The second part of Ethan and Serena’s love story had me in my feelings about the possible outcome. Serena and Elliott’s story were in the mix, and by this time, Elliott was a grown-up with a lovely daughter. The dynamic in the relationship between the three was an intricately woven pattern not easily decipherable with the naked eye. Serena’s secretive nature and the way she held anything related to her heart close to the inner working of her mind was the reason it was difficult to always read her emotions. The man she chose to involve herself with years after Ethan was a place keeper until the real one returned. The man never really understood Serena fully, even after years of so-called knowing her.

The second part of their saga allowed readers to see Ethan’s point of view and Serena’s conviction. Elliott’s portion of the story connects some of the dots and provides for the story to move between the parents and him with a smooth transition. The story had some highly emotional moments where I wanted so desperately to root for Ethan, and then he does an about-face, causing my heart to nose-dive once again. Both he and Serena had lovers in their lives that served merely as doorstops to prevent their souls from closing completely. The story was about mature love and the fact that no matter the age, love can be a challenge when one loves deeply. Serena and Ethan never moved on from the other, and in the end, it appears they will get the chance to rekindle the flames of their eternal attraction. Grown folks can teach the young ones a thing or two. I loved this two-part series. I gave this story five stars (5) and a rousing yahoo!!

Review – Serena’s Vow Blank Pages II, by Lily Java

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