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Check out these new releases from December 4th-10th.

Christmas Wishes by Riley Baxter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for most people, but for Brionne Caiani Shepherd, that is not the case. The holidays bring on an onslaught of negative emotions, but she is a mother first and does everything she can to make Christmas memorable for her son, Sakrid.

When she meets her very own Santa Claus, Demiri Croix Frost, she is reminded of why the holidays can be so magical. It isn’t because of the gifts and glitz and glam. No, in this story, the holidays are deeper than that, and Brionne is shown just how Christmas Wishes can come true.


All Jingled Out: A Winter Romance by Crystal Davis and R. Coxton

When a man’s world is completely shattered he blames the one holiday that he can’t escape.
Christmas. Christopher Clawson has sworn off Christmas and everything that jingles. Trapped in a town fulfilling his families destiny he feels trapped in his own reality.

Holly Snow once was loved Christmas and everything it entailed. A tragedy of her own forced her from the family she loved and the town she called home. After several years she has decided it is time to take back what she lost. The joy of her family at Christmas.

A freak winter storm forced their paths to collide. Can this be the Christmas Miracle that they both need or will they both stay the course of being trapped in the tragedy of Christmas past.


Snack Frost by Torryn Santana

Christopher ‘Frost’ Bell is a man head over heels for his fiancée Evelyn James. When he discovers Evelyn is battling leukemia, Frost’s world goes upside down. He’s all in, but fate’s got its own plans.

Fast forward a year, Frost sees Talon Gibbs at a student basketball game. Sparks fly, and they vibe over Christmas break. Frost realizes he’s falling in love with Talon, but he can’t shake the ghost of Evelyn and Christmas past. Talon takes it upon herself to show Frost the joy of Christmas by planning daily activities that bring him closer to the holiday.

Can Frost let go of the past and unwrap a new beginning with Talon? In this heartwarming holiday novella, feel love, loss, and the magic of Christmas vibes filled with second chances.


Holiday Hideaway: A Luxe Noir Christmas by Unoma Nwankwor

Afro Gospel R&B sensation Abieyuwa ‘Yuwa’ Osagie, in dire need of a break this Christmas, seizes the opportunity for a quiet hideaway at her brother’s newly purchased American home before working on her new album. Star center back, Xander ‘D Shield’ Mitchell, dealing with unwanted negative publicity, longs for a respite before joining his new football club in the coming year.

Unbeknownst to them, both Yuwa and Xander find themselves in the small tranquil, coastal town of Luxe Noir, seeking solace and rejuvenation. Through chance encounters, shared laughter, and the enchantment of the Christmas season, a deep connection blooms between them on their unexpected hideaway.

Yet, as the holiday season draws to a close, they must confront a pivotal decision. Will they kindle a genuine romance, conquering the challenges of fame and distance, or will they walk their separate paths while cherishing the memories of their unforgettable Holiday Hideaway?


Kings Distraction (King Dynasty Series Book 1) by Iesha Bree

Escape to Chateau Hills, California, home of the prestigious King Dynasty Resorts & Vineyard. CEO Zeno King faces pressure to maintain his late father’s vision while also modernizing the family business. When alluring new sommelier Ayasha Black challenges Zeno’s traditions, simmering attraction clashes with his lingering resistance to change.

Ayasha moved to California from the reservation with big dreams, only to have harsh realities threaten her future. Starting over at King Resorts may be her last chance to prove herself, but the more she and Zeno butt heads, the more their chemistry heats up. She’s determined to show this infuriating boss she belongs.

As Zeno and Ayasha navigate the blurred lines between business and passion, threats arise that could ruin everything. Rumors swirl of sabotage and spies hiding in the shadows of the vineyard. Are unseen rivals plotting the downfall of Zeno’s family legacy? Will his resistance to change allow those who want to see him fail to ruin all his father built? One thing is clear — Zeno and Ayasha’s path to happiness won’t be easy, but it sure will be a wild ride!


Parachutes: Book One: The Fall by Takerra Allen

They say the first love is the truest.
If you can hold on to it, do.
For the others after will be different.
Watered down versions tainted with your insecurities, their fears, each other’s pride.
Promises not to make the same mistakes twice, entering as a slightly altered version of yourself.
Because that first love, you dive deep with no restrictions.
You are you and they are them, fully.
And you hit bumps, and turbulence, and at times think you’ll crash headfirst until that love saves you…like a parachute.
That first love. That true love.

Dalvin and Tahli fell in love as we often do, when looking for everything but.
Two seeds in fresh soil, one is hyper focused on a future while the other is on a fresh start of figuring it all out.
Both journeys best taken alone are defied by the two’s will to do it together.
Here’s the start, some of the middle, and possibly the end to their story.
Parachutes: Book One is the first of a three-book series.


Sign For Love: An Allenville Story: Essentially Yours by E.S. McMillan

Life was perfect…or so Lila Harrington thought. Married to her college sweetheart and living out her dreams, Lila had no idea a simple knock on her front door would turn her world upside down.

Hard work was all Javon Miller knew. Born with nothing but crumbs, he worked his way up to running his own delivery company with a smile on his face. He never dreamed a delivery would bring him face to face with a part of his past he thought was behind him.

Will a simple delivery turn be the start of something new and unexpected for Lila and Javon?


Save Her For Me by Kami Holt

Janae Jackson lives her life unapologetically. People are gonna think what they want so she chooses to live with no regrets. Let ‘em talk! While her best friend is hopelessly in love, she wants no parts of it. Money is the motive and love doesn’t pay any bills. 

After the love of his life left him at the altar, Wisdom Graham swore he’d never return home, however, a major opportunity puts him right back in Jonah Hills. He wasn’t looking for love, but when the fiery, outspoken beauty steps into his life, he finds himself smitten. 

Past relationships and family secrets are exposed, threatening to destroy everything what they’ve built. Will Janae allow Wisdom to prove her wrong about Love or will the trauma from her past keep her running from the very thing she needs?


What if I Stop Running? (BLP Fairytales Book 3) by Wynta Tyme

After losing her first love at such an early age, Red thought she’d seen all that life had to offer her. Running away from her hometown and to a big city, to fulfill her duties as a vet, she never thought she’d have to return to the one place that hurt her the most. With an ill grandmother, she’s left with no choice but to aid her. To certain civilians in Deep Woods, Arizona, Red is seen as a veterinarian, but to others that know, she was something more—something so special that the only person who’s able to bring out her specialty was her true mate.

Downing ‘DW’ St. Wolf is no stranger to being lonely or an outcast. He may be seen as the town’s wealthiest bachelor, but to Red, he’s a mysterious grouch that’s rude. With a secret of his own, he works hard to stay away from Deep Woods’ newest veterinarian, but a few run ins at Wolf Tales changes everything. Just when the pair start to get to know each other, secrets are revealed, and a mutual enemy makes himself known.

A blast from Red’s past resurfaces, and things become too heavy for her. She retreats like usual, but this time DW refuses to let her get away. Red is hit with sickness, lies, and an unexpected surprise. Will Red stay with DW and go through the tests of life, or will she continue to run from love and the past, while death seeks her loved ones? 


All In by zee reneé

Black love. A love built on something true. A love so pure. A God sent love, is what Kaivon Lewis and Harlee Rivers found within one another.

Something worth fighting for. After two extremely beautiful years, the duo’s past starts to interlock with their future. Greed and bitterness from both sides, forces the hand of someone close. The domino effect it causes is one that neither, Kaivon nor Harlee, can shy away from.

Kaivon Lewis is the definition of making something out of nothing. As the highest paid defensive back in the NFL, he was given the opportunity to create a better life and leave all he knew in his growing years. The streets. They are a way of life for some, but now an option for Kaivon. It was once how he survived and protected. It is still his to manage. His secret attachment is not one he can easily cut ties with. His natural instinct is to protect and provide. When duty calls, he answers, especially when the ones he love are a factor. Whatever Kaivon loves, he is All In for.

Harlee Rivers is a successful nail artist, dominating in an industry that was never created for women that resemble her. Harlee is the backbone for everyone else around her, except herself. When tragedy struck, claiming the life of her Granny, her battle with anxiety doubled. Harlee quickly learns that what fills, spills. The battle to regain self-love and overcome anxiety is a struggle but fortunately, she’s both a lover and fighter. Harlee is All In and determined to conquer whatever comes her and her family’s way.

The duo can only pray that love is enough. The struggle to disconnect from what is familiar, could be the same thing that destroys everything. Three things are the determining factors. All three can give them the highest of highs and lowest of lows. When combined, one or all three could lead to a tragic demise. Can Kaivon and Harlee juggle them all? Will the Big Three be the very thing to take them down?

Love. The Streets. Football.


The Colonel I Crave by Laquana Brumfield

After her dream of being a professional ballerina was shattered by an injury, Raven moved to the other side of the world with hopes of saving enough money to open a dance studio. Just when she thinks things are coming together, an unexpected text sends her spiraling. Needing a weekend away from reality, Raven books a solo trip to Dubai. However, running into the soldier who had been making her life a living hell wasn’t on the itinerary. What will Raven do when the only man who raises her temperature in every way possible challenges her to spend the weekend locked away in a hotel suite with him?

Lieutenant Colonel Jaxon Jackson has given his life to the United States Army. With retirement hanging over his head, he has no idea what he will do next. Instead of making permanent life decisions, Jaxon decides he will spend his Labor Day weekend getting as drunk as possible. But when he bumps into Raven at the airport those plans quickly change. A weekend with the girl who had been consuming his every thought was something he was unwilling to pass up. If she agreed, he’d spend every second committing the curves of her body to memory.

Three days… That’s all the time he would need.


Bean There Done That: Book 2: The Windsor Brothers by Mila Hunt

No Five Stars? No Problem… Or Is It?

Maya is a chef on the rise, her dishes bursting with stories of her past and dreams of her future. But when she crosses paths with Jackson, the infamously tough-to-please coffee blogger, everything changes.

Jackson’s world is black and white – no five-star reviews, no exceptions. It’s a rule that’s made him popular, but when Maya steps into his life, his black-and-white world starts to see color. But at what cost? As their relationship heats up, so do the questions. Can Maya create a dish that breaks his rule? And even if she does, will it be enough to keep them together?

As Maya navigates her way through the challenges of the culinary world, and Jackson confronts the reality of maintaining his integrity in a rapidly changing industry, they both face a tough question: is love the missing ingredient to their success, or will it be the recipe for their undoing?

Dive into “Bean There Done That” for a story that’s seasoned with tension, heart, and the tough decisions we make in the pursuit of our passions. It’s a tale of love, ambition, and the journey to find the perfect balance.


Intoxicated by Skye Moon

When Nixon laid eyes on Dylan, it was lust at first sight. For her, it was hate.

Though mortal enemies from their initial encounter, there’s no denying the blurred line between hatred and temptation. When an impulsive solicitation for a wicked night puts Dylan and Nixon in an unorthodox situation, they’re left with no choice but to trust and lean on each other.

As they stumble along the path life chose for them, the two discover the chaotic, devastatingly beautiful fall-out of unchecked intoxication.


A Small Town Christmas: Brinkstyn And Bailon by B. Chanel

Caroling, pageants, skiing, and the love of her daughter Ni’yelle have always managed to keep Brinkstyn Woods in the Christmas spirit. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, privileged was her life, and money became her love language; that is until she meets the handsome and suave chef, Bailon Harmon.

Bailon “Big” Harmon is the definition of a rose growing from concrete. With the odds stacked against him, Bailon fought tooth and nail to make something of himself and not become a product of his environment. With the clock ticking on his life, there’s nothing he wants more than everything that he’s never had; true love.

Unexpected circumstances mixed with a little fate and a lot of persistence force these two together. Will Brinkstyn be able to see through her shallow ways to allow herself to love and be loved, or will they run out of time and forever be in shambles?


A Christmas Gift Called You by Niomie Roland

Can one passionate night inspire a holiday miracle?

After changing jobs and moving to idyllic Valleyfield, Dr. Kneshel Stine just wants to put down roots and find joy again. But her instant clash with the broodingly handsome Lamont Byers threatens to shake up her peaceful new life.

As Kneshel and Lamont are forced to collaborate on the town’s Christmas toy drive, initial sparks of irritation transform into romantic attraction. The two can’t resist the magnetic pull growing between them.

Just when it seems they have a chance at love, the arrival of Kneshel’s past throws her new relationship into question. With hearts and trust on the line, Kneshel must fight to prove that what she and Lamont have is worth fighting for. But will Lamont forgive the woman who changed his world, or will this Christmas gift be one he sends away?

Overflowing with holiday cheer, poignant twists and tender moments, this enemies-to-lovers romance will have you swooning and leave you believing in the transformative power of Christmas love.


Mistletowed: A Holiday Novella by Zariah L. Banks

On a snowy night in the heart of Brooklyn, two souls find warmth in an unexpected place. Preston, a charismatic tow truck business owner, and Mia, a determined interior designer, cross paths on a snowy night that will change their lives forever. Mia is rebuilding her life and career after relocating from a promising internship in Miami back to her hometown. She is determined to stand on her own two feet and dives headfirst into growing her interior design business while facing the challenges of making ends meet on her own for the first time in the bustling city.

When Preston offers Mia a lift on that fateful snowy night, little do they know that their worlds are about to collide most unexpectedly. Seeking to renovate his tow truck office, Preston proposes a partnership that becomes a golden opportunity for Mia. Work closely together, a sweet connection sparks between them, fueled by instant chemistry and shared paths of entrepreneurship. Bonding over their Afro-Latino heritage, Preston and Mia find solace in each other’s company. However, a simple misunderstanding threatens to unravel the budding romance. Can Preston and Mia overcome the obstacles that threaten to pull them apart, or will a simple misunderstanding cost them their chance at happiness?

Mistletowed takes readers on a journey of love and resilience while exploring the power of healing. This heartwarming holiday sweet romance proves that love is the greatest gift of all.


The Christmas Arrival: A Gullah Geechee Holiday Novella by Cece Harbor

Unwrap the magic of Lowcountry Love: 

Step into the enchanting world of Lowcountry South Carolina, where the marshes whisper tales of love, and the holiday season unveils the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming reunion. In this charming short holiday story, experience the magic of Mina and Quinton’s journey as they navigate the delicate dance of love, forgiveness, and the irresistible allure of the festive season.

Meet Mina, a spirited and artistic soul who has mastered the art of avoiding awkward moments—except when it comes to Quinton. A year of silence hangs in the air between them, casting a shadow over their once-promising connection. As the holiday bells ring and the sweet scent of magnolias fills the air, Mina finds herself back in the arms of her Gullah community, determined to keep her heart guarded.

Enter Quinton, the charming and charismatic dreamer who realizes that time is running out to rekindle the flame with the girl of his dreams. With Christmas just around the corner, he concocts a plan that must thaw Mina’s icy reserve. But the question remains: What will it take for Quinton to weave his way back into her good graces? Is it a clever scheme, a Christmas miracle, or perhaps the mystical power of the ancestors that will guide him?

This holiday season, unwrap the gift of a heartwarming love story, where the spirit of Lowcountry South Carolina casts its enchanting spell, and love blooms in the most unexpected places. Get ready for a journey that will warm your heart and leave you believing in the magic of the season.


The Desire for More (Black Love in the 21st Century Book 2) by J. Kitana

Fate may seem gimmicky, but two modern people are about to prove it’s very real.

Sicily wanted nothing more than to be to herself. After a fresh break up she came to a realization that she no longer wanted to interact romantically with anyone. She needed time to heal and believed that loving herself was better than loving someone who didn’t love her. 

Until she ran into Carter, a man with enough patience and understanding to slowly try to break through the walls around her heart.

Carter never picked the right one.
He had luck in every area of his life except dating.

Carter wanted to find the mysterious woman that would appear in front of his restaurant every couple of months. Seeing Sicily’s broken heart and vulnerability made his want to nothing more then to protect her, instantly. 

Would they be able to truly trust and accept each other?


Third Time’s the Charm (Ideal Arrangements Book 3) by Kianna Alexander

Estelle was never one to admit defeat. Whether in her work as an intellectual property attorney or in her private life, she’s been known to possess a stubbornness and fire few can withstand. Still, even a firebrand has her weaknesses…and nothing has ever left Estelle as undone as her personal trainer-slash-occasional fuck buddy.

Twice in the past three months, Dez has answered the call from her long-standing client to put her through her paces… outside the confines of the gym. Now, the roles are reversed, and the craving for Estelle’s buttery soft skin lands Dez on her doorstep in the pouring rain. After everything they’ve shared, and Estelle’s continued insistence at keeping her at arm’s length, Dez hopes that this night will prove that in winning a place in Estelle’s life, the THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM.


How To Fix A Broken Heart by Bambo Deen

Don’t they say two wrongs make a right…or something?
Dawn is officially in the struggle zone. Her job is a mess, her side hustle isn’t faring much better, and home doesn’t bring the comfort she needs. Dawn is sinking under the weight of responsibilities and needs some fun to counter all this stress. The best remedy comes in a tall, hunky package who just happens to be emotionally unavailable. Sometimes, hooking up with the wrong guy is the best way to unwind.

Red is nursing a broken heart…or at least it feels like one. His on-again-off-again girlfriend is putting him through hell. Surely it won’t hurt to test the waters a bit? A one-night stand with Dawn leaves him wanting more. He has been lonely for too long, and trying to stand on his own feet is hard when there’s no one on his team.

Two young lovers are drawn together amid family feuds, secrets and legacies. With emotions running high and betrayals at every turn, Red and Dawn learn the best way to fix broken hearts is with each other.


Fiery Holidays: Dragon Shifter Romance (Holiday Fantasies Book 2) by Rianne Burnett

Royale is on the hunt for the next big story of her journalistic career but her boss has other ideas. He wants her to find and interview a reclusive billionaire that nobody has seen in years. While it’s not what she wanted, Royale is up for the challenge. That doesn’t mean she’s ready for what she finds.

Shaz is alluring, kind, and sexy as hell but she doesn’t want to cross the line – until she learns his secret. Then she can’t keep her mind or hands off him. The hot billionaire wants more than fun, though, so Royale has a decision to make: Is she only interested in a week of heated Christmas passion or is there room in her life for the dragon shifter’s fiery love?


My Gift To You: Levi & Launa Find Love, An Instalove Holiday Romance by T.K. Richards

Worlds collide in this romantic mashup by T.K. Richards! This second chance, instalove mashup of a sexy, cinnamon roll stranger meets a fiery, single mother delivers the holiday feels with a cute meet cute, and zero fade to black scenes where it is all laid out under the mistletoe for a grumpy sunshine romance.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner…

Stranger to love Launa Davis, objects to the family celebrating Christmas in the warm temps of Hilton Head Island, now that her sister has relocated there for a fresh start. But this year, there’s a chance she won’t spend it as the grumpy fifth wheel.

Divorced agent Levi King tends to business on the island during the slow season, and crosses paths with single mother Launa. Their holidate sparks a romantic chemistry neither of them planned for, turning their lonesome Christmas into a new friends with steamy benefits getaway.

But one of them falls harder than the other, at least it seems that way on the surface, when a fallout led by secrets of the past reveal they come from different worlds.

The season of giving lives on between the star-crossed lovers living worlds apart, but can the spirit of Christmas bring them back together?


Stepdaddy Season 2 by Natisha Raynor

Quentin Robinson is in his second year in the NFL, and he has records to break and points to make. With his relationship on the rocks, Quentin starts to think that during such a pivotal point in his career, he should remain single. Doing a good deed puts him in the path of Melody Lane. A grieving single mother who only wants the best for her son. Quentin sees so much of his mother in Melody that he can’t help but offer to help her in any way that he knows how. 

Life hasn’t been the same for Melody since she lost the love of her life. On top of grieving, her pre-teen son is starting to act out, and Melody is devastated. The last thing she wants is to lose her son to the streets. Will meeting her son’s idol help Melody, or will Quentin be more trouble than it’s worth?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up December 4th-10th

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