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Holiday in the Hills: a Ganton Hills Holiday Novella (Ganton Hills Romance Series Book 3) by Aubree Pynn

Lex has returned and Milan’s back is against the wall. When their worlds collide, there is no undoing the ties of fate and a little Christmas magic. It’s holiday season in the Hills, anything is possible!


Gift Wrapped in Red: A Christmas Short by Wynta Tyme

Snoh Fahl is a thirty-three-year-old senior accountant at Brook & Brooke Bank. She loves her job and clients, but once it’s time to clock out, reality sets in again, and loneliness fills her world like an overbearing parent. With Christmas around the corner and not wanting to be lonely again for another holiday, Snoh makes the conscious decision to get out more with her best friend and adopted sister, Kass, to meet guys. However, after a while, all she’s left with is the feeling of hopelessness. That is until her sister introduces her to the holiday dating site Mistletoes and Beaus. Deciding to throw caution to the wind and give it a shot, Snoh dives in headfirst.

Out of all the prospects, she meets Tyus Spencer. Tyus is captivated by Snoh’s beauty but spellbound by her genuine heart. However, two other characters are also vying for her attention. Reese is her comfort zone at work, while a certain mystery man captures her from just one dance.

Sweet and steamy messages every day fuels the energy for each of their first physical encounters with her. Will Snoh make the right decision when she has to choose between three men? Christmas is two weeks away, but only one guy can be her stocking stuffer, or her lonely routine will welcome her again.


Another Christmas Love Song (Another Love Series) by Meisha Gladney


I just want to make sure everything goes right. The mother meeting the boyfriend thing? Its enough to make my skin crawl like tiny Christmas elves stomping all over me. But I’m ready. I’ve got the mistletoe, the delicious Christmas dinner, and the music…As long as everything goes as planned this Christmas is going to be fantastic.


The only gift I need is her smile. She gives me comfort, something I’ve been missing since my mother passed. Even though I have to meet her mama, I know Christmas is going to be great because my father won’t be there. Nothing can spoil this this day.

Tis the season and all that right? Just as long as everything goes as planned. But the thing about plans is they change. Gee whiz, it’s Christmas.

ANOTHER CHRISTMAS LOVE SONG is a novella/short story following the events of Book 1 in the series: Play Another Love Song. This Christmas new adult romance is sure to make you swoon and continue to root for our main characters as the spend their first holiday together. Add parents into the mix, and things get a little “frosty”.


The Art of Falling by Nicole Falls

A fortuitous reconnection brings old friends Ivy and Gabriel back together again in their small hometown. Many years have passed since they’ve last seen one another, but that doesn’t matter. Ivy and Gabe pick back up where they’d dropped off quickly with one notable exception—instant mutual attraction.


Love Me This Christmas by Jasmine Nicole

Christmas used to be Natalie’s favorite holiday to celebrate with her son and her boyfriend, Levi. That all changed when Levi walked out of her and their son’s life right as the Christmas season began. Where her Christmas spirit used to be strong, it was replaced by Natalie’s need to make things seem normal for her son and to survive her broken heart. It’s a year later and she still is healing from the void that Levi left. As the season begins again, she is determined to get through this Christmas unscathed by the painful memories that haunt her this time of year.

Fury loves everything about Christmas, especially spending time with his son and the rest of his family. But this Christmas, he wants someone special to share in the joy. When he bumps into Natalie, the first thing that catches his eye is the sadness that seems to float around her, and he can’t help but want to make her smile, if even for a moment. What starts as a moment, becomes a mission, as Fury works to keep Natalie warm this holiday season.


Made For You by Kami Holt

Why doesn’t she love me? That’s the question that lives rent free in Ciyani
Robinson’s head. After tragedy strikes her mother completely abandons her
leaving her with responsibilities that she was not old enough to handle on her
own. The walls begin to close in on her as she tries her hardest to keep her
head above water in this cruel world. Caught between a rock and a hard place
she makes a tough decision that changes the course of her life forever.

Justice Graham seems to have the perfect life on the outside. He’s fine,
wealthy and educated but something is missing. His parents were the
blueprint for Black Love but in his eyes that type of love doesn’t exist in his
world. He’s content with his situation just the way it is until a feisty, little
beauty barrels into his life, making him question everything he thought he
needed. What starts out as a budding friendship turns into more than he
planned for. Can he handle all the baggage that comes with her?

He thought that he was rescuing her but was she the only one that needed


Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: A Novelette by Kasha Thompson

It’s the unexpected moments that change our lives forever.

Reese Tenney walks into a bar and asks a complete stranger to pretend to be her boyfriend. A stranger who is tall, with piercing brown eyes, and a sincere smile. Reese has no idea where that impromptu request will lead.

Noah Spalding is minding his business when a beautiful woman, he’s never met, unexpectedly wraps her arms around him. He’s got questions, the primary of which is: How did I get so lucky?

A chance meeting turns into a night Reese and Noah will never forget.


Kelton and Averi: A Crescent Falls Christmas by K.C. Mills

Stranded with no reservation…
A last minute rescue from a sexy stranger…

Kelton & Averi
Christmas in Crescent Falls


The Perfect Christmas: Cap & Mo by Talena Tillman

Capone and Moriah are back. Enjoy Christmas with them. Talena Tillman takes you on another beautiful, emotional journey with the two. She effortlessly takes you back to where it all began and then to where it ends. 
Their love story will undoubtedly have you falling in love all over again.


I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love by Jahquel J.

Imagine sitting across from your husband at your special birthday dinner. Excited, feeling the love and knowing your husband has something up his sleeve. When he slides you a piece of paper, you just know it’s a contract to his record label that you’ve been begging him for. You think he’s finally taking your music serious. Except, when you open the envelope, you see divorce papers.

That was Rayleigh Rae’s reality when her husband of two years asked for a divorce on her birthday. Rayleigh had been known throughout Hollywood as Tracy Rae’s wife. Being married to a top executive at a record label, you would think her dreams of being a singer would happen for her. Except, her husband has always held her back.

Being tossed on her ass without anything except her Benz, because of a terrible prenuptial agreement, Rayleigh finds herself back in Brooklyn, New York at her grandmother’s house. Trying to put the pieces together from her broken heart, Rayleigh finds herself broke and so far from her dreams of being a singer.

Jude Lux has always been into music. After releasing his first studio album under Blu House Records, he’s ready for something new. A new sound. While browsing YouTube he comes across Rayleigh Rae’s cover to one of his songs. Not only does her beauty capture him, but her voice mesmerizes him too. He knew one thing for sure, he had to have the beautiful Rayleigh Rae.


Shaw – Mafia Misfit Short by Asia Monique

Neither Marcus Shaw nor Charli Calhoun saw the other coming, but a day spent together could easily turn into a lifetime.

Note: The mafia misfit shorts have no middle or ending, just a beginning.


Love Again (McIntosh Brothers Book 2) by Ann Marie Bryan

A STANDALONE NOVEL: From #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Ann Marie Bryan comes the second novel in the McIntosh Brothers series—a deeply moving story about faith, courage, a second chance at love … and what it really means to be a family.

Sometimes, all you need is a second chance at love.
Let the adventure begin …

Rylan McIntosh was twenty-three years old when Savannah McKenzie shattered his world. Everything was almost perfect … until she disappeared. Nearly seven years later, Savannah stands before him with not a hint of remorse. The naive young girl is gone and the woman in her place is at the top of her game. She’s all glam in a tailored suit, acting like they were nothing more than mere acquaintances. But she’s forgotten something—how relentless he can be.

Having experienced more than her fair share of tragedy, the last thing Savannah wants is to contend with Rylan. Back then, she’d surrendered to her feelings for him and conceded to his request for a relationship … well, until she was forced to flee. Seeing Rylan again stirs up buried memories she has no intention of reviving.

All bets are off as they battle through the hurt and pain of their shared past. Savannah begs for a truce and, surprisingly, Rylan agrees. That’s until he discovers a web of secrets and lies that run deeper than he could have ever imagined. Still, some connections are too powerful to ignore. Will Rylan and Savannah develop the courage to leave the past behind? Will they allow God to restore what has been broken?

Standalone books in the McIntosh Brothers series:
Book 1 – Dream Again (The story of Carter McIntosh & Gianna Barrett)
Book 2 – Love Again (The story of Rylan McIntosh & Savannah McKenzie)


Let it be Real by A.K. Ryann

Lilah, a security guard at a department store, is trying to work her way into management. But come Christmastime, she accidentally bumps into Driella, a young woman she was trying to protect. Bags full of designer goods go flying the store fountain, and the damage is estimated in the thousands. It will cost Lilah money, and possibly her job.
Fortunately, someone reaches out to Lilah, a man who claims he wants to help with her debt. His name is Kingsley Durand of Durand Properties, and he says that the debt should be paid back to him, not Driella. All she has to do is work for his company, two days as a security guard for a Christmas Charity. Lilah eagerly agrees, not knowing that Kingsley isn’t just the heir of a huge company, he’s smart, kind, handsome. He’s also in the middle of a fight for power within his family and Driella, a woman who won’t let him move on.


Drizzle by Marvin Mason

Since she was three years of age, Shanita craved the taste, now twenty years later all those memories come racing back when she bites into Renzo’s pastry.
Renzo knows he won’t survive another week if he can’t penetrate Shanita’s walls.
He has but one weapon not even Shanita can ignore. Once he offers her a bite, she is defenseless and under his spell.
No one can resist the taste of his DRIZZLE.


All I Want For Christmas (Nadia and Andre Book 1) by Renato L. Friday

Nadia St. James and Andre Johnson have been friends since birth, literally. Their mothers are best friends and got pregnant at the same time. They always said that their kids would be together once they got older, and they were right. However, their happily ever after ended once they went their separate ways after college, pursuing careers in other states. They’d been broken up for five years and hadn’t spoken to or seen each other since the breakup, but an unexpected surprise may become a determining factor in their future relationship.


Lunch Amongst Lovers (Knight Family Series Book 2) by Rae Anderson

Jada Elliott has had her fill of love. In fact she’s entirely washed her hands of it after surviving an abusive marriage in her early twenties. She created the Jada Experience, a list of rules that includes one night of unadulterated passion, for any man that is lucky enough to catch her eye. 

Lion Knight is the eldest of the Knight family brothers. He’s head of the family business now that his father has retired and his brothers have stepped away to start families. He’s an intense, no nonsense leader but when it comes to matters of lust and love, he’s having his way. When he first met Jada Elliott at his family’s ranch, he had to have her. 

Jada is wary of Lion and his feelings towards her but after seeing him at her best friend’s wedding, fireworks erupt, for better or worse.
This book is part of a series. Readers are encouraged to read book 1 prior to indulging.


All I Want for Christmas by J. Shanee Byers

Zoie King and Pierre Bodè have one thing in common – they have to participate in another wedding and like it. They are both fed up with their love lives and have thrown themselves into their work. But thanks to their best friend and cousin, the bride and groom, Sia and Anthony, Zoie and Pierre discover that there just might be something to having a Merry Christmas after all.


Back to the Block: A Secret Baby Urban Romance by Daja Wiles

After fifteen years, life gives me a second chance with my first love.
But he doesn’t know we have a son.

I struggle to create a stable life for my boys when I see Keyon.

A towering presence with broad shoulders, strong arms, and a common-sense-melting smile. His laughter carries across the room, and I can’t breathe.

He’s back.

Suddenly, I’m hot, clammy, and scared.

It’s been fifteen since I last saw him, and I still get butterflies. One look from those dark eyes and my body remembers everything.

A flame rekindles.

There is no way I can face him.

I betrayed him. The only man that made me feel safe and secure. The man who owns me, heart and soul. And now he’s trying to create a new life after a medical discharge from the military.

My fifteen-year-old secret could turn his world upside down.

I promised to move on. But I never promised not to have our son.

Life offers a second chance, and I want it, but I need more than unforgettable nights. I need to know if Keyon accepts that our son needs his father and that he’s about to be a father again.


Current: An Anthology for Jackson, Mississippi (Current Anthology Book 1) 

Jackson, MS is a city full of history and culture. It’s also a city suffering from local, state, and national neglect.

In August 2022 when newspapers announced that the city had issued a boil order for the city’s water, many were reminded of Flint, Michigan, and other working class, primarily Black cities around the country who have been left without a vital service for days, weeks, months, and years. 

Safe drinking water is a human right. 

The rising crises around water are worrying, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by so many concurrent crises. However, the desensitization of many to the pain and suffering of Black people spurred the creation of the CURRENT ANTHOLOGY.

Volume One Features:

A.H. Cunningham

Meka James

Dria Andersen

Karmen Lee

Jayce Ellis

Nicole Falls


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 5th-11th

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