whenever Los was around. With Queen drowning in her marriage and trying to keep her sisterhood together. Will she eventually choose herself? Or keep living her life for someone else.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 23rd-29th

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