First, I would strongly urge readers to start with the first book “Two Lefts, One Right: The Wrong Turns in Love.” The character’s introduction began in the first story along with the main theorem in the story. Kimberly Duncan’s relationship with Trent progressed over several years, as his infidelity filled past with Kimberly was front and center. Even after years of doing the same thing with her so-called man and expecting a different outcome, she persisted in her relationship. At the end of book one, the couple’s relationship hit an impasse.

In the second story, Kimberly Duncan was ready for a new slate and time to conclude the unsavory relationships and her bad choices. When the story opened, Kimberly had a little present from her last encounter with the man she’d always loved. That same man happened to connect to someone familiar with Kimberly and her best friend. When Kim learned she would need to return to Texas after her ghost-like departure a year earlier, the plot thickened. Her aunt’s plans to travel brought Kim back with her secret in tow and hoping to avoid the object of her desires.

The story had a lot of secrets and heartache enfolded into this story. When a woman says she knows her friend as well as she knows herself, husbands need to believe them, with no questions asked. No spoilers! The story had many facets and some intense moments. Book one was good, and book two was worth the read to get an update in the story. Book three hopefully will fill in the gaps left open in the last story. The author is new to me, and I highly recommend giving her a try. Go ahead and check out a book or two, you will be in for a treat. The story was nicely told and worth 4.5 Stars.

Review – Making a Hard Right: The Consequences of Wrong Turns, by Renee A. Moses

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