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Never Him: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by J. Nichole

First impressions are everything.

When Lisa met Nick, he showed her the definition of an asshole. There was no way he would ever be someone she’d date, especially not after he thought she was the one who should apologize to him.

But when their paths crossed again, and again, she realized maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.

Or maybe it was his dimples that caught her off guard.

Can Lisa and Nick move on from their first impressions of each other? Is it possible to fall for the guy you despise?



Press Rewind: An Equilibrium Short by Christina C. Jones*

Sometimes an argument turns into more than it should – people take it further than it has to go. But that doesn’t always mean the end.

(Press Rewind is a short story – very short, very sweet. Enjoy. :))



On the House (Concord Ave Shorts) by Anita Davis*

The end of the year should be the jolliest time of all, that is, unless you’re Avery Thompson. Burdened with adulting and limited funds, Avery’s world is crashing on her.

Being driven has always gotten Myles Patterson the things he wanted and whether she likes it or not, Avery just made the top of his wish list!



New Year, New Boo?: A Holiday Short by Alexandria House*

Could a dreaded company New Year’s party be just the place for Langston O’Neal to bag a new boo?

This is a very, very, VERY short story which contains profanity and sexual content. If you are opposed to any of these elements, this is not the read for you.



Brand New: A Love on the Rock Novelette by Rilzy Adams

Quentin Brown is the kind of man Regina Jonas is desperate to avoid. She believes antagonizing him will keep her safe from the underlying attraction she can’t deny. But what happens when a faulty lock lands them trapped together as the brand new year approaches? Can she fight her lust as the tensions begin to rise? Or, will Regina have to accept she’d never been safe at all?
NOTE: This is a prequel to Regina and Quentin’s full story. It is a novelette and a short read. If you do not enjoy short reads then this is probably not something you will enjoy.



What’s Best For Me: Unapologetically Me Series by Danesha Little

“Darian was a fantasy, what I had with Wallace was real.”

Free spirit, Chanel Henderson, has finally found happiness in her first genuine relationship. That euphoria is challenged when her “friendship” with R&B singer, Darian Russell, exposes the cracks in their foundation.

Darian Russell is known for his baby-making music and loyalty to remaining a bachelor. After suffering heartbreak early in his career, he vowed never to let another woman get that close to his heart again. Avoiding love had been easy until Chanel Henderson made it impossible.

***This story includes explicit language, strong sexual content, and violence. Please don’t read this story if you feel that you will be triggered.***



Moore Than Enough (All That & Moore Book 7) by Celeste Granger

It’s never too late for the right one…

As an international attaché to a Sudanese Diplomat, Ivory Moore is constantly surrounded by very important people, making international exchange seem easy with her mastery of multiple languages and business accouterment. Between her job and her loving family, Ivory’s life is full. VIP’S don’t impress her. It takes more than that to gain Ivory’s attention. Or so she thought until a chance encounter with a blast from the past shakes her foundation at the very core.

Roman West was that disruption, rocking Ivory on her heels. A visit to the Sudanese Embassy brought Ivory Moore back into his life. Seeing her again reawakened feelings he thought were lost for good. Although their encounter seemed to have been by happenstance, Roman believed in destiny, and he refused to lose Ivory again. But Roman was a man with secrets; secrets that could ruin what he hoped would be their future and certainly devastate their past.



Trapped Wishes: A Genie and Her Goon by B. Love

Genevieve “Genie” Yates has been trapped inside of her lamp for two-hundred years because a previous master, Quenton, was in love with her and she didn’t feel the same way. Anger, hurt, shame, and embarrassment caused Quenton to trap Genie and toss her out into the sea. Genie has been cursed to have every man that she encounters to fall in love with her, but she is never able to return that love. And until she can, she will forever remain trapped.

When Genie meets Hareem, she’s immediately smitten with him, and surprisingly, he’s unwilling to be swayed by her beauty and aura. He’s only focused on getting his three wishes fulfilled, completely unconcerned with her need for him to love her just as she’s falling in love with him. The tables have been turned, and the one who denied so many is finally being denied herself.

Will Hareem be the key to Genie’s freedom, granting her wish for love in a way that no other man can? Or will he be the karma that causes her to be trapped for yet another two-hundred years?



The Love Below: A Prototype Series Glimpse (Bam + Cassie) by Jacinta Howard

Love is the music between the notes…

This is a brief “glimpse” into the lives of Prototype keyboardist Bam Mosley and Cassandra James following the events in their book, ‘Loving Cassie’ —Book 4 of The Prototype Series.

*This super short story is best read only after you’ve completed The Prototype Series in its entirety. (The Prototype Series reading order: Happiness In Jersey, Finding Kennedy, Keeping Willow, and Loving Cassie).



The Love Below: A Prototype Glimpse (Devin + Willow) by Jacinta Howard

Love is the music between the notes…

This is a very brief “glimpse” into the lives of Prototype founder/drummer Devin Walker and Willow Harden following the events in their book, ‘Keeping Willow’ —Book 3 of The Prototype Series.

*This super short is best read only after you’ve completed The Prototype Series in its entirety. (The Prototype Series reading order: Happiness In Jersey, Finding Kennedy, Keeping Willow, and Loving Cassie).



Scarlett by Lexi Reign

Scarlett Wells, 20, is a young, beautiful girl, who has always been to herself. She is the youngest of her two siblings. She has always been ignored and the outcast when it came to her friends, her sister, and mom. Her sister hates her guts, but her brother, Amoni, loves her. He has always been there for Scarlett until she meets one of their friends, bad boy Zane Wright. What happens as Scarlett starts to shift and change into something she never thought she’d be?

Zane Wright, also known as “Ghost” in the streets, is a 23 year old entrepreneur. Zane portrays himself to be the most charming and humblest guy you’d ever meet. But he has a whole different side of him that many people rarely even see. He’s book and street smart, slick, and dangerous. All the women love him and practically throw themselves at him. He’s so used to getting everything he wants that when he doesn’t, he can’t help but to challenge himself. What happens when he comes across Scarlett and he realizes that she’s the best thing he never had?



Soul Ties: An Urban Paranormal Story by J. Danae

Mustafa finally has his life all figured out. He’s a mogul in his own right and a legend in the streets of Miami. With the help of his long time girlfriend, Kyra, Mustafa turns over a new leaf. Becoming legit and developing plenty lucrative streams of income that support his family and the hood he grew up in. Now that he is out of the streets, Mustafa is ready to settle down with the woman that helped him become the man that he is. What he wasn’t expecting, was for the one secret he was keeping from her, to draw him to another woman.
After taking over the streets in place of his older brother, Yousef is in his prime. Young, handsome and paid. He could have any woman in Miami he wanted, but none of them compared to the bond he had with René, his rider. When her loyalty is tested, she fails. Will he give her another chance and work on keeping their family together, or will it be too late for reconciliation when he runs into a pretty young thing?



A Trapped Holiday Heart: A Paranormal Novella by Wynta Tyme

The mystique of love is that it comes in all kinds of unique packages. But have you ever known it to present itself in a snow globe? Cherry, an up and coming conjurer, was groomed to fulfill her covenant as her parents once did. Committing to her duties of co-running a store and carving time to practice her conjuring ability, a warlock’s attack is completely unexpected and forces her off kilter.

When Candy senses her niece is at her wits’ end, she gifts Cherry an iteratively beautiful snow globe. But now, Cherry is trapped inside. However, while encased, she meets what can only be described as a sexy Adonis named Lane. As crazy as Lane appears to Cherry, he does seem to have the ability to settle her overactive mind. That is, until she discovers the truth about the murder of her parents. Memories swirl with revelations and she works to find out why she was sent into the globe.



Visions of Her by C. Etienne

How do you choose between a dream job and a dream romance?

Sarah Noir wasn’t looking for love, but when she meets prideful artist James Martins at a bar after fruitless months of job-hunting, sparks fly.

Soon, the lovers are thrown into a whirlwind romance that neither is prepared for. What happens when a job offer crosses the threshold of their affair? Do they fight for their relationship? Do they compromise? Torn, Sarah and James are forced to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives.



Full Circle: An Inspirational Romance Short (Afro Luv Bite) by Unoma Nwankwor

Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful ~ Luke 6:36

“Sometimes life brings you to a place you have been before just to show you how much you’ve grown”
Growing up, Taiwo & Kehinde shared that special unique twin bond. Things take a very deadly turn however when they set their sights on a common goal, marry the delectable Femi Jacobs.
Will blood prove to really be thicker than water?

Note: This is a SHORT. If that is not your cup of coffee, please skip. This short was formerly available as part of my short story compliation; Molasses.



Got To Be Love (Loving You Series Book 3) by Vanessa Miller

3rd book in the Loving You Series

They first kissed over fifteen years ago, Gina thought it would be the start of a me-for-you-and-you-for-me kind of relationship, but David didn’t remember her or the kiss the very next day. Now they are drawn back together to save each others careers. David may not remember the first kiss but the next one will be like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. But it’s not only the dawning of a new year these two will celebrate, but a new love, one that they must determine if they can trust with its flaws and all.

You will love this heartwarming story of Gina Melson, the enchanting, vibrant beauty who experiences some of the hard knocks of life, but yet and still understands that with God on her side, she will win. And David Pittman the football superstar turned master chef with secrets that could derail all that he has built if he doesn’t allow God to turn his midnight into day.

David needs someone like Gina in his corner, he can’t let her get away, but she’s not interested unless he can prove that he’s no longer the love ‘em and forget ‘em playboy she once knew.



All Fall Down (A Bay Area Saga Book 1) by T.L. Lee

My entire world came crashing down around me in a split second. One day everything was good… and then it wasn’t. The f*d-up part about it all is, I don’t think it will ever be good again…

Lola Jackson never imagined that she’d come home early from college to find that her beloved uncle had been murdered. He was the only father figure she’d ever known, and his untimely death took a piece of her heart to the grave with him. With nothing but vengeance on her mind, the only thing she’s set on finding out is how the murder happened, who did it, and why, but that won’t be easy for her to do once Khalil Thomas enters the picture. He is her uncle’s only protege and his task is to keep her out of harm’s way and grown men’s business.

Will Khalil be successful? Or will Lola’s broken heart and eye for revenge trump all?

Please note: This book was previously published as I’ll Be Down for You. New details and chapters have been added.



Escaping Destiny (Destiny Series Book 3) by Dria Andersen

Frankie Lebron and Aren Ele share a common enemy, the Ajo vampire. Frankie isn’t one to be told what to do and Aren’s nature is to protect what he cares for, leaving them butting heads, in spite of the heat between them. They are both forced to face their fears as Ajo victims begin to appear. Faced with the real threat that has been steadily stalking their tribe, they must find a way to work together in love and life. As they search for clues, Frankie is thrust into a war she wasn’t sure she was ready for. Can they trust each other to face their demons and the killers?



A Thorne In Her Side: A RoseCorp Short (RoseCorp Shorts Book 1) by Remy Powers

Roman Thorne got the girl. But now it’s time to put a ring on it. He wants to have the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, Emma Rose, but everything that can go wrong does. Roman will need help from family and friends if he is even to have a hope of pulling things off.



Rise of the Others: Power Within the Stars Book Two by Dandridge Monroe

Ajabu is healing, but as Ozouf told his sek reyna, the battle had only begun.

Having found his mate and now expecting an heir, the magic has returned to the Westlands. But the king and his newly crowned queen are not able to rest and enjoy matrimony as they expected. Sybilla is plotting with a new enemy long thought dead and the consequences for this miscalculation are tragic.

The Eastlands have long since been the most prosperous area of Ajabu, but changes are coming. The child that Princess Isabis carries is unlike anything that Ajabu has seen in many millennia. A mistake on her part allowed him to be changed, but is that change for the better or the worse?

The gods are awaiting their moment to reclaim their home and aid their children in defeating their enemy. Will they be patient enough to put the proper pieces in place, or will the desire to act now ensure defeat before the war begins?

Dark forces are strengthening all around and new heroes and enemies arise to take their rightful place. Will the distractions thrown at them cause them to lose sight of the gods’ plan or will they put aside their own desires for the fate of Ajabu?



Snapshot by Camryn King

An ambitious photojournalist. An uber-dedicated enforcer. And an explosive, high-profile
scandal ignites Camryn King’s provocative new thriller . . .
Breathtaking oceanfront views, friendly locals, festive meals. At first, award-winning photographer Kennedy Wade’s magazine shoot in the Bahamas is more play than work. Until she loses 48 hours of her life after flirting with a sexy stranger. Until her camera goes missing—and once back in the States, she feels certain of being watched. So when Kennedy gets an unmistakable warning to quit digging deeper, she’s not about to give up.

His instructions: confidential. His orders: stop a traitor from posting photos threatening national security. But former Special Ops agent Zeke Foster’s instincts are telling him something isn’t right with this picture. Especially as Kennedy challenges his special skills and lethal tenacity to get her life back and find the real story.

Soon she has evidence that casts everything she and Zeke thought they knew in doubt—and puts them on the same team. Nothing will stop Kennedy from exposing the truth. Not losing her career, being personally exposed, or a cost far more than she ever imagined . . .



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New Release Round-Up December 30th-January 5th

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