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The Love Below: A Prototype Series Glimpse (Travis + Kennedy) by Jacinta Howard

Love is the music between the notes…

This is a brief “glimpse” into the lives of Prototype guitarist Travis Broussard and Prototype singer Kennedy James following the events in their book, ‘Finding Kennedy’ —Book 2 of The Prototype Series.

*This short story is best read only after you’ve completed The Prototype Series in its entirety. (The Prototype Series reading order: Happiness In Jersey, Finding Kennedy, Keeping Willow, and Loving Cassie).



The Love Below: A Prototype Series Glimpse (Zay + Jersey) by Jacinta Howard

Love is the music between the notes…

This is a brief “glimpse” into the lives of Prototype singer/guitarist Zay Broussard and bassist Jersey Kincaid following the events in their book, ‘Happiness In Jersey’ —Book 1 of The Prototype Series.

*This short story is best read only after you’ve completed The Prototype Series in its entirety. (The Prototype Series reading order: Happiness In Jersey, Finding Kennedy, Keeping Willow, and Loving Cassie).



Come and Get Me by Monica Walters

Tiffany Henderson is the baby girl out of her six siblings and the only one who hasn’t found love. While chasing her dreams of owning a successful business and being an innovator in the rodeo industry, she feels she’s still missing out. She wants what her siblings have… a family. Making huge moves establishing herself in the industry as a black woman, she meets the man that could possibly accompany her to fame, however, her desire to be in control of every facet in her life, including the people in it, can be a huge turn-off.

Ryder Semien knows what it feels like to have a rewarding career, doing just what he loves. As a highly sought-after tattoo artist, he’s living his wildest dreams of creating art on walking billboards. He’s somewhat content in where his life is, until he meets the woman of his dreams. She forces him to realize that he’s craved love without even knowing it. He soon realizes that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Tiffany Henderson and he desires to know every part of her.

When these two hearts collide, it’s automatic combustion and their chemistry is off the charts. But will their fight for power allow them to explore the possibilities? Or will their struggle cause them to crash and burn?



Sensitivity by Grey Huffington

Years of suppressing my truest desires and most prominent needs in our relationship had my emotions all over the place, heart hardening and every element that made me a woman seem like a flaw. The softness that I was founded on wasn’t welcomed. Over the years, I’d managed to dilute my vulnerability, conceal my pain and deal with my feelings alone. I was merely a shell of the woman that I’d entered the relationship as. But, today, I was reclaiming my power.

| This is a novella. |



Unequivocally, Blindly, Yours by B. Love

Reina has always had one dream – to make it big within the black ballet circuit, but without the money for proper training and attire, that dream seems unattainable. Deciding to use the arts to her advantage, she begins to take small acting and modeling gigs here and there. As fate would have it, Reina is given an opportunity that could change the course of her life – pretend to be amnesia-stricken Hudson Gray’s fiancée, and she will not only have access to the millionaire but the small fortune she’s being offered to play the role as well.

A car accident takes more from Hudson than he knows right away. It not only leaves him in pain physically, but he also suffers from amnesia. Trusting those around him, he never expects that the woman who calls herself his fiancée is a fake while he goes through the process of having to learn and love her all over again.

With time, Reina begins to develop real feelings for Hudson. She believes she’s finally going to have the life she’s always dreamed of and a handsome, wealthy man as a bonus. There’s just… that part about this all being a job… that slowly begins to eat away at Reina. And if she isn’t careful, Hudson will find out the truth. This would cause her to not only lose the man she’s fallen in love with but her opportunity to take over the black ballet circuit as well.



Capricorn & Aquarius: Star-Crossed Lovers (The Zodiac Series Book 1) by Kat Cole

Khalil, a Capricorn, wears his heart on his sleeve, but has no knowledge of it. Coming from a tormented past and losing his father right in front of him as a young child made him an angry man by nature. After living in a miserable bubble for too long, his grandmother suggests he goes to counseling so he can talk out his problem. But with the life he lives and a mother that won’t leave the streets alone, its hard for him to get better mentally and focus on therapy. That’s until he meets a young lady that changes his mind about being so mad at the world.

Kamora, an Aquarius, comes from a middle-class background with both her parents supporting her all her life in everything she has done academically. She she’s motivated to finish school and become an independent woman. Kamora finished school and became a counselor. She loved listening to people and helping them figure out their issues. But she soon realizes she’s been so caught up in work she wasn’t paying attention to her personal life, so she starts dating. Failed relationships due to her high standards she’s almost ready to give up dating, that’s until she has one counseling session that did more therapy for herself than her client.

Will Khalil’s cocky ego and big heart, and Kamora’s independence and picky ways land them to find love? Will the star-crossed lovers find love, or will they continue to be stuck in their ways???


You, Me, and She by Vivian Blue

Brighton St. Claire was living a lifestyle many women dreamed of. She had a financier that was taking care of her and loved everything about her – especially her voluptuous frame. He convinced her to give up her hopes and dreams in exchange for being taken care of like a princess for the rest of her life. She was willing to overlook the fact that he had a wife and kids since she didn’t have to be bothered with any of it.

One day, a twist of fate would send Brighton’s life into a downward spiral of the unknown. Can a chance encounter with a handsome stranger lead Brighton to an indecent proposal that could alter her life forever?

Akif Diamondog was a successful businessman that had a wonderful life and beautiful wife, but he always felt like something was missing. He was the type who loved to help others and sometimes the help extended out to things that seemed to end disastrously – until he sees a beautiful stranger that made more than his interest rise. This sets the stage of something so unimaginable that would change the course of his life forever.



Casualty 2: (The Finale) by K. Charelle

Isiah and Lake have found peace in the middle of chaos. Unfortunately life is not allowing them the happiness they deserve. Family secrets have a way of tarnishing the strongest bonds but only if you allow them to.

For Lake things seem to be falling in place but an unexpected arrival threatens to destroy the happy world that she’s transitioning to.

Isiah has lost more than his share and refuses to allow anyone else to be the reason why he loses again. There’s not a man on earth that will get in the way of what he wants, not even so called family.

When the deals are set and the FEDS are involved Isiah has to keep a cool head or find himself on the wrong side of a bad situation. While Lake is fighting to find her place through it all, both have to understand the Casualties sometimes can’t be avoided, no matter how pure the intentions of the heart may be.


Behind These Eyes by Cherish Amore

Demetrice is young, successful, and fine. Dating the love of his life since high school, he dreams of making her his wife. A tragic event turns that dream into a nightmare, causing Demetrice to lose Angela and everything they ever had. Will he love again?

Denver has her heart rocked to the core by a man she thought was her forever. So much so, it drives her to drink. One drink too many, Denver loses it all, but with hope so small, she checks into rehab and refuses to ever look back.

Five years later, Demetrice and Denver cross paths as total strangers, but that quickly changes by one encounter, and they immediately fall in love. There is one problem—their pasts. Once secrets from the past are exposed, will Demetrice and Denver be able to continue their love, living happily ever after, or will the truth bring back too much pain and ruin what was built so soon?

Take a ride with Demetrice and Denver and see what’s behind their eyes.



Serenade Me (Noëlle and Ezra Book 3) by Harleigh Rae

Say you’ll never let me go.
Say it’s just us.
Us always.
Us forever.

Ezra thought he wanted the truth. He thought he was prepared for whatever Noëlle was holding back. She’d bore the deepest parts of her soul to him and his promise to forgive fizzled out every time he laid eyes on his son. All the olive branches that the holidays bring have since died, and he’s not as supportive as he’d pledged. When the cards are all on the table, he’s faced with whether to fold or bet it all on the girl of his dreams.

The truth shall set you free had never been more of a lie than it had been for Noëlle when she bore her soul to the one she loved. He’d promised her that they’d be as they always were. A man and woman connected by a love so unearthed that the world could only give it one classification, a phenomenon. She learns that some truths are prisons in disguise, a proverbial honey trap, dangling sunshine and blue skies, only to lock her away in a cell of regret and shame.

The world is overflowing with the one thing that covers a multitude of sin, love. But Noëlle and Ezra are in a cold war with no waving the white flag in sight.



Delectable: A Sweet Romance by Phoenix Ash

Joi Briar despises Thursdays. Each one reminds her of her gut-wrenching, soul-clearing, crown-snatched heartbreak. If it weren’t for the piece of heaven she found in the slices of chocolate cake served by a local boutique cafe and the morning wake up calls from her older sister, she’d keep her head under covers and drown in her days. That is, until the one day she enters the bake shop and meets a new kind of sweet. The kind that wakes her in the morning, infects her thoughts during the day, and feasts on her body at night.

Officer Nile Ledger is as handsome and determined as they come. He’s on a mission to help heal the city of its strained relationship between community members and the police department. Not everyone, however, is on board with his idea of taking care of his people. But when he lays eyes on a woman whose mere glance carves her image onto his heart, he seeks her confirmation and finds himself swimming in her depths.

Take the journey with Joi and Nile as they fall into the deep. Stand behind them as they fight off their past lives for a chance at togetherness. Heal with them as they face fears, overcome danger, and throw caution to the wind for a taste of sugar.



Trouble Loves Company (The Company Book 2) by Angie Daniels

For three women trying to keep it together, friendship is everything… For romance author Renee Moore, true love only exists in books. Despite a wealthy, adoring husband, Renee is unhappy and deeply unsatisfied, which explains her bed-hopping habit. But Renee’s husband will do anything to keep her, including embarking on an erotic lifestyle, which forces Renee to confront some painful truths about her marriage and herself… Practical Nurse Danielle Brooks has always had a thing for young thugs, until her latest, Ron, pushes her too far with his baby mama drama and freeloading ways. Danielle realizes it may be time to rethink her choices in men. But when her troubled teenage daughter ends up pregnant, Danielle’s worlds collide as she finds herself torn between a girl who has a habit of crying wolf and a man who swears he’s not the father…. As far as administrative assistant Kayla Johnson is concerned, Reverend Leroy Brown walks on water even though he’s cheating on his wife with her. Kayla is convinced the naughty Reverend is going to leave his family for her until she catches him with another woman. But walking away from Leroy is only the beginning of Kayla’s troubles. As Renee, Danielle and Kayla band together, they discover a world of secrets they never imagined, and learn a lesson about the power of love, truth, and friendship that makes it all worthwhile.


The Broker by Danelle Dorsey

Pharaoh Francis is the number one broker and executive at his father’s brokerage firm.Having started as just a broker within the firm, Pharaoh has proven himself as not only being his father’s top performer, but first African-American male in his jurisdiction to do so. Following his father, this makes him the second wealthiest black male in the Tampa Bay Area. His dream is to hold the title of doctorate in finance while managing the largest minority brokerage firm in the states.Along with a successful reputation, lies Pharaoh’s notorious, narcissistic reputation with women. As a single black brother, in his late twenties, he has no hopes of “settling down” or“jumping the broom.” Living a double life of reputation-driven lies and false advertisement,Pharaoh enjoys his kinky, spontaneous, sex life. That is unless… he was to meet the perfect woman of prodigy, Touré Jenkins. Her sweet presences, yet implacable obligations, forcesPharaoh into a mountain of questionable emotions only to be haunted by his historical relationship ventures. Under the pressures of his family, he will need to sustain his current love life and close off his past to make it all work.In the midst of his love troubles, Pharaoh finds a member of his entourage may not have always been committed to the pack. Will his ego allow him to believe he friended a traitor? Is what a man calls a brother possibly suitable to be a fraudster? Pharaoh is faced with questionable trials that raise more than one eyebrow. Pharaoh finds himself fighting for the two things he promised to always be loyal to: his father and the company his father built.



Pensive: An African-American Romance by Travena Terry

No one has ever affected the fierce, potent, and powerful Asa in any way, other than the terms he arranged. As a Dom, he calls the shots, makes the first move, and the odds are always in his favor. While taking an unwanted hiatus from his business, Asa realizes that he’s hungry for more than what he has. “The feast” just happens to manifest itself in the form of a slim, 5’4″ woman with a curiosity to a lifestyle he is an expert in.

Elise is an intellectual who molds the minds of others daily as a adjunct professor and Masters student. With dreams of becoming a full time writer, Elise wants the life she has always imagined for herself. When her past of abuse and shameful horrors threaten her future, she decides to take a break of self healing and go on vacation. The one thing she never expected was to run into one of her characters personified.

When they cross paths, thirsts are quenched, wrists are tied, fire is ignited, and secrets are revealed. As with any arrangement, trust is required. Will they both give into the future calling them, or will they stay with what they know and let each other go?

WARNING: If you are uncomfortable or easily offended by torture, of any kind, as well as swearing, assault themes, violence, and graphic sex, then this book may not be for you. If you are fine with all of the above, then I appreciate you taking the chance and purchasing this book. I look forward to your opinions and reactions. Enjoy!



DELAIN Reemerging by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Delain Evans stood on the balcony overlooking American Beach trying to decide if she were ready to get back in the swing of life. Most would say she was already in the swing of life but they didn’t know or have a clue about who she was or what she did. Some called her goddess because of her dark beauty, glowing skin and locs enhanced with red streaks. Others thought of her as a voodoo queen because she was known to have a gift for reading people, seeing things and healing by touch. The truth is she was a woman full of attributes and contradictions who rose from the depths of depression seven years earlier to claim her place in life. That life consisted of working on her holistic jewelry that contained stones filled with herbals, tinctures, and oils that she spoke over. Many lives were changed and she felt she was finally walking in her ‘calling’ as the ancestors called it but she was lonely. Other than her clients in her hug therapy, no one had touched her in eight years, no hugging, kissing or loving. She felt like an Untouched Goddess.



SA’ID (An Illicit Love Book 1) by L’Amour Coulture

Sa’id is a man of power in the city of Atlanta and its surrounding counties. Staying low-key while ruling over majority of the region’s drug supply is the least of his concerns. With a family of nine—including himself—Sa’id has six children that he loves very much. As for his wives, Ubah and Yalina, he finds himself ineffably wanting something more that, due to their beliefs, they just can’t provide. After a night of dinner with his family, Sa’id feels the need to get out of the house as a means to cease his nagging verbal stream of consciousness. He hooks up with a trusted friend and heads to Downtown Atlanta to a spot so they can chill and talk. His attention is captured by a beauty in the midst of others. At first sight, Sa’id is spellbound by a woman that soon gives him clarity to the pleading voices within.

Blythe, a proud business owner of a clothing store in Buckhead Heights called Glam, she is assisted in running her establishment by close friends; Blair and LaStonia. Life for Blythe has its daunting points as it nears to the night of her born date. With a mother, who has a fatal illness, Blythe engages in illegal activities through her place of business by means of further financial support. A longtime enemy, FBI agent, Ramsey, taunts Blythe after her store being busted for drugs. Blythe musters the strength to proceed in celebrating her birthday when she meets Sa’id, the man who has the ability to make all her troubles disappear.



Gamble of the Heart by C. Monet

Kashdyn Barnes is considered the black sheep of his family due to mistakes made in the past. He’s endured and weathered his own storms. With access to all the material things money can buy, his life is safe and routine until one day, security alerts him of a banned visitor by the name of Lucki Rae. From the second he spots her, Kashdyn takes an instant liking to her dark eyes and mysterious soul. Her complexity leaves him willing to say screw the rules if it means he can see her unraveled and exposed for only him.

Lucki can’t help but let her pretty little fears of loving again and losing stand in the way of giving anyone a chance. She vowed to never let another man have her heart the way her child’s father did once he left. Any man coming near her will have to put in the work – if he can get close to her.

The ways she learned to stay under the radar are no match for the smooth-talking, humble yet intriguing Kashdyn Barnes. Both Kashdyn and Lucki have their own opinions on love and what it looks like for them. They understand, however, that it’s ultimately a gamble of the heart. Will they give in to the gamble of love and risk it all, or will their love be a bust?



Oh Romeo, Romeo (Knight in Damaged Armor Book 1) by Kendy Ward

Shiloh James is the quintessential good girl. Despite the devil whispering in her ear, she has decided to wait and trust that God can send the perfect man into her life. He would be a righteous and good man. He definitely would not be the National Basketball Association’s premier bad boy, Romeo Knight.From Shiloh’s first encounter with Romeo there was something incredibly explosive between the, but not in a good way. Romeo Knight was annoyingly arrogant, incredibly selfish and inexcusably defiant. He was a wild haired, tatted up menace to society. Absolutely nothing like the Boaz she dreamed of. But dreams are one thing… and Romeo Knight was all together, something else.When Romeo’s hot temper gets him indefinitely suspended from the NBA, God instructs Shiloh to help him. Although reluctant at first, she yields to the Holy Spirit, and slowly but surely she watches Romeo transform into the man God called him to be. Now she must determine if Romeo Knight is ready to be the man who will posses her heart.



Mend My Broken Heart: Matters of the Heart Series Book 1 by Jenay Balderas

Savannah Grace has had it with love. After the break-up with her ex-boyfriend Marcus, she is determined more than ever to leave love in her past and focus on finding herself. But when Blair Adams walks into her office, she finds out that she is not as in control of her destiny as she once thought.
Blair Adams, a convicted felon, was dumped by the mother of his child, Alaina, as soon as he walked out of the gates of prison. He’s hurt broken and on the verge of giving up on life completely. That is until he makes one last-ditch effort at finding a job. Not knowing that he was going to find something so much GRANDER than he ever could have imagined.
Together, they heal each other. Love each other and mend the hearts that their ex-lovers once had the power to break.



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New Release Round-Up February 17th-23rd

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