For eleven years, Bella and Pharaoh have been secretly in love. Unfortunately, their relationship has consistently encountered insurmountable obstacles that ultimately lead to their separation. Bella pursues a life as a sensational superstar singer, reveling in the spotlight and the adoration of her fans. Pharaoh, on the other hand, leads a dangerous life as a hitman, his existence cloaked in shadows. When Bella’s tour concludes one day, she takes a leap of faith and shows up on Pharaoh’s doorstep, determined to reclaim her man and work through their issues once and for all. However, the stark differences in their lifestyles and the lingering wrath of her uncle continue to loom, threatening to keep them apart forever. When it’s all said and done, can their love defeat the odds stacked against them?


New Release Spotlight – Forever My Hitter: Pharaoh & Bella, by Talena Tillman

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