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Cherie Amour by D. Rose

Since childhood, Jasmine Ashford had a twisted perception of love. After watching her father look for love in the streets, while her mother looked for love at the bottom of the bottle, she vowed never to fall victim of love’s cruel ways. That is until she befriends, Jamaal.

Jamaal Davis gave his heart to one woman, and she left him without looking back. After years apart, she comes back with hopes of rekindling an old flame; the only problem is that his heart belongs to someone else, his best friend, Jasmine.

Their mutual disdain for love and relationships was the foundation of their friendship. When Jamaal’s notices his platonic feelings for Jasmine growing into more he has a hard time ignoring them. Jasmine, on the other hand, has a hard time accepting the sudden shift in their friendship.

What will it take for Jasmine to see that Jamaal was made to love her?



With All My Heart by Shenaé Hailey*

For Prism Wells, her entire life has been planned out for her. That’s usually what happens when you are born and raised in Harts Fall. The medium sized old school town holds onto traditions and values that a lot of people may consider outdated – including arranged marriages.

In Harts Fall, parents choose mates for their children in order of age. With Prism Wells being the second youngest daughter out of the Wells clan, she has three other sisters that must be married before she has her chance. Unwilling to wait for an indefinite amount of time, Prism decides to not only take her love life into her own hands, but her career, too.

Graham Richardson bleeds loyalty. His values are near and dear to his heart. Anything he can do for his family or close friends he does with no questions or expectations of anything in return. This part of his character, this unwavering loyalty, is the reason he agrees to marrying the woman his parents chose for him… at the same time that he offers one of his oldest friends’ sister a job.

The second Prism Wells steps foot into his office, Graham knows she’s going to be trouble. Trouble in the most teasing and tempting way. In an instant, his desire to remain loyal to his family lessens as his desire to be loyal to his own heart builds. But will it be that easy to get out of the commitment he made or will both Graham and Prism learn that in Harts Fall, hearts can also break and stay that way.

Please note: This is a novella. Though it has a beginning, middle, and end, it is told as a short novella. If you prefer novels that are over 25,000 words in length, please skip this title and read a previously published novel by Shenaé Hailey or B. Love.



In Need of You by Deshon Dreamz

Synthia Gissup is no stranger to hard work. In fact, hard work is the only kind she’s familiar with. That hustle leads to a promotion that she eagerly takes. Her decision lands her in New York, at the branch headquarter for up and coming magazine, Just Us. She quickly finds that the fast-paced hustle of New York is a lot different from the challenges she faced in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She also quickly discovers that adjusting to the workload is the least of her problems. Her biggest dilemma is her unruly attraction to her new boss, Tate Grant.

Tate has always been a front liner campaigning for not mixing business with pleasure. After an office scandal that leaves a bad taste in his mouth, Tate vowed to never get mixed into an affair – real or otherwise – with any woman in his office. That is, until the undeniable, soft spoken beauty walks into his office and gets assigned to him. Now, he battles with holding true to his stance or tossing it out the window to indulge his unyielding interest in Synthia Gissup.



With Your Permission (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 5) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

It was their first encounter that landed them in newfound territory.

Up and coming wedding planner Bri St. James is in the height of her career. As the CEO of Building Bridges LLC, Bri is driven by determination for success, and each day makes for new opportunities abound. However, while planning the wedding of one of Chicago’s hottest couples, Bri’s focus is shifted when the strum of a nocturnal voice captures her attention. Being an empath has empowered her sense of compassion for others, so she’s not only drawn to him because of his broken heart but also from a fierce attraction that sparks her interest and tap dances on a groove on her heart. Getting involved with someone who’s not open to love may prove to be the most difficult road Bri has ever journeyed, but she’s unable to stop herself from falling into an irresistible tango of love.

World-renowned photographer Raphael Valentine hasn’t been in the public eye since the tragic death of his fiancée four years prior. To date, his time is spent helping his charity of choice—educating the community about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. For him, love is a thing of the past until meeting Bri St. James at his brother’s rehearsal dinner made Raphael question what he’d always believed to be true. There was no explanation for the riot of pulsing sensations that ripped through his core when his eyes met hers. The unquenchable heat that followed stirred his soul, sending his heart on a quest he himself hadn’t agreed to venture on. As a friendship between the two flourishes, and they’re cloaked in a dynamic surge of desire, Raphael is met with the ultimate challenge: surrender to a second chance at love or abandon his happily ever after for a lifetime.



There Is Something About Center City by Angelia Vernon Menchan

There Is Something About Center City is a multi character story about those who live, love and work in Center City, Florida. Malcolm and Cinnamon Black, the stalwarts of the community are present in and supportive of the lives of those who come after them. The Felipes, Jeremy and Francine are integral characters who with The Blacks are creating opportunities and uplifting the new blood, including their daughter, Lasha and her fiancé Rashad who hold the future.

But of course there are the interlopers and those who challenge the community fabric but are hunkered down with plans of their own, because There IS Something About Center City.



Heart of Stone: (Emery & Jackson) by Chiquita Dennie

Emery and Jackson are the go-to couple.

Relationship problems? Call them. Work problems? Call them. Legal problems? Call them.

But now that the couple have said their ‘I do’s’, they no longer want to be at everyone’s beck and call, especially on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, though, a new baby, a job promotion, and a surprising announcement have something else in mind.

Will this couple ever get to spend some quality time alone or are they doomed to continue their reign as the couple who will always be there for everyone else – no matter what they have planned?

A Valentines Day Contemporary Steamy, Romantic Comedy

Warning: This Short story deals with characters from (Emery&Jackson) Book 1 of Heart of Stone Series. Highly advise to read in order to know context of this couple.



Say He’ll Be My Valentine (The BLP Say He Series Book 3) by Aubreé Pynn

The minute he laid eyes on her, he knew that everything was going to change.

Kaliah needed a break from her life. Antonio needed her.

Arriving at the Canbury hotel, love was the last thing on either of their minds. After a busy year with her acting career and a need to reset, Kaliah James finds herself in the mountains of Montana unable to resist an enchanting stranger by the name of Antonio Clark.

Antonio Clark is on his way to Portland from Philadelphia when his jet has to make an emergency stop. With Canbury being the only hotel for miles and his changed plans, his only option is to take the cards he was dealt and rest up for his flight home. His plans were quickly canceled when he met the beautiful, down to earth Kaliah James.

Going against everything they knew, three days isn’t enough time together, but they make it work. An unspoken agreement lies between the two, what happens at the Canbury Hotel stays at the Canbury Hotel.

After returning back to their normal lives apart, it becomes painfully clear that they aren’t meant to be without one another. Antonio wants every ounce of Kaliah, and Kaliah wants to live in the safety net of Antonio’s security.
With their lives moving in two different directions, can they meet in the middle, or will the magic of the Canbury Hotel be a memory?

Find out in Say He’ll Be My Valentine!

*This is a standalone novel in the B. Love Publications “Say He” series. The books can be read in any order, and the characters/stories do not intertwine.*



I’d Rather Be With You by Kay Shanee

Keva Jamison has lusted after her brother’s best friend, Damarion, for years. When they finally hook up, her lust turned love consumes her thoughts and all that she can think about is being with him. The dilemma…Keva has a man and doesn’t know how to tell him that she’d rather be with someone else.

Damarion Sanders is the ultimate bachelor and in no rush to settle down. He’s been in a situationship for several months but only because he can’t have who he really desires. But after succumbing to his attraction to Keva, his best friend’s sister, making her his forever is the only thing on his mind, except…he promised his best friend that he’d stay away from Keva.

Will Keva and Damarion find a way to be together? Will Keva risk her relationship and take a chance on giving Damarion all of her love? Will Damarion break the promise he made to his best friend and risk eighteen years of friendship for the woman he’s come to love?



Rescued For Love by Donna Deloney

Trooper Jake Lewis has never backed down from dan-ger. First on the scene of a deadly bus accident, he helps to rescue Breanna and her students. She is grateful for his help, but distraught at her loss. She never wants to see Jake again, but he can’t get her out of his mind.Breanna Norwood has depended on her faith, family, and friends to get her through anything. But she is in over her head when encounters Jake again at a career fair. She can’t deny the connection between them. Somehow, Jake persuades her to give him a chance.Breanna’s fears for Jake’s life and the return of her ex makes her question everything she believes. It will take the unfailing love of their Heavenly Father to save Jake and Breanna’s future.



One of a Kind Love Affair (Mistywood Lane Book 3) by Reon Laudat

Truth. Blaire “House Honey” Sommers has always found Julian Phillips disarmingly handsome. Who wouldn’t? A towering, broad-shouldered specimen like him.

Unfortunately, the man is a little too weird and quiet for Blaire’s taste. When he deigns to speak, he often takes too long to respond to simple questions. What’s up with that? Not to mention, he’s the master of the tight-lipped “struggle” smile.

When he approaches Blaire for help finding his next home, she could palm him off on a colleague. Intense curiosity about this enigma of a man drives Blaire to keep him for herself. Just as a client. Don’t get it twisted. She’s a real estate TV star willing to give this hunk the friends-and-family treatment.

Never in his life has Julian Phillips met a woman so friggin’ chatty! But that motormouth of hers is just one feature on a gorgeous face. And those boom-boom curves… Mercy! Plenty of goodness for a man to hold on to.

Julian has spent a while observing her from a comfortable distance. He’s aware of the games this bombshell plays with men who make the mistake of falling for her.

Still, he doesn’t have a problem seeking her professional advice, now that he’s in the market for another home and a little hot fun. A more unsuspecting dude could get snared in a honeytrap like that.

If nothing else, Julian is careful.

NOTE: One of a Kind Love Affair contains strong language and sexy times.



A Real Kind of Love: (Four Letter Word, #1) by Bella Jay

Avelyn Russell didn’t do love. Never did, never wanted to and as far as she was concerned, never would. She lives her life proud to hold the title as the ‘break up queen’ and for never letting love get her caught up in being an advocate of false hope fairytales. But her extreme methods to avoid love are put to the test by the one person able to tap into her cold little heart and Avelyn has no clue how to handle it.

Dasiah Stokes – charming, handsome, and not afraid of love. The complete opposite of Avelyn and the moment he reveals his true feelings for her, she bolts leaving him to fight for their love. He’s willing to do just that – until he’s not, leaving them both to figure out if it is or isn’t the end of their love story.

Follow Avelyn on her journey as she finds the true meaning of love.



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New Release Round-Up February 11th-17th

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