What happens when the guard put up to protect you causes more harm than good? 

Nori Miller is a hot commodity at the top of her game. With a successful interior decorating business, she’s made the decision to prioritize herself. With an uneventful dating life, she finds herself struggling with the lack of intimacy and it has her craving… more. A run in with an old friend leaves her torn between running away or colliding into love. 

Linc Perry is a charming yet mysterious ladies’ man. After being MIA building a new life for himself, he catches Nori by surprise when he shows up unexpectedly at her doorstep. Old feelings resurface, and he’s tempted to light an old flame, but uncertainty forces him to conceal his true intentions. 

Fate seems to push this kindred pair into each other’s space causing emotions and lust to run high. But can Nori face her fears and give this love a chance, or will she always view Linc as her kryptonite? Will Linc muster up the courage to engage Nori the way he desires, or will thoughts of rejection keep him in the friendzone?


New Release Spotlight – A Naughty Kind of Love, by Kayelle Gee

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